Concerning Me

Hello there! It's lovey to meet you.

*Shakes hand firmly*

This is just a place to share my love of music with you all and to give you a little glimpse of my life.

I'm a traditional Catholic, Italian, as much by choice as by the one fourth Italian blood running through my veins, the smack-dab middle child of eleven kids and currently making a living as a florist.
I love to sing, though I don't presume to call myself a musician. The kitchen is my happy place, and I consider myself a bit of a self defense/boxing enthusiast, which is a little daring coming from someone that is mostly self-taught.

I hope you poke around and listen to some music!


  1. your pictures remind me of the movie actress, Gail Russell, for some reason :)


  2. *Looks up picture of Gail Russell*....Aww, thanks! :D
    And welcome to my blog!

  3. Hi Amy! I found you through The Golden Road. I love all the old-fashionedness here! God bless you! ♥