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I listen to all kinds of music and I'm always on the lookout for new songs or artists, because new music is awesome! But there is some music that is my music...The music that inspires me the most, excites my soul and makes me feel comforted. 
So, in no particular order, here are some artists you should check out.

Josh Groban:
He's been my number one, go to artist ever since his fist album. I love everything about his music. The arrangements, the lyrics...his voice....*duh.*
I can't pick a favorite song, or even a favorite album. If you're new to him, I'd suggest starting with his first album and working up from there.;)

Hayley Westenra:
She has a beautiful, pure voice that really inspires me to work on my own voice more. She's got a knack for singing what suits her voice, she's classical without heading into opera territory, and she sings anything from folk songs, to show tunes to the classics. Her first two albums are my favorite, though I own all her music...
Oh, and her Christmas CD is gold.

Il Volo:
Something of a new obsession with me, (here meaning I've been listening to their music almost exclusively since Christmas. *Clears throat*...) and a group that I recommend with two enthusiastic thumbs up. 
They are delightfully Italian, sing with typical Italian emotion, have some of the best harmony I've ever heard, sing the most gorgeous Italian songs, and have that perfect balance between classical and  'more exciting than classical.' They are Euro-pop at it's very best.

Sarah Brightman:
Okay, so the woman has an amazing voice, and is one of those artists that make me feel the need to practice more...
When I love her music I really love it and when I don't, I just don't. 
I recommend her Eden CD and her Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection. She sings lots of lovely stuff on her other albums, but I definitely cherry pick. 

Russell Watson:
I remember I really didn't like him when I first heard him, (he was, unfortunately, the guy that was not Josh Groban) but a few years ago I looked him up again on youtube and spend several hours listening to his songs. 
I now own his Ultimate Collection and several other songs from various CD's.  
He has a great voice, a rather charming personality, and does a nice assortment of music. 
His Miserere is amazing.

Hunter Hayes:
Totally breaking from my obvious trend of classical-crossover, Hunter Hayes is really fun, writes all his own music, plays All The Things! and is my, summertime, widows down,  driving in the car music. Some of his songs get a bit too electric guitar for my taste, but there's a handful that I love and listen to over and over again.
Top favorite songs, Wanted, Still Fallin', I want Crazy, and Storyline.

Anthony Warlow:
Mostly a broadway singer, this man's voice is like butter. He sings with incredible emotion and knows how to tell a story with his voice. You should at least listen to his Unexpected Song.

Phantom Of the Opera:
Not strictly speaking an 'artist', this is the musical that really inspired my love of singing and is still my number one favorite musical. 
If you've never listened to it, get  your hands on the original London cast version, complete with lyric booklet, and give it a go. It's got amazing music, and the story is pretty awesome. 

The Secret Garden:
Another lovely musical. Just go listen to it. 

And for many, many more song recommendations, follow my blog! 

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