Friday, December 6, 2013

Life lately~

It's St. Nicholas' Day! I love St. Nicholas Day. 

I always feel like St. Nicholas' Day starts the preparation for Christmas in my house. That's when the CD player starts to sneak in some Christmas music and the decorating begins--sneakily. 

I really love spreading the decorating stuff out for most of the month. I'm lucky to live in a place with lots of pine trees, and I can make wreaths, runners and other pine-y stuff with no trouble at all. 

Lights in the windows.
Garland in the doorways.
The Nativity scene painted on the window.
And pine boughs everywhere. 


There will probably be an abundance of decorating pictures on this blog over the next few weeks. It makes me so unbelievably happy! 

So yes. Happy St. Nicholas Day! If you've never read much about St. Nicholas, check this out. :)

Candy in the shoes! That's a St. Nicholas day tradition. 

I love the Advent wreath. 

And this is an adorable version of Baby it's Cold Outside. 

I've listened to it a lot over the last few days. I just stuck it on repeat until I memorized all they lyrics. It's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head for days anyway. As long as it's in my head, I might as well be able to sing all the correct words. *Grin*

And then there's this. 

I was going to have this post up so much earlier. I had plans of a organized, amazing blogger. *Snicker-snort*
I was going have it up after lunch. Then I promised I'd do it right after dinner. And hear I am squeezing it in before I head off to bed. 

Well, it's my blog and I can procrastinate if I want to! So there

Tomorrow, if the weather stays clear, a few of my sisters and myself are going to head out and do some Christmas shopping! *Jazz Hands* I am looking forward to that muchly. A day out on the town is fun now and then. Especially when there's music in the car to sing along to, a packed lunch for when we're getting the hunger crankies, and possibly (Probably) a stop and Barns & Noble. 

See you all later!
God Bless


  1. That is so much fun! So cute, in mexico people leave their shoes too but outside to see what the Three Kings left them on january 6.

    Do you keep a list of what to buy for your family for Christmas?

  2. Hey, Hilda! Sorry I haven't been answering my comments lately. :) I've been a little lazy.
    I do keep a list of what to buy my family. I have to have *some* way to keep track! lol.
    Thanks for the comments.

    1. Aw no problem. So true, a list is helpful. Gah, imagine having no list?!

  3. I just got that stupid song out of my head and now it's back. X(