Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Again

Well...this week just sort of took off and left me in the dust!

I was called into work on Monday and asked to cover for the tech that was on vacation, as the girl that was going to cover got sick. Er...that sounds all confusing. Let me try again. I work at an eye doctor's office. The technician is the person that calls your name while you're in the waiting room, gets you into a room and does a few of the 'set-up' tests for the doctor. And yours truly got to cover that job this last week. It's a super busy job and I've only helped out with it once before so there was a little bit of stress involved for me. :)

But hey-ho. It made for a really fast week.

It also sort of stole my free-time. I swear I was going to write the next letter for the Letter Game but that never panned out. But soon...soon! (But don't hold your breath.:) 

I was able to finish The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia since the last time I wrote. I think The Queen of Attolia might have been my favorite, but there were some absolutely brilliant parts in The King of Attolia too. In fact, the ending of The King of Attolia was probably the best part in any of the books.  I'm thinking about doing some book reviews one them. They were SO GOOD! I think they had some of the best character development that I have ever read, actually.

Today I'm just kicking back and enjoying the beautiful weather, doing a little reading, writing and singing...and painting my nails red since I never got around to that last weekend. *Grin*

Oh,oh, oh! I also broke down and bought myself some Captain America shield earrings!

They make me very happy.

And totally put me in a Captain America mood! 

I must watch this movie again. 

And this one.

Now I'm going to go put some chicken in the oven, make some bruschetta and finish sweeping my floor. 

Thank God for weekends! 


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tag of awesomeness.

Wheeee! I was tagged! How fun is that? It's very fun. For me at least. *Grin*

Alrighty. We have a few rules here.

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their site.
2. Post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer 11 questions from the person who tagged you.
4. Ask the people you tag 11 questions.
5. Nominate 11 other blogs.

Thank you Jack! I'm excited for this tag...I really like your questions, so yay! :) 

Eleven Random Things About Myself. 

1.) I like to paint my nails red on occasion. I'm thinking about doing it today, actually.

2.) I love the movie "Moon-Spinners" with Hayley Mills. It's one of my favorite Disney movies. It may or may not have something to do with this fellow.
My sisters insist that he is scrawny. I disagree. I prefer the term 'lean.'

3.) I know a guy (Ex-Marine and my sister's Bagpipe teacher) who has offered to teach me to shoot. I'm thinking I just might take him up on the offer. :P

4.) I finished 'The Queen of Attolia' and Gen has offically been upgraded to hero. All the way. Also, I've decided that Jamie Bell would make the perfect Gen. 
That just makes me love him more--Gen I mean. ;)

5.) I drink my coffee black.

6.) I remind my family of Sid from Ice Age sometimes. *Cringe* For the most part I disagree with this. Except that line, "You know me, I'm too lazy to hold a grudge." That is pretty much me. 

7.) I have recently taken an interest in film photography! I might have to try this challenge.

8.) I live (and grew up) and a ski town, but I have never skied.

9.) Whenever I am freak out about something and I need to make myself feel better, I listen to the 'Hogan's Heroes' song. Silly, yes, but it always makes me feel better. And the last verse is awesome. 
"Never flinch, boys, never be afraid,
Heroes are not born, boys, heroes all are made.
Ask not why, boys, never say die, boys,
Answer the call, remember we'll all be heroes forever more."

10.) I am pretty indecisive. 
This. Is. Me.

11.) I really love this music video. I think  40% is actually for the song and 60% is for the clothes and setting. Most of the clothes she wears in this are lovely and sort of my favorite dress-style. Plus, the cafe looks like a wonderful little place! And now I want coffee. And a date.


Jack's Questions

1. The Doctor shows up and asks you to be his companion at the same time Sherlock asks you to be his blogger. Who'd you pick?
I'd probably travel with the Doctor...but I'd like to have a few of my sisters travel with me. ;) I love Sherlock and all, but if I became his blogger, what happens to John?

2. In the great Clara debate, who do YOU think she is. (And if you don't know who Clara is...I've two words for you. No, three. Watch Doctor Who.)
I haven't seen enough of Clara to have any theories on this yet. I've only seen her in 'the Asylum of the Daleks'...

3. You're falling off a building, which Avenger do you want to save you?
Hardest. Question. Ever. 
Well. Not the Hulk. I saw how he caught Iron Man and that didn't look all that safe or gentle. Plus, he's green. 
I think I'd want Captain America to save me. But I'd be pretty okay with Hawkeye, too.

4. Would you go for a ride in a cold, hot air balloon?
Absolutely yes. That sounds like SO MUCH FUN!

5. Does your wardrobe lead to Narnia?
No, but there may be a football field in the bathroom cupboard. *Smirk*

6. You meet an Alien who is about to kill you. Do you offer him a Jelly Baby or run?
Run. That seems to be the Doctor's advice too.

7. If your best friend faked his death to save your life, then popped up a year later to inform you he was still alive, would you faint or punch him?
I have never fainted in my life. I sort of want to--just to see what if feels like. But I think it's more likely that I'd punch him rather than faint. I'd punch him and then brake down into a sobbing mess.

8. Buttered popcorn or plain?
"Butter, Chuffy!" (Brownie points if you can name that quote!)

9. Have you ever had a flip phone in your position and wished to yell, "Beam me up, Scotty!" into it?
Not a flip phone. My Daddy actually owns one of the communicators. It was a Christmas Pressy. But I don't think I've ever yelled that into it. Shocking, isn't it. *Note to self; Play with communicator.*

10. What is your favouritest book?
This question is totally impossible. But right now I'm pretty infatuated with the whole Attolia series. I don't have a whole lot of fictional crushes. But I have added Gen to my little list.

11. It is raining, do you go for a walk in it or sit by the fire with hot chocolate and a good book?
If it's a winter-y, cold rain, hot chocolate and good book all the way. But if it's a warm rain, I'll probably take a walk in it.

My Questions.
Here's the thing. Quite a few of my sisters have blogs and since we have very similar taste in pretty much everything, the blogs that I follow, they follow. And as such, I have no one left to nominate. *Shrugs* 
But, but, but! If you'd like to do the tag please do! I'm going to ask some questions and I'd love to hear some of your guy's answers. So if you decided to grab this tag, let me know and I can see what you have to say. Please. :) 

1.) Would you rather have a talking cat or be able to speak dog?

2.) Are you a sucker for period drama or action/adventure films? 

3.) Do you like to wear makeup?

4.) Do you prefer tall guys or short guys?

5.) Have you ever eaten shwarma?

6.) Would you rather be a spy during WWII or the American Revolution?

7.) Are you the sort of person that prefers long hikes up in the mountains, or a dress-up tea party with some of your friends?

8.) If you had to choose one person from a TV show to go on a date with, who would it be? It HAS to be a TV show character and yes, you HAVE to pretend you'd get the chance to go on a date. *Smirk*

9.) Would you rather live in the city or out in the country?

10.) Would you rather sing in front of a large audience, or give a speech?

11.) Would you rather take a dance class or learn how to fence?

And there we have it. Thanks again, Jack. That was a super fun tag. 

If any of you decide to do the tag, please leave me a link in to comment section so I can read it. Or, if you just don't have a blog, you can answer the questions in the comment section. Whatever you want to do! Just have fun with it, k? 

God Bless!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Book Review

I just finished reading The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner and it was so good I decided to do a book review.

It's been a while since I've found a book this well written and enjoyable. I've had a run of somewhat sub-par books and was beginning to get a bit depressed about it. There's nothing as sad as bringing home a stack of books, and not being satisfied with a single one of them!

Seriously depressing.

My sister happens to own The Thief and she kindly loaned it to me. We take reading very seriously,  you know, and when someone loans another their book...well, it is a very kind thing. :)

Right, here we go.

Gen is a thief. 

A rather proud, rather arrogant thief.

And it just so happens that he got caught stealing the King's Seal and is currently languishing in prison. That's what happens when you steal something and brag about it at the local wine shop.

“That prison," I said with heartfelt sincerity, "Was absolutely the most awful thing that has happened to me in my entire life." I could tell by the way he looked at me that he thought my life had been filled with one awful thing after another.”

Then Magus, the King's Scholar, suggests putting a use to the thief and test Gen's boast, "I can steal anything," (I said he was a bit arrogant, didn't I?)

“I want you to steal something."
I smiled. "Do you want the king's seal? I can get it for you."
"If I were you," said the magus, "I'd stop bragging about that." His voice grated.
My smile grew. The gold ring with the engraved ruby had been in his safekeeping when I had stolen it away.”

Gen has to travel to a neighboring kingdom and steal something called Hamaithes Gift. It is a precious stone and was traditionally used to show ruler-ship.

So, Gen and the Magus set out, along with two apprentices and a soldier/guard.

“All I wanted to do was lie in the dry grass with my feet in a ditch forever. I could be a convenient sort of milemarker, I thought. Get to the thief and you know you're halfway to Methana.”

Being, as he was, in prison for a couple months, Gen is rather out of shape, dirty and slightly ill. Instead of playing up that angle, though, he is just plain cranky and rude. He insults his fellow travelers every chance he gets, complains non-stop and must always have the last word.

“No friend had I made there, but I wasn't with this group to make friends, and besides, he sneered too much. I've found that people who sneer are almost always sneering at me.”

Despite how much of a stinker Gen is, you honestly can't help but like him. You want to give him a good shake at certain times, but he is undeniably charming. And there is just something about him that you can't quite put your finger on...

“A thief never makes a noise by accident.”

As the story unfolds and things become more serious, all the characters show what they're made off. There are some really surprising twists and turns in the plot that I never saw coming and that really added to the story's strength. 

Friendships are made.

There is betrayal.

I grew to love Gen. He is darn right cool. Plus, he's a little guy and I always like that. ;) 

“Being six feet off the ground does give one a sense of superiority.” 

I don't think you could really call him a hero, he's too rotten for that. But he is courageous and honorable...

And if he'd only straighten up a little he could be one.

The story alternates between witty and carefree to dark and very serious. A rather perfect mixture for a quest, no?

“Dying would have been so much easier.”

I finished the first book and went to the second one, The Queen of Attolia without a pause.

And if it's possible, I'm enjoy this one even more. You get catapulted into the story and something happens right off the start that caught me totally by surprise.

And made me rather angry.

Anyway! That's that. I recomend these books with five gold stars! Absolutely fantastic. :)

God bless!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Style...among other things

Happy Saturday, all you all!

Oh, and hello, my newest followers and welcome. I am so happy to have you! If you weren't an internet away I'd offer you coffee and chocolate...but since you are, we'll just have to pretend.

I went all-out and did a cappuccino. *Smile*

So... I was going to do a movie review.

And then I considered doing a book review.

But I just wasn't up to either of those things and I decided to do a picture-inundated post instead.

Give me some slack, I was busy cleaning and reading! It's Saturday. ;)

Saturday Style

I wore my hair 'Heidi style' today. I don't do it very often, and I'm not sure why. It's comfortable, and cute. Even if I do say so myself! Lol.

I didn't bother doing a tutorial for this one. It's pretty simple. Just put your hair in two braids and, if you're hair is long enough, wrap each braid all the way around your head and pin in place. If your hair is shorter, just wrap the braids over the top of your head. Add flowers if you want to. Flowers are the best hair accessory! I love flowers.

Speaking of flowers...
It is officially SPRING now. 

The weather has been so beautiful here this last week. I love being able to throw open the windows  and have that wonderfully clean air come pouring in!

After all my cleaning, I had a little tea party outside. 

I got a Easter package in the mail from my best friend. 

Isn't that scarf lovely? I can't wait to wear it. The picture doesn't do it justice, but the necklace is a wonderfully dark blue. Blue and orange really compliment each other. And I now have a perfect little book-box. It was a very nice pressy, don't you think? It certainly made my day. 

That's it for now, but I do have some fun post planned for next week and I will hopefully produce something a little more substantial. But for now I'll just leave you with a song. 

Check it out...there is water on the stage. How cool is that? 

God Bless!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Letter Six

It has been a long while between letters and I'm sorry. Though, technically  it's not my fault. I have just been waiting on Treskie! lol. We're going to try to be a bit more on it from know on. *Nods* Anywhoosle, here ya go. :D

From: Miss Joan MacTavish
To: Miss Peggy Douglas
December 2, 1924


You poor dear! How dare someone try to blow you up! I have never been to flummoxed. You are not the sort of person people usually send bombs to. You are... you're... you are sweet. People don't send bombs to sweet people! I cannot understand it. I don't see why someone would do that to you.

I know bombs.
I love bombs.
Bombs are devastatingly interesting.
But bombs kill people.

So yes. Obviously someone tried to kill you, and thank heaven that someone bungled his bomb. (in his defense, bombs are very tricky.... especially Charm Bombs... just be glad you didn't get one of those. ) Bungled bomb or not, I'm worried sick! That someone went out of their way to send you one is awful. I'm very glad that you secured the help of the Private Detective. Your Sean Stevens sounds like a character. I must admit, your description of your conversation did amuse me thoroughly, though his customer service leaves much to be desired. I did a quick background check on him, just to be safe, (the palace has the most extravagant data log in the library) and he sounds like a sterling, up-and-up sort of chap. Oh, he's had his share of mishaps, but overall, he seems a decent sort. He has high marks in his business, apparently he is a crime solving demon. People who have contacted him give him high marks for his detecting skills. From what I've read, Peggy, if anyone can find your bomber, it's he.
In the meantime, Peggy, you might call my father. I know you don't trust the police (and I don't blame you.... things have been........... tense.... lately.) But my father could offer you some protection. And you really ought to have something more than a PI for protection. Get a revolver. I love those. And a knife. Stock up on weapons. And unless you exactly who your mail is from, refrain from opening any packages.

If you have any pieces of the bomb that you haven't gotten rid of, send them to me. I know someone who works with bombs who could probably discern something about your attacker from the remains.....

My news, compared to yours, is dreary.

I'm bored.

I have never been so bored.

Who knew that being part of Prince George's security detail would have no sort of excitement whatsoever? I mean, at least a Uni, I could count on someone breaking an extremity during the Combat Classes. But.... here? The Prince is such a pansy no one feels like taking the time or effort to hurt or otherwise harm His Majesty! Don't misunderstand me, I don't want anything to happen to his Royal Idiot, but really. When the bloody UNIVERSITY offered more in the way of excitement, there is something wrong with the world! Oh, I know that technically it's more dangerous being employed as a royal security guard (if someone were to overpower me, he probably wouldn't stop at bone breaking as at Uni) But day after day, the same rigmarole of catering to P. George is... it's very wearing. He is absurdly aloof when it comes to anyone beneath him. And he's dim. But hey ho. We can't all be geniuses can we?

In place of excitement, I've taken to going to the wonderful Practice Hall. I can beat the living stuffing out of the dummies. There many different weapons I ought to start being proficient with, and I think I'm on to something in my research on animating practice dummies so they can move around on their own while you attack them. It's a work in progress but I enjoy it... However, Dominic Rolando comes at the same time I do. He's one of those irritating sorts who looks as though he's having a laugh at everyone else's expense. He says that this is just the way his face is designed but I disagree. I think he really is laughing at everyone. ( I wouldn't mind, you know. I enjoy laughing at people too, I just don't like being the one laughedat. I amuse him. And it irks me.)
I wish he would not come to the PH at the same time I do. He comments on my technique frequently. Just the other day he said my punch was weak and I did not follow through. (Of all the....) And then he said my aim was off when I threw my knives. My aim is never off when I throw my knives. My knives are perfectly balanced and I have practiced with them since Father showed me how to use them when I was six. My aim was off my Aunt Janet! His eye sight is terrible if he thinks that nonsense. If he doesn't stop commenting rudely on my technique I fear he will end up taking on of my "weak and un-followed through" punches to his left eye.

Have you heard anything about what's been happening between the Magicians and Philosophers in Parliament? Hmmmm. To be honest, I think if the King does not put a stop to their increasing control over everything, from choosing where people will work, to taxes, to lawmaking, they will become powerful enough to dethrone him. Which.... well we must hope that doesn't happen. Something about High Chancellor Hugo Vendrick unnerves me.

I miss you, Peggy! Do see if you can talk to my father. Make sure Sean Stevens is speedy with his investigation. And carry the revolver I've decided to enclose in this package. Just in case. Don't tell anyone, I'm not sure if sending civilians guns and ammunition is technically legal.

Take care.

Your very bored:


Friday, April 5, 2013


In which I appoligize for my general lack of blogging and commenting and show you some pictures of my Easter.

Oh, please ignore the blaaaah-ness of my blog's look. It feels the need for a change, you see. I'm trying to convince it to go yellow, but it seems to like grey. I don't like the grey. We have been bickering about it. And it hates having the header centered....but I HAVE To HAVE IT CENTERED! *Sigh* My blog is having a mood and I'm just trying to make it behave. You know how it is. ;)

Anyway, on to some pictures!

So, on Good Friday I made some hot cross buns. They turned out very yummy. (Be warned, more than half of these pictures center around food and the dinner table. :)

Holy Saturday I went over to the Parent's house and we did the necessary cleaning, egg dying and baking. It was a really nice day. I always get insanely excited about Feast Days and was littleraly giddy with anticipation. I woke up at 6 am. On my Saturday. *Nods.* I proceeded to lay away and talk to my semi-conscious sister until she was ready to strangle me. *Grin*

I used my cookie press for the sugar cookies and my sisters had a blast decorating the little suckers.

I also made almond biscotti and they turned out bellisimo!

After all the littlies went off to bed, the elders of the family stayed up and did a bit more cleaning and I got to get the table looking all purdy. We all have a 'special' tea cup for Sundays and special days.

It was a little bit sad. I was going to wake up early and go down to the meadow that's close to our house and watch the sunrise. Because how cool would it be to see the sunrise on EASTER MORNING? I know, right! So awesome!
A few of my sisters we going to humor me and come along and I even had those travel mugs ready so we could bring coffee with us.

But God decided otherwise.

It rained. *Sniffe*

You can't really watch a sunrise when it's all wet and grey and drizzly outside.

But oh well. We had coffee and biscotti before anyone else woke up just to make ourselves feel better. ;) It worked.

Then we had a delicious breakfast.

After that we got ourselves all spruced up and went to church.

This is what I wore.
Complete with my 'North and South' hat. 

Mass was beautiful.

My sisters and I are essentially the choir at our Church and we were a little nervous because we'd learned a bunch of new music--a whole Mass, in fact--and we wanted it to sound good.

It did. :)

Treskie and I on the way home.

And Katrina. :)

Then there was the general business of happy hour, dinner preparations and visiting.

Oh, and Easter basket hunting.

We hide all the Easter baskets and do an egg hunt later on.


Making place cards. :)

Dinner preparations.

Easter toast!

He has Risen!

Queen of Heaven, rejoice, alleluia. 
For He whom you did merit to bear, alleluia. 
Has risen, as he said, alleluia. 
Pray for us to God, alleluia.
Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary, alleluia. 
For the Lord has truly risen, alleluia.

Did you all have a nice Easter? I hope I didn't scare you all away with all those food-y pictures. *Wink* I know how overwhelming it can be. ;)

That's all for now. God Bless!
Again, I'm sorry for my lack of commenting and blogging. But thank you all for your comments! <3