Sunday, April 7, 2013

Letter Six

It has been a long while between letters and I'm sorry. Though, technically  it's not my fault. I have just been waiting on Treskie! lol. We're going to try to be a bit more on it from know on. *Nods* Anywhoosle, here ya go. :D

From: Miss Joan MacTavish
To: Miss Peggy Douglas
December 2, 1924


You poor dear! How dare someone try to blow you up! I have never been to flummoxed. You are not the sort of person people usually send bombs to. You are... you're... you are sweet. People don't send bombs to sweet people! I cannot understand it. I don't see why someone would do that to you.

I know bombs.
I love bombs.
Bombs are devastatingly interesting.
But bombs kill people.

So yes. Obviously someone tried to kill you, and thank heaven that someone bungled his bomb. (in his defense, bombs are very tricky.... especially Charm Bombs... just be glad you didn't get one of those. ) Bungled bomb or not, I'm worried sick! That someone went out of their way to send you one is awful. I'm very glad that you secured the help of the Private Detective. Your Sean Stevens sounds like a character. I must admit, your description of your conversation did amuse me thoroughly, though his customer service leaves much to be desired. I did a quick background check on him, just to be safe, (the palace has the most extravagant data log in the library) and he sounds like a sterling, up-and-up sort of chap. Oh, he's had his share of mishaps, but overall, he seems a decent sort. He has high marks in his business, apparently he is a crime solving demon. People who have contacted him give him high marks for his detecting skills. From what I've read, Peggy, if anyone can find your bomber, it's he.
In the meantime, Peggy, you might call my father. I know you don't trust the police (and I don't blame you.... things have been........... tense.... lately.) But my father could offer you some protection. And you really ought to have something more than a PI for protection. Get a revolver. I love those. And a knife. Stock up on weapons. And unless you exactly who your mail is from, refrain from opening any packages.

If you have any pieces of the bomb that you haven't gotten rid of, send them to me. I know someone who works with bombs who could probably discern something about your attacker from the remains.....

My news, compared to yours, is dreary.

I'm bored.

I have never been so bored.

Who knew that being part of Prince George's security detail would have no sort of excitement whatsoever? I mean, at least a Uni, I could count on someone breaking an extremity during the Combat Classes. But.... here? The Prince is such a pansy no one feels like taking the time or effort to hurt or otherwise harm His Majesty! Don't misunderstand me, I don't want anything to happen to his Royal Idiot, but really. When the bloody UNIVERSITY offered more in the way of excitement, there is something wrong with the world! Oh, I know that technically it's more dangerous being employed as a royal security guard (if someone were to overpower me, he probably wouldn't stop at bone breaking as at Uni) But day after day, the same rigmarole of catering to P. George is... it's very wearing. He is absurdly aloof when it comes to anyone beneath him. And he's dim. But hey ho. We can't all be geniuses can we?

In place of excitement, I've taken to going to the wonderful Practice Hall. I can beat the living stuffing out of the dummies. There many different weapons I ought to start being proficient with, and I think I'm on to something in my research on animating practice dummies so they can move around on their own while you attack them. It's a work in progress but I enjoy it... However, Dominic Rolando comes at the same time I do. He's one of those irritating sorts who looks as though he's having a laugh at everyone else's expense. He says that this is just the way his face is designed but I disagree. I think he really is laughing at everyone. ( I wouldn't mind, you know. I enjoy laughing at people too, I just don't like being the one laughedat. I amuse him. And it irks me.)
I wish he would not come to the PH at the same time I do. He comments on my technique frequently. Just the other day he said my punch was weak and I did not follow through. (Of all the....) And then he said my aim was off when I threw my knives. My aim is never off when I throw my knives. My knives are perfectly balanced and I have practiced with them since Father showed me how to use them when I was six. My aim was off my Aunt Janet! His eye sight is terrible if he thinks that nonsense. If he doesn't stop commenting rudely on my technique I fear he will end up taking on of my "weak and un-followed through" punches to his left eye.

Have you heard anything about what's been happening between the Magicians and Philosophers in Parliament? Hmmmm. To be honest, I think if the King does not put a stop to their increasing control over everything, from choosing where people will work, to taxes, to lawmaking, they will become powerful enough to dethrone him. Which.... well we must hope that doesn't happen. Something about High Chancellor Hugo Vendrick unnerves me.

I miss you, Peggy! Do see if you can talk to my father. Make sure Sean Stevens is speedy with his investigation. And carry the revolver I've decided to enclose in this package. Just in case. Don't tell anyone, I'm not sure if sending civilians guns and ammunition is technically legal.

Take care.

Your very bored:



  1. I will come back and read this. Right now I am not fully awake and it is impossible for me to read when that happens.

    I am like you. The first Sherlock Holmes was okay. I watch it from time to time, but it never made a high favourite with me. I didn't expect much out of the second because of it, then I fell in love with the second. (And aye, the pony part was too funny. Sherlock, who wouldn't dream of humiliating himself, does just that. Trotting along on his little pony.

    Hehehe, I am like you with Mission Impossible too. My brother wanted to rent it and I was thankful I was sick so I could go to bed and not sit through it. I had no idea what I was missing.
    I love the characters! Simon Pegg was just so...sensible. Like whenever Jeremy Renner was scared, such as jumping into the computer, he would just be like, "What's the big deal? I'm going to catch you."
    And Jeremy Renner. I don't know of any other person who can pull of being so serious and funny at the same time. One moment it looked like he was ready to sit down and cry from being scared and the next he was snatching someone's gun and knocking them into next week. (Like with the fan. Panicking because he couldn't get out, then he went all spyish and did that stunt and shot out as if it was easy. Then saying next time he wanted the girl's part.) "I'll take care of the man next time."
    Those two together were just brilliant. I'd love to see them together in more movies. They need to make Hawkeye his own movie and let Simon Pegg play his best friend or side kick or something.

  2. Hey!! Finally was able to get a chance to read your letter! Seriously, girls....try to write and get published! You are hilarious (in a good way!) The characters are coming along fantastically! Gina