Monday, March 18, 2013


Hello my lovely people!

How was your St. Patrick's Day? Did you all have a wonderful time? Did you remember to wear green?

A couple of my sisters spent the day on Saturday and we stayed up till midnight. Then, since it was now Sunday, we had a cup of coffee, (a little crazy, I know...but hey!) and a cookie... and snuck in an episode of Psych.

The next morning Maria made us a very delicious Irish Breakfast. 

I baked a really lovely cake that turned out rather like a chocolate pound cake. 
(See how I cleverly decorated it with the shamrock design?)

We got ourselves all dressed up for the day and headed over to the parent's house. Wearing green is definitely a big deal in my family. You don't wear green, you will be pinched. *Grin.*

I got to wear my new, wing-tipped heals. Which I love! <3

We ate, and visited and played around outside. 

We had a five-star dinner-- Corn beef and cabbage is one of my favorite meals ever

Unfortunately, we had company for dinner and what with the hustle and bustle of that, I forgot to take pictures for the rest of the day. 

We ate and talked with great enthusiasm, the way Italian's do. 

The dishes were cleared away and washed while dessert was served. Which lead to more eating and talking. I blame the after-dinner-coffee for the next two hours of steady conversation that went on. One thing about us, we can talk! 

Then things settled down for a quiet(er) evening--we played a game, drank Irish Coffees and rounded the whole day off with an episode of Psych.  

It was a blast. 

What did you all do? Anyone else have have corn beef and cabbage? Or something Irish-y?

And tomorrow is St. Joseph's Day! 

It's pretty much just as big a deal as St. Patrick's day for most Catholics. 

Did you know that in Italy, it is tradition to wear red for this feast? I love traditions! And it just so happens that I do own red clothing. So...

I may have to make these for after dinner. Because they look yummy and well...they're also traditional. 

If the weather continues to stay nice, we're going to go out after I get off work, and have a picnic. :)

That means it is definitely spring now!

God Bless!


  1. Hurray for St. Joseph's Day! What are those luscious looking dessert things? I am SO EXCITED!

  2. Ah... there we are. Dressed to the nines, and throwing punches at each other :-)

    That cake was terrific. And the shamrock design turned out looking quite good.

    You're new shoes are lovely!

  3. I'm confused. You mentioned you and your sisters went to your parents house? I thought you lived with your parents.

    I didn't know red was for St. Joseph's day. I thought it was for Jesus. :) I guess it can too.

    Ooh that pastry looks good! We didn't do anything special. It was just another day for my family and me.

  4. Someday I am going to email one of you and get all of your ages so I know what order you are in. *Smirk* That probably sounded odd...

    Oh! I have been meaning to email you but I've not had a chance to sit down and actually email...but I got your package!! Do you have ANY idea how much I adore getting brown boxes in the mail?! When I saw you sent it in a brown box I did a jig. And I love the earrings! They go really well with a new blue skirt I have. I have been wearing them every day I don't have to work, since we can't wear dangly earrings at work. Also, the necklace is so pretty, as well as the bobbypin flowers. Thank you so much for sending it, and for the chocolate and coffee, both of which I have to try but am waiting till I can sit down and enjoy them. (I have a movie day planned on Saturday which needs a cup of coffee and chocolate.)
    Anyways, I've been having a lot of fun with it all, so thank you!

    Now, in answer to your comment.

    The Scot line came about by accident. I was just writing and Darcy threw it out and I went, "Darcy! How rude!" but I couldn't resist the urge to leave it in. *Grin*

    Aye, we shall certainly have to at least have the Redwall feast when we meet, that will be a must. And fencing! I haven't fenced in far too long.

    We went out of town for St. Patrick's Day and spent some time with my uncle and two cousins. My mum and I shopped a little - and we all wore green because we are a pincher family too 8-D

    Your St. Patrick's Day sounds really nice! Especially the big feast 8-D

  5. It is saint Joseph's day!!!!!

    And yes, yesterday was amazing. Love your pics

  6. Hello all.
    I'm sorry I've been terrible about answering my comments. :D Thins got a little bit busy.

    Hi Kit! *Waves!* We had fun, eh?

    I know, Marhi. I look at those pictures of us and think..."That just looks funny." I'm glad you liked the cake. It did turn out very tasty. Even if I do say so myself. :P

    Hey, Hilda! One of my sisters and I actually live in a little cabin that we rent together. It's only a little bit away from my parent's house, though, and I am over there quite a lot. :)

    *Hehehe* day I'll post a picture of all of us, Jack, and give ages and all that jazz. I know we all look similar and even our ages sort of smear together.
    I am *so* glad you liked the box. Pretty packages are way more fun to receive than ordinary ones. :D I hope the coffee and chocolate just *make* your Saturday!

    Hello, Bella. Awww, I'm glad you like the pictures.

    Thank you all for commenting!


  7. Oooh, that sounds like fun living with your sister. It's like a slumber party every day. At least that is how I imagine it to be. :)

  8. P.S.

    I've decided when we officially meet up I am bring Howl's Moving Castle and Les Miserables to watch. One cannot go through life without having seen those.

  9. YAY! That sounds awesome, Jack! Oh my goodness....HOW MUCH FUN WOULD THAT BE? *Giggle*
    Though, I may watch Les Miserables before then. :D

    When is the next Tintin movie coming out? It would be fun to watch THAT together! In Theaters. *Blink, blink.*