Friday, March 15, 2013

Feminine tomboy

I was a total tomboy as a little girl. I tended to out-shine the boys in daring, tree climbing, and anything that had to do with swords, bows or capes.

I love outdoor survival things, I think boxing and martial arts are super cool, and I enjoy a bit of rough and tumble in my life. 

Like rock climbing. That was fun.

If I could have had my way, I would have joined Robin Hood and lived in the forest.

Or I would have gone on a quest with Dandin and Mariel. 

Or I would have asked Boromir to teach me to fence.

Still, there was always a bit of the 'homemaker' in me. I was a very tidy little girl and I've always loved to bake and cook. Always. 

Even when I was really little, I knew I wanted to be a Mommy when I grew up. 

I want to make a home for someone. 

I want to have a big, loud family.

I want to homeschool.

I want to be a fantastic wife and mother.

Just like any girl, I like to think about how my home will look.

 What type of dishes I want to have.

 How I want my windows to look.

I see pictures and say, "I love that style!"  "I want my house to have couches like that," or "I love that kitchen."

I'm happy right now as I am. A single girl with a simple life. I really am. I don't want to be that person who just waits around to get if my life doesn't start till then. I am single right now for a reason and I intend to enjoy and make the most of it.

But I don't want to be single forever. Or even for years. 

Still, God knows best and I'm fine with that

Anyway, where I was going with all this is, I don't see why a girl can't be both--A bit tomboy and totally feminine.

There's a time and a place fore everything, and sometimes the crazy side should come out for a little.

For Example:

I don't know if any of you have ever seen The Bells of St. Mary's. It's a really good black and white movie starring Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman.

There's a part in it where Ingrid Bergman/Sister Mary Benedict teaches one of her students how to fight. He's always getting picked on and she thinks he should be able to defend himself. And she teaches him. Very femininely....boxing.  :D

I love it. She is so cute. Ingrid Bergman was so charming.

And then...


I want to be like that. Only as a mother. ;) I think it's awesome.

I understand that in our society, the whole femininity thing has been terrible degraded and that is a bad thing. God made men and women different for a reason.

But there is a difference between feminine and girly. All girls should be feminine. But I am definitely not a 'girly' girl.

And hey! Being a girly girl is fine! But being a tomboy is fine, too. God made different people with different personalities. They are all important.

I like to paint my nails and fix my hair...and shoes are so fun! (That's a new thing with me. Shoes. They're my Achilles heel. Mwahahahaha! Pun intended. :)

But there is nothing wrong with a girl knowing how to defend herself. Or playing sports. Or enjoying wilderness survival.

Seriously? Tomboys do have way more fun. :D


It's Friday! *Cheering* I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Is anyone else looking forward to St. Patrick's Day as much as I am?

Are you going to have corn beef and cabbage? Or something different?

Do you have any traditions? Or Plans?

I am going to make a cake. *Nods* And I'm pretty sure it will be epic.

God Bless,


  1. And guess what? You're still a GIRL!!! Isn't that amazing? You're not "that girl" (in awkward, let's-accept-them-anyway-it's-their-life whispers) who has come out of the closet. You are a nice, sweet, normal girl with a streak of wild in you. And that's fine. In fact, it's fantastic. :)

    Oh my gosh, LOVE shoes! When did that happen?!

    Love your houses. Don't you wish you could combine them all and voila, there you go?

  2. Aint that da truth! Hehe.

    Shoes. They are amazing. I usually like the expensive kind too. Bummer.

    I really wish I could. Pintrest is terrible for raising my house hopes! I'm like, "guys, I want a castle!" lol.

  3. I was more of a feminine tomboy too. All the cousin who were my age were all boys, so I ended up playing with them more than the girls. I think that there is an unnatural devision in people's minds these days: you are either a girly-girly princess, or your tough as nails, anything guys can do, I can do better. In actuality I think being a feminine tomboy makes for a good, strong woman in the long run. Look at Joan of Arc, or Eowyn, or Juliet in Psych.

  4. I think so too, Mahri.
    I know. Joan of Arc was such an amazing saint! :)

  5. I love your post! Yeah, it's so cool to be both girly and tomboy. :D

  6. Very good thoughts there. Very true. I love the C.S. Lewis quote. ;)

  7. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. *high five*

    You know I agree though, so... I'm just going to say, if I ever became a nun, I would definitely end up like that sweet little fighting nun.


  8. Cool. Marriage is not for everyone. But that doesn't mean it's not worth anything. It's a beautiful sacrament just like being a nun. :)

  9. On one of the more minor points--I do believe those are *my* dishes! Okay. Not really. But I wish they were. Next time you're in a dishes mood, take a gander at "Silesian Pottery." Yet more pretty stuff.

  10. Hello, Molly! You do have some dishes like that, don't you? I seem to remember seeing some at your place. Hmmm. *Google images "silesian pottery"...Gahh!* Those are lovely! Buy ALL the dishes! :D

  11. I love daydreaming about being a mother, being with someone I love every day, having a house or a flat decorated and furnished the way I want (books in EVERY room and lots of bright colours - I am no fan of this "understated chic" look) and generally planning the parts of my life I have control over. It makes me feel excited for what's to come, and happy that I get to be somebody I want to be. But I don't consider myself girly - I love my jeans and funny t-shirts, cracking jokes with boys, innuendo (nobody is too mature), camping, and being rather silly. And at the same time, I have some quite feminist principles. Basically, I can't really box myself, which I like. Oh, and tomboys rule. (:

  12. Eep! Great post. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I love, love, LOVED that bit you said about all girls being feminine by not necessarily "girly". :D *does a jig*

    It's true, though! I love playing with my hair, shoes are great, pretty dresses are stunning, but I feel like everyone seems to think that it's black and white. You're a tomboy or you're a "girly" girl. Nopes. There's a grey area in there for girls like us who want to try those survival skills, shoot arrows in the backyard, canoe, fish and then go home and try that new up-do. :)

    That was seriously a fabulous post. I liked it. A lot. :)

  13. Aww, thanks Rose! I'm so glad you liked this post. I was a little bit shy about it. :P
    But yeah! The 'grey' area is awesome, no? *High-five!*

  14. I am glad someone else has brought this up. I was always told I was a tomboy so felt I HAD to be one and couldn't like dresses and painted nails and frills. It took me awhile to discover I could be both. I could wield a sword in a skirt or climb a tree with painted nails. I like being both. I love being a lady, and I love looking for adventures.

    Listing to everyone go on and on about what girls should be now bugs me. Girls should be allowed to be who God made them to be.

  15. Thanks, Jack.
    I'm glad to hear that there are lots of other girls that share my opinion on this.
    Hehehe...I used to climb trees in a cape! And skirt. But the cape was the tricky part. I got pretty good at it. And it made me feel like a Ranger. *Grin* It was awesome.