Thursday, December 18, 2014

Song of the Week.

Hello, All!


To commemorate how freakin' exciting this is, I am going to post a song............

I suppose you probably guessed that from the title of the post. 

It was fairly obvious.


This song has been a lot more a favorite of mine this year than it's been before. Isn't it funny how you can know a song for ages, and then suddenly you relate to it more, or for whatever reason you appreciate it more, and then it's like hearing it for the first time. I love that about music. It always manages to grow up with you.

 It's not a super Christmas-y song, I suppose. It's pretty much a sadder, prettier version of I'll be Home for Chrismtas. It makes me feel all nostalgic and fluttery inside. Happy and sad, you know what I mean?

~All With You~
On the wind the snow is drifting
Dances 'round my weary feet
Faraway a bell is ringing
Echoes through the empty streets
Oh, I can see you
I can still play make believe
Oh, I can feel you near me
I'll be sending a thousand kisses
I am far but I am all with you

On the night the air is bracing
Lights are gracing every street
I can hear the children singing
Midnight bringing hopes of peace

Oh, I can see you
I can still play make believe
Oh, I can feel you near me

I'll be sending you a thousand kisses
I am far but I am all with
I'll be sending a thousand wishes
Know on Christmas I am all with you

I'll be sending you a thousand kisses
I am far but I am all with
I'll be sending a thousand wishes

Know on Christmas I am all with you.

Well, there's that. Isn't it pretty? 

God Bless!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Tag!

Good to my word, I'm back! You didn't think I was gonna do it, did you? Well, that's what you get for being a doubting Thomas. *Smirk*

I got a very unexpected afternoon off yesterday. 
We had wind. Impressive, I-do-what-I-want wind.
It knocked the power out of most of the town and thus, I got to leave work three hours early.

It was Da Bomb. 

And since there was no power most places, my sister also got off early from her job. So we took full advantage of this freedom and put up our Christmas tree which we've been wanting to put up but haven't had time to do.

Amazingly, our little house still had power! Yay for us!

It was quite possibly the nicest day I've had in a months. 

`This is also the fourth tree I've decorated this year! 

I did two at my job, helped with my parents, and finally got around to my own. And you know what? They've all been fun!

Okay. A tag from Bella. A tag especially designed by Bella. Bella's tag.

That tag.

The Rules are: *Drum roll please*

1.) Link back to the person who tagged you----Bella!

2.) Answer the Questions

3.)Tag five (or more) people.----Not gonna happen! lol.

1.) When does the Christmas season officially 'start' in your house?
I tend to split hairs over this question. The Advent season starts four weeks before Christmas and right around the 6-8th of December is when some decorations start to sneak in and Christmas music begins to take over. 

2.) What is your earliest memory of Christmas?
Getting up at some ridiculous hour on Christmas morning (Like...2am) to watch the Christmas tree blink. 
That sounded kind of creepy. 
All us kid would wake up and move out to the living room with a pile of blankets and spend most of the night dozing on and off on the couch. There was always Christmas music playing gently in the background, and the only thing lighting the house was the tree. It was so beautifully magical and peaceful. 

3.) What is something that is iconic-ally Christmas for you or your family?
A mad-house of cooking and baking on Christmas Eve. Seriously, stuff gets real on Christmas Eve! Everybody has one or two cookie/something-sweet recipes that they're working on, not to mention all the prep-work for our Christmas dinner. 
The house smells Ah-Maz-Ing.

4.) What are some of your Christmas Traditions? 
There are really too many to talk about. *Eyeballs list of traditions*

5.) What is one of the traditions that you want to carry on even after you're married?
This is going to start off sounding really depressing, but it isn't.
My Grandpa died very near Christmas when I was just a baby, so Mom and baby-me weren't home for Christmas that year.
So Dad had everyone save a present for the Epiphany so that Mom could still have a 'little Christmas' with the family.
And we've done that every year since. It's my favorite of the traditions we have. 

6.) What if your favorite thing when preparing for Christmas? The Baking, decorating or cleaning?
I'd have to say....All of the above. Is that an answer? They go hand in hand. 

7.) What is a special/unique Christmas memory?
When I was six years old, my Mummy made me a beautiful cloth doll. For whatever reason, that doll became my bff. I kid you not. Ask any of my sisters. My doll and I were tight. She was probably the best present I ever received.

9.) What are some of your favorite Christmas cartoons?
I love Mickey's Christmas Carol. In fact, that might be my favorite version of the Christmas Carol.
The Grinch...just because.
The First Christmas, which is an adorable puppet cartoon about a little shepherd boy that goes blind...But it has a beautiful, happy ending. 

11.) Do you have a real Christmas tree or an artificial tree?
It's a fake. *le sigh*....I really love real trees,so this is a source of a little sadness for me. But not too much. It's a nice little tree and it doesn't shed needles. 

12.) Do you have a favorite Christmas book/story?
Several, actually. There's a book called, The Long Winter, which is a collection of short stories that I read every Christmas. It's awesome.
I LOVE The Gift of the Magi. It's a wonderful story that makes me cry the happiest of tears. :) If you're going to read it, try to find the version illustrated by P.J. Lynch. 
I mean, look at his illustrations!

13.) What is your favorite Christmas song?
*Muses long and hard.* That question is pretty much impossible. I have more 'favorite' Christmas songs than my family has traditions!
But this version of Angels we have Heard on High was just released on youtube and it's awesome! The live nativity at the end of the video broke the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest ever! Which sort of gives me chills. :) It's gorgeous!

All done. 

I'm quite done-in from all those question! Time for Doctor Who Christmas Special, I think.

Good night and God Bless!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

In which I do stuff.


It's been over a week since my last post.

I feel ashamed.

But I have news!

1.) It's coming on Christmas...They're cutting down treeeeees! They're putting up Reindeer and singing songs of Joy and Peeeace!.....I wish I had a river.....
No. Sorry. Got a bit carried away there.
I simply meant, Christmas is coming and I have been shopping (and I really need to start wrapping!) and  work is busy with Christmas-y floral arrangements. And thus far I've decorated three Christmas Trees and I will be soon decorating a fourth. So I haven't had time to blog.

2.) My boss has decided to get me the education to be a real floral designer, so I have now found myself enrolled in an online design class. Which I can complete in as little as six months.
And as awesome and terrifying as that is, I have even less time now than before. So.....

3.) In my free time, instead of blogging or wrapping presents, I've been watching Flashpoint. And you guys should watch that show! So so good. I've got five episodes left. Which makes me very sad. Five seasons of awesome, and I'm almost done! *Weeps*

I will probably do a real review of that show sometime soon. Soon-ish. January-ish?

4.) I am reading Raven Boys and I love them. I'm only on book two, but I'm having trouble putting it down. Which is a bad thing because of aforementioned business. *Le sigh*


I have a couple of tags, so I shall do one of them today.

I was nominated by Hilda to do Five Fictional Places I'd like to visit.

1.) Middle Earth. 
All of it. Why doesn't Gandalf show up at my place and hustle me off on an adventure? ......Scratch that. I have a fair idea why. And I don't like it.
I would love to consider myself a good fit for Rohan. But I think we all know I'd be a hobbit. Family, Food and comfort.

2.) Redwall. 
I'm not exaggerating one tiny bit when I say I was obsessed with all of the Redwall books. I lived in Mossflower Woods for a good three years of my life.
It was my first and probably most consuming  fandom.

Reason number one--Eugenides. He is wonderful and amazing and I'd like to meet him. He is my favorite fictional character right now. *Grin* I luf him.
Reason number two. The land sounds beautiful, full of hills and olive trees and ocean and cliffs.
Reason number three. It reminds me of ancient Greece.

4.) Ingary--Which is where Howl is from. You know,  Howl's Moving Castle.

I feel like a terrible person! This is hard for me!....The first three came like, BAM!  Four took a little though and five is....really hard.

5.) AH! Asgard! I'd totally visit Asgard. Sign me up for that!

Right. I'm off.

I have some pictures to post and that sort of thing, so I PROMISE I shall return soon. Tomorrow, most likely.

Take care, you all!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Respect the thing!

It's the first week of Advent! 



Or the lack thereof.......

Oh well. I'm a rotten blogger these days and I'm really not sure how to remedy that. Other than to start blogging more regularly again....*Snicker.* Let's not get too carried away!

I read these blogs where people actually plan their posts and put some serious though into what they want to say and I'm totally impressed by them.

Me, on the other hand. Well, that's a different story.

Take today for example. I have half and hour to whip up some sort of post. Yep. Half and hour to let my brilliance ooze forth.


Basically, I'm just popping by to post a song and then I have to head out to do things.

Right so, first week of advent, I am going to post an advent  song. I've undoubtedly posted it before but I don't care. It's my blog and all that. I shall post what I want. 

This is probably my favorite version of O come Emmanuel. I love how strong and wild it sounds, especially when it crescendos. Ah-maz-ing!

I have a list of posts I want to do over this upcoming month. For real! And I'm hoping to take much better care of my blog. At least for the month of December. 

Because Christmas stuff is the bomb-diggety!

And I have a tag I need to do.

So I should be around here a lot more. Here's hoping, anyway.

And now my half an hour is up! Thanks for stopping by and reading this pathetic little post. You guys are the best!

God Bless!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

7 things of little or no interest.

I don't know what it is about this time of the year, but it really brings out a weird side of me. Sort of like when spring comes around and I fluctuate between wanting to clean everything and wanting to stay outside and ignore the mess inside.

This time of year brings out my SURVIVE mode.

Like picking locks, breaking out of zip ties and making mini survival kits.

Like wilderness stuff involving shovels and compasses and making fires without matches.

Like wishing I could go rock climbing again, or perhaps learn how to fire a gun.

I have no idea where this part of me comes from. I've always been interested in all this kind of stuff,
Twelve year old me read an entire book on "Edible food plants of the Sierra." Cover to cover.
I was the girl that went for "The Dangerous Book for Boys" and scoffed at the "Daring Book for Girls"....and still sort of do.
Watched one too many episodes of Hogan's Heroes and wished I could dig a tunnel from my house heading somewhere.

Walkie-talkies and compasses and idea of a really good time.

It's just me.

This part of me tends to bubble beneath the surface of my otherwise normal girliness, only to come surging out whenever I see survival books or really cool youtube videos.

For whatever reason, the grey, wet days of November really bring that side of me out. I'm a tiny bit stir-crazy today.

But enough about me. How are all of you?

Okay. Back to me.

7 things~

1.) I want to read an epic book full of action and mystery and amazing characters. I can't find one. It's driving me crazy.
Story. of. my. life.

2.) I'm trying to get back into drawing and art again. And it's still just as frustration as ever before. I remember why I gave up.

3.) I'm fairly sure I drank too much coffee today. I'm typing faster than I can think. Not a good thing.

4.) I just found out about a Minion movie...I can't begin to express how exciting I find this!

5.) I'm still watching Flashpoint and I'm still loving it. It's one of the cleanest action shows I've ever seen. There have been two episodes with kissing scenes that were blah, but other than that, it's almost squeakie clean.

6.) Watching Flashpoint has aroused my interest in psychology. Which, like my weird SURVIVE thing, pops up every now and again. I think, "being a psychologist would be really interesting."....and then I think about crazy people and I just think "......Nope......"
But Flashpoint makes psychology cool.

7.) I'm enjoying this website a lot. I don't know if any of you are into SURVIVING, but if you are, go check it out. Cool, cool, cool.

I have no idea how to end this post. So...



Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Goodbye October

The last week of October...

This year has been such a whirlwind of stuff for me! It's been amazing, crazy, and so alarmingly fast.

It's weird to look back and see how different things are today than they were in January.
It's weird to look back and see things that will never happen again. To see things that have changed forever and things that are still the same.

Ten months of good things and bad things.

Ten months of God trying to teach me new things. Sometimes I learn and sometimes I struggle, a little lost and confused. But through everything, God is there, trying to lead me closer, trying to help me learn to trust Him. Trying to help me to love Him more--love Him as much as I want to love him. And more.

Life is such a crazy thing.

I know I sometimes forget to look at the good things in my life. All the blessings and all the love and all the beauty that God has given to me.

Sometimes all I can see are the hard times and the struggles.

Sometimes I am so afraid to just try new things and to live.

But God knows that. And he helps me through it all. And he loves me, even though I am such a silly, weak person.

God is Good. And I am so grateful.

Anyway. Hello all of you!

 I don't know what prompted this post. I didn't intend to write it. It just happened. Sometimes writing is like that. You have one thing in mind, but your fingers type out a different story. Even though that story may be cheesy and a little bit pointless, I guess it still wants to be told.


I know that's a sore point with a lot of people, but I'm just going to say dressing up and playing games is fun. Having my sister make her five star, absolutely addictive caramel corn is fun. Watching really old, really silly cartoons is fun.
Pumpkins? FUN!!

My friend/cousin is coming up to spend the weekend and that is fun too.

I might dress up as something WWII inspired. (I.E. who doesn't want to be Peggy Carter? Or perhaps someone from Hogan's Heroes?)
Then again, I might get lazy and just eat caramel corn instead.

All in all, this looks to be a really good next couple of days.

And then I'll have to say hello to November!

And I really need to start doing a little bit of Christmas shopping. Hunting for the perfect presents takes time, you know. And I find it wholly enjoyable.

Until next time,take care everyone!

God Bless!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Song of the week

Hello everybody!

Happy Wed-nes-day! (In my best Winnie the Pooh voice.)

So, lately my sister and I have been watching a show called Flashpoint.

I'm only a few episodes in, (Seven, to be exact) but so far it's been squeaky clean and really impressively good. I love it.
The cast is awesome, the actors nail their rolls, and the tiny girl cop is cool. I don't object to her at all. Which is so nice. She's just cute and brave and good at her job. And tiny.

You want to see a trailer? 
Yeah... you really do. 
Trust me.

It's really nice because the show takes the time to highlight all the members of the team and there really isn't one main character. 

I can't vouch for the whole five season series yet, (Give me a few days. lol) but so far it's been awesome.

Anyway, the point of this post is, at the end of every episode, when the situation is under control and everything is summing up, they play a song. And so far I've like every one I've heard. 

Especially this one.

And I will watch you disappear
From my fortress over here
And I will never understand
Every heart's a foreign land

And I'm so afraid to, so afraid to
Love you

And I will turn my eyes away
From the harsh light of your day
And I have slept through pouring rain
It was all that kept me sane

And I'm so afraid to, so afraid to
Love you

And I have drawn lines in the sand
To remind us where we stand
And I build castles while you thirst
They'll fall down but you'll fall first

And I'm so afraid to, so afraid to
Love you
Love you
Love you

That's all for now, my fellow ......people... Heroes? Humans?

God Bless!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lifey stuff

I hate it when I feel inspired to write a blog post and I'm all excited and feeling very creative and clever, only to open my laptop and have all my inspiration roar away laughing in a fast car.

But whatever. Who needs inspiration?

"Full fathoms five thy father lies.
I pushed him. I apologize."

"Water, water everywhere.
The plumbing badly needs repair."


"I bring fresh showers for thirsty flowers.
I've stood in the sun, with a hose, for hours."


*Sighs sadly*

Here. Pictures.

There was a lovely day last week where I got off early (Amazing!) and decided not to waste my afternoon inside, so I picked up Treskie and we got coffee and sat by the water. It was gorgeous and fun and relaxing. 

You want a little peek at how I spent most of my day off yesterday? 


I'm proud to say, I think I'm getting the hang of my little studio set-up. 

I've been having some issues with play-back stuff and it's been driving my crazy.
You know what you do when you're ready to throw a microphone at your computer?

You take a break and apply a wet-and-stick tattoo. Avengers, obviously. 

And amazingly enough, I figured out the problem after that. So now it's my 'lucky tattoo' and I'm going to be sad to wash it off.

Speaking of Avengers.....

I don't know how many of you are into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, but I just watched the first two episodes of season two. Can I just say....

Fitz! Fiiiiiiitzt!!! Fitz? 

What the heck?

Why must TV Shows be so nasty to the viewers? 
But episode three is on IMDB today. So you can take a mad stab in the dark as to how I'm spending my evening. 

Here's what I'm currently reading/attempting to read/skimming through.

The Centurion is a really good book which I would recommend wholeheartedly. I'm not quite through with it yet, but I'm fairly certain it's going to make me weep like a little baby.

It Can Be Done. I want to start reading a bit of poetry. I don't know why. Just a whim, I guess. But this seemed like a good place to start.

And  Boxing's Ten Commandments.

.......Enough said.

Cheers, and catch you all later. I have to skedaddle off to work now. 

God Bless!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Song of the week

I've been overdosing on music again. My poor sisters...

I'm like, "Listen to this twelve minute opera aria. Ssshhhh, you'll love it!"

"Hey, what do you think of these three country songs?"

"I can't get enough of this Josh Groban song"

"Let's listen to every musical we own."

"Hey, Remember that 70's song Dad used to listen to? .....I love that song."

I'm serious, That was me last night. And it's not enough to listen to the music. I sing along to pretty much every part I can manage. Including instrumental solos.
You guys, I can whistle like a canary. Obviously that's a skill I must put to good use.


No. This story isn't going anywhere. I just thought I'd share.

The real question is, with all the music I've been listening to, which one should I post?

I'll refrain from posting twelve minute opera arias. I realize they're an acquired taste.

How 'bout Crying? 

Even though my introduction to this song was a story my friend told me about a guy that sang it at a karaoke bar. He had a lisp. He couldn't saying his R's. He sang, "Cwying." And he thought he was the next Elvis and he really sang it with confidence. "CWY-I-I-I-ING! (Epic hip thrust) Over YOUUUU!".....

And somehow, I still like this song.

I need to finish my fourth cup of coffee now and get ready for work. 

Yes, I did say fourth cup of coffee. It's one of those mornings. I am now highly caffeinated and ready for anything. *vibrates knowing*

Hey, check out this guy. 

He has moves. And I have moves. 
Where does one go to learn stuff like that?
The Military?
How do you practice that move?

God Bless!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hello Autumn!

Hello again~

Let's just pause for a moment and contemplate the fact that tomorrow is October 1st! Holy smokes, right? Or is it just me that seems to feel almost a month behind the times?

So let's see. Life Lately.

 My birthday was here and gone recently. Yay for birthdays which are pretty freakin' awesome in regards to pressies and cake and movie of choice. But I'll admit I had a "How old am I?!!" moment for the first time this year. It was an odd feeling. Like, "Dang! I'm actually a grown up..... And have been for a few years. How have I not really noticed this before?"

No matter. It was a great birthday.

I got great presents, too. When is a present not great, right? But my presents were greater than average.

Like this throw pillow from Treskie. 
The best pillow ever, no?
I am a pillow hog. Especially when I'm watching a movie. I like to be barricaded with pillows. And I need something to squeeze and hid behind during scary parts. :) 

Pearl earrings and a necklace from the Parents! Which I was thrilled about because I've wanted a set for...a jolly long time!  (Not real pearls, in case you were wondering. I'm not a pearl snob. Those pretty cheepies are perfect for me, thank you very much!) I actually got a quite a bit of jewelry for my birthday this year. It made me so happy since I have a sad lack of nice jewelry. And See all the pretty nail polish? I want to try all the colors! 
Katrina got me that CD right there. It is awesome. Just saying. 

Last but not least: DO YOU SEE MY C.A. Shirt!!? It's perfect! *Hums, "When Captain America throws his mighty shieeeeeeld..."*
A while back I mentioned to Mahri that I'd like to learn to use a fountain pen because A.) they're gorgeous and B.) Because they require better handwriting skills which I could definitely use some work on and C.) Because it's way cooler to write with a fountain pen than a ball point pen, okay?
And she got me one! 
As you can see, I promptly made some squiggles and scrawling with it. Then I wrote my name. Twice. To be sure I remember how. And than I gave myself some very good advice. :) 


I sort of feel like this post is coming of a bit gloating-ish. I got stuff! Me! Me! It's all about MEEE!

Right. Moving on quickly. 

This song is so lovely. It's probably my favorite on his new album and since I'm a very emotional person, I get all dewy-eyed every time I hear it. 

I've been making a lot of bouquets at work this last month. And I do mean a LOT. I really enjoy the work and for the most part I'm pretty dang happy making pretty stuff and playing with flowers. Sometimes it's crazy busy and stressful and sometimes flowers die when they shouldn't. But overall, it's pretty okay. 
A couple days ago I made a impressively large bouquet. It was...honken. That's a word. It means large. Add it to your dictionaries. Thanks.
I really love burlap and lace. 

I am looking forward to this next month. October is beautiful and wild and spicy. Full of wind and color and sweaters and warm drinks. 
At least, that's how it is in my mind. October is the epitome of autumn. And chi latte's which, I'm a little ashamed to admit, I'm suddenly a bit addicted to. 
October feels like change, doesn't it?  Not just the change in the season, but a change in life. It's full of possibilities. And chi lattes. :) 

Alright. I think that's enough of me waxing lyrical (or cheesy) and I should pop off and get some other, very uninteresting stuff  done before I get in my pajamas and get cozy for the evening. 

God Bless!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

So....I'm back.

Alright. It's been....a long time since I've been around. So let me just start by saying,

So, nope. I haven't been on vacation since the beginning of August. How cool would that have been! No. I just haven't felt like blogging at all.


I got back from my lovely vacation ages ago. It was the best. Lots of wonderful things happened, mostly involving lots of delicious food, tickle fights, movies, pillow fights, really late nights and really late mornings, almost toxic levels of caffeine,...And did I mention delicious food? Oh, and window shopping! Lots and lots of window shopping, which always involves trying on All The Hats! Because ever since we've been friends my friend and I have always tried on All The Hats!

There was this one really cool place that was bursting at the seams with Disney and Pixar stuff mixed with music boxes and Phantom of the Opera memorabilia that made my little heart go all pitter-pattery. I mean check it out! 

Then there was the day at the ocean. Lots of walking and talking and splashing in the waves. And some truly awful selfies.

And the traditional Moonspinners night. Cause I'm still a sucker for that movie.

For whatever reason, once I got back from my trip, I didn't feel like being on my computer at all. I haven't emailed, or blogged or commented on blogs or really even kept up with anyone's blog. I don't know what it was, but I just wasn't in a technology mood. I wasn't feeling it, you copy?

I have been really busy with work, (in a good way, thank goodness!) and I didn't want to spend my free time blogging. I tried quite a few times to do a post. I've gotten as far as opening up my laptop, bringing up the blog page, staring at the screen for 5-10 minutes and snapping it shut with a 'maybe later,'

I've been spending my free time reading, playing with my punching bag,

watching some fun TV shows and trying to get back into some sort of singing/music routine. I need to practice singing again. I just need to schedule my time.
How's all that going for me, you may ask. Let's just say it's a work in progress.

Over this last week I've actually been missing my blog and all you freakin' awesome people out there that, for whatever reason, actually seem to like my blog. 
I miss reading your stuff and letting you know how much I like your stuff. (Honest moment, I'm rubbish at commenting even when I'm following you like a hawk follows a rabbit, and that's something I'm going to work on!)

So, I think I'm ready to be back. 

I have some other, "life lately" type things I want to post about, but I think I'll save that for another night. You can overdo these things, you know. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! It's nice to know you're still there.

God Bless!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I've come to say goodbye!

Hey, you all! 

I felt compelled to pop on just to let you know I'm leaving for a week of blissful freedom! Vacation!

I'm going on an adventure!

I'll see you all when I get back. If I'm a good person and actually take some photos, I might even manage to pull together a fun post on my return. *Smile*

Anyway, Cheers!

God Bless

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I know, you know~

Hey there, Internet world, hey!

I really can't think of a good way to start this post. It's just at that point where I'm like, "Remember me? I used to blog around here." ......It's terrible.

I think I'll just give you the scoop on my life. 

I have been working two jobs for the last year and a half or so. *Insert deep sigh here* And lately it's been pretty overwhelming and taking over my life. *Insert maniacal laughter here* A six day work week is rubbish, just so you know, and it pretty much explains my overall lack of blogging and commenting.
I didn't feel like using my precious, precious time blogging, okay? It's mine. My own! My love! My Precious!

About two weeks ago, my florist job offered to train me to be a designer, (which means I get to make pretty stuff:) and my position there will become full time.

After some freaking out...

...I took the offer and gave my notice at my other job. So at the end of this month (is that really just two more days away?) I'll be comfortably working one job and have some 'me time' back in my life.

This should also mean my blogging will be better again. Normal work weeks allow time for creativity. If I remember correctly.

So yay for normality, right? Knuckle bump!
(This whole gif-making thing is pretty fun!)

Other stuff in my life. 

More sunset pictures. Cause I love them.

And a Starbucks picture. With not-my-name on the cup. Cause I accidentally stole that drink.
Not really.

Treskie and I went out for Starbucks on evening last week.
We ordered. I got a mocha, because it's my favorite, and she got a java chip, because that's her favorite.
It was a bit crowded and busy and I just wanted to get my drink and go. So the guy behind the counter mutters a name, puts down two drinks that look like a mocha and a java chip...
And I was just so excited!
I grabbed them, thanked him kindly and booked it for the door. 
It wasn't until I was halfway to the car that I wrapped my lips around the straw and took a deep pull at the drink in my hands that I wasn't mine. This particular drink was a salted caramel. Treskie's was cookie crumble...
And the name wasn't 'Amanda' like I presumed when I originally caught sight of the beginning letter "A". It was Alandra.

But it wasn't like I could really give it back, now could I? So it became mine. 

heI felt really guilty, knowing that some poor people watched as I grabbed their drinks and left. And I couldn't stop laughing. And Blushing.
Aaah, good times!

I finished season 8 of Psych! 

It was so good! I loved it. I even loved the finale. I usually don't like the end of TV shows. They make me sad. And even though I cried over the ending, (true story) it didn't feel the end as much as it did a new beginning. Listen to me getting all meechy over here! Over Psych! I'm fairly sure that's a sign that I'm loosing my mind even faster than I've previously thought.
Oh well.
You should watch it. Tell me if you cry. Let's see how far I've really gone

I took a BBC Sherlock personality test and became John Watson.

"You are John Watson. Let’s be honest, pretty much everyone loves you. Warm, patient and personable, you’re willing to put up with a great deal (possibly too much?) from those you care about and you are intractably loyal. You’re a bit of a thrill seeker and frequently rush headlong into danger, especially if it’s to protect someone important to you. You have a stubborn streak and maybe a possible psychosomatic injury or two, but you’re definitely the person all your friends want on their side in a fight."

That made me really happy. I'm not sure that's entirely accurate. I'm willing to bet John Watson wouldn't cry over Psych.

If you want to take the test, go here!

So, yeah.  Life's been pretty good for me the last two weeks or so. And the first week in August I get to head out of town for a visit with by bestest friend for a week! I am so excited!

God Bless,