Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I know, you know~

Hey there, Internet world, hey!

I really can't think of a good way to start this post. It's just at that point where I'm like, "Remember me? I used to blog around here." ......It's terrible.

I think I'll just give you the scoop on my life. 

I have been working two jobs for the last year and a half or so. *Insert deep sigh here* And lately it's been pretty overwhelming and taking over my life. *Insert maniacal laughter here* A six day work week is rubbish, just so you know, and it pretty much explains my overall lack of blogging and commenting.
I didn't feel like using my precious, precious time blogging, okay? It's mine. My own! My love! My Precious!

About two weeks ago, my florist job offered to train me to be a designer, (which means I get to make pretty stuff:) and my position there will become full time.

After some freaking out...

...I took the offer and gave my notice at my other job. So at the end of this month (is that really just two more days away?) I'll be comfortably working one job and have some 'me time' back in my life.

This should also mean my blogging will be better again. Normal work weeks allow time for creativity. If I remember correctly.

So yay for normality, right? Knuckle bump!
(This whole gif-making thing is pretty fun!)

Other stuff in my life. 

More sunset pictures. Cause I love them.

And a Starbucks picture. With not-my-name on the cup. Cause I accidentally stole that drink.
Not really.

Treskie and I went out for Starbucks on evening last week.
We ordered. I got a mocha, because it's my favorite, and she got a java chip, because that's her favorite.
It was a bit crowded and busy and I just wanted to get my drink and go. So the guy behind the counter mutters a name, puts down two drinks that look like a mocha and a java chip...
And I was just so excited!
I grabbed them, thanked him kindly and booked it for the door. 
It wasn't until I was halfway to the car that I wrapped my lips around the straw and took a deep pull at the drink in my hands that I realized...it wasn't mine. This particular drink was a salted caramel. Treskie's was cookie crumble...
And the name wasn't 'Amanda' like I presumed when I originally caught sight of the beginning letter "A". It was Alandra.

But it wasn't like I could really give it back, now could I? So it became mine. 

heI felt really guilty, knowing that some poor people watched as I grabbed their drinks and left. And I couldn't stop laughing. And Blushing.
Aaah, good times!

I finished season 8 of Psych! 

It was so good! I loved it. I even loved the finale. I usually don't like the end of TV shows. They make me sad. And even though I cried over the ending, (true story) it didn't feel the end as much as it did a new beginning. Listen to me getting all meechy over here! Over Psych! I'm fairly sure that's a sign that I'm loosing my mind even faster than I've previously thought.
Oh well.
You should watch it. Tell me if you cry. Let's see how far I've really gone

I took a BBC Sherlock personality test and became John Watson.

"You are John Watson. Let’s be honest, pretty much everyone loves you. Warm, patient and personable, you’re willing to put up with a great deal (possibly too much?) from those you care about and you are intractably loyal. You’re a bit of a thrill seeker and frequently rush headlong into danger, especially if it’s to protect someone important to you. You have a stubborn streak and maybe a possible psychosomatic injury or two, but you’re definitely the person all your friends want on their side in a fight."

That made me really happy. I'm not sure that's entirely accurate. I'm willing to bet John Watson wouldn't cry over Psych.

If you want to take the test, go here!

So, yeah.  Life's been pretty good for me the last two weeks or so. And the first week in August I get to head out of town for a visit with by bestest friend for a week! I am so excited!

God Bless,


  1. hehe those poor people, having their coffees stolen. How unfortunate :)

    GO YOU!!!! I hated your schedule it seemed so unfair and mean. and I never got to see your face and I love your face.


    1. I'm a caffeine theif! lol.

      Well, it wasn't really mean or unfair....but it was exhausting!
      I'm so glad you love my face. :) I'm rather partial to it myself.

    2. And i meant thief, not theif. oops.

  2. Congrats on the job, what kind of designing is it? Like, flower-arranging??

    Haha your coffee story made me laugh!! Also, loving the sunset pictures :)

    1. Hi, Emily!
      Yeah, it's floral design. It's really fun and I like it a lot.

      I'm glad it my coffee story made you laugh! I confess, I"m mostly amused by that myself. Now that the initial embarrassment has worn off. :)

  3. You are Watson. That was accurately accurate.
    I need to finish Psych, but finales...I don't like watching them alone.

    1. Awww! You are so kind. Watson is pretty freakin' awesome, and I am not nearly so brave....But I love that you think the test was accurate. I was half-expecting to be Anderson.

      And YES! ONE JOB! Ra-Ra! :)

      Endings stink. But the Psych ending was good. So good. I can't wait till you watch it. Maybe we can set up a web-cam thing and watch it together!? How fun would that be!