Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So...it has come to this

Hello all.

Sorry for my lack-ish of blogging and commenting. I am a bit under the weather.

Still under the weather.

This dang cold has been holding on for the better part of two weeks. *Sniffles*  And instead of feeling like I'm getting better, I actually think the cold is taking a turn for the worse.

There is also a fire sort of near where I live and all the smoke from that has been mucking with the air here. Let me just say, it isn't helping matters.

I got off work at noon today. Which was nice. I came home and shuffled about the house, blowing my nose, sneezing and feeling a bit sorry for myself. Rather like Howl in Howl's Moving Castle. "I am going to my room... Where I may die." lol.

Alright. I'll stop being a whinger now.

The smoke and fire has been making for some rather lovely sunsets. The sun has been turning the most brilliant shade of redy-orange.

As usual, pictures don't quite do it justice. So you'll just have to take my word for it. It's stunning.

When  Treskie and I went out to the meadow to watch the above sunset, she snapped a picture of me hurdling a fence. Because she's Treskie and she likes to capture these moments. Her timing was right on.

"They're AFTER ME!" 

For some reason, I chortle a little every time I look at it. I remind myself of a rabbit. *Snicker* You may all feel free to laugh. :)

I drew a picture that actually turned out well. The frustrating thing is, the picture that turned out well is my 'rough draft' that I doodled on a piece of scrap paper to help me with my actual project. But wouldn't you know it? The doodle turned out awesomely. I'm still working on the 'master' but I don't know if I can really do better than this. I might have used up all my talent right here. That happens to me a lot.

The Boxer

If my 'master' copy turns out better, you can bet you giddy aunt that I will post it! lol. But for now, I'm going to enjoy this fellow. I still can't decide on a name for him. (Er...yes. Sometimes I name my pictures.:) What name do you guys think would suite him?

The weather has been getting cooler here and the wind is distinctly autumn-y. I am torn between feeling excited about scarves and hates and fun socks, and holding onto the last warm days and all my summer clothes with a death grip.

I really do love autumn. It's one of my favorite seasons for a lot of reasons...But I never really like saying goodbye to Summer.

This song is pretty adorable. You should really watch it. It makes my little heart go, "Awww!" :) The two main singers really are married. Which is sort of adorable too.


God Bless!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Giveaway Winner!

So, here ends my little Disney blog party. I had fun and I hope you all did too. And now the really fun part...the winner of the Maid Marian jewelry....

Because the entries were scattered throughout a few different posts, I'm just going to write them down here and give them a number. Then I'll draw a number. From a hat, I think.

The entry-ers.

1.) Miss Jack Lewis Baillot

2.) Treskie

3.) Hilda

4.) Katrina

5.) Maria

And the winner, iiiiiiiiissss......

NUMBER 4! Congratulations, Katrina! Yayayayayayay! I'm happy for you. :) I can't wait to see how they look on you, m'dear.

Now I must go. One of my cousins is up and we're going to have brownies and then play hide-and-go-seek in the dark....out side.

Good Night and God Bless!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A few random things.

It's pretty grey and rainy out side right now. I am enjoying it quite a lot. Thunder and lightning...puddles and wind! *Sigh* Perfect weather for listening to music and doing crafts. Or settling down with a good book and some cocoa. Or perhaps just blast the Phantom of the Opera, sing at the top of my lungs and bake some cookies.

Except, I happen to have this really bothersome cold and my voice is struggling a big right now. I think it must be breaking up, (At least I hope it's breaking up!) because I've been sneezing and blowing my nose so much today...
I rather fancy that singing in this condition wouldn't be the best thing for my poor, strained vocal cords.

I guess I'll just listen to Josh Groban instead.

I just finished reading Perfect Scoundrels and I really enjoyed it. Ally Carter is a very good author and her books are such fun. I can'd decide what series I like better, the Heist Society books or the Gallagher Girls books.  I might lean ever so slightly toward the Gallagher Girl series. The later ones, that is. The first books the main character is really young and the stories are a bit more lighthearted. The later ones are gooood. :)

Last night I was going through some of my documents and started reading some of the things I've written...and for the first time,I didn't hate all of it! *Cackles gleefully!* There was on fight scene in particular that I hated after I wrote it. I didn't seem to flow the way I wanted it two and it almost felt too long. But last night, it was pretty cool! I was like, "I wrote this? Hmmm. Not too shabby."
I think I need to start working on my stories again. I have two stories in particular that are very dear to me and I would like to finish them at some point during my life. :) I don't really consider myself a writer. It's just a 'sometimes' hobby. *Shrug*

And speaking of writing...Letter Game. *Head-desk* I don't know why I keep forgetting so completely about the stupid letter game! It's terrible. So now that's back on my to-do list.

Now I think I'll slip away to my little kitchen and do some baking.

Don't forget that Friday is the last day you can enter the Disney giveaway. All you need to do is a quick post on anything Disney cartoon related and leave a comment on my blog. :)

God Bless!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Let me clarify this...

Hello there, all my little bloggy friends!

I have a little apology to make. I was not very clear when I gave the day for the giveaway announcement. I said 'next weekend' and didn't give a date. I meant it to be Saturday the 24th of August. So you all still have time, and those of you who were so on it...well. Thank you for being on it. But you did have time. *Grin's sheepishly*

That's it. You have one more week to enter so get on it! And I am sorry that I wasn't more clear. I caught a bit of a cold and it left my poor little head all fluffy and confused. But I'm getting better now!

I am totally in love with this song, you guys. It's one of my current favorites.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

God Bless

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Robin Hood

"Every town has its ups and downs. Sometimes ups out number the down...but not in Nottingham."


Robin Hood...

There are so many things I love about Robin Hood, I don't even know where to begin.

I suppose I should just start with the whole, "Good Thief"/Outlaw thing.

Honestly, who doesn't love the idea of stealing something back for the good guys? It's that 'grey area' moral-wise, but it definitely appeals to our sense of justice. At least it does for me.

Robin didn't steal just to one-up Prince John (Although I'm sure that was icing on the cake)--it was to give a little bit of hope back to the people. It was for King Richard, to whom he was completely loyal.

"Traitor to the crown?"

"That crown belongs to King Richard! Long Live King Richard!

He steals--or borrows a little from those who can afford it--because there was so much injustice in the world and this was the one thing he could do to help his friends and his country.

I personally think it's really important for kids to see characters that are brave and selfless. Things like honor and courage, good guys vs bad guys...

And we sure don't want this guy to win!

Prince John is pretty awful, if you stop and think about it. Sure, he's funny and sort of pathetic, but he's a real low-life, too.

What sort of person takes his brother's throne?... While said brother is off fighting in the Crusades?

This low-life right here.

He got what was coming to him, if you ask me. :)

But every fairy tail really does need "a good old fashion villain" Thank you,Moriarty, for summing that up for us. *Grin* We need a good guy to root for and a bad gut that we sort of love to hate.

I've always been the sort to go for the brash, reckless type of heroes.--And it all started with Robin Hood.
This sums it up perfectly.

There's just something so amazing about those characters that make light of danger, put their lives on the line, and still make it seem like fun. I mean, if you're risking everything, you might as well enjoy yourself while you do it, right?

When I was really little, I wanted to be a part of his 'Merry Men' so badly! I had a green tunic that I insisted looked like his and I was constantly making myself a bow and arrows set.

I was pretty much this little fellow.

Now I'm a little bit more this.

Which brings me to the whole romance side of Robin Hood.

Tangled aside, Robin hood has the best romance, in my humble opinion.

Everything about the romance makes me happy. 


I Love the way Robin would do anything to win Marian's heart.

And I love how Marian is willing to become an Outlaw herself to be with Robin.

The scene where they walk through the forest is one of the prettiest scenes ever!


Absolutely beautiful.

I would go on, but I seem to have caught a bit of a cold and I am too tired to really make any more points. *Sniffle*

Before I head off, here are the giveaway pictures!

I have always had a thing for Marian's ring. Hopefully I'm not the only one. 

Because, I got to thinking about how cool it would be to make a replica-ish ring. And I am rather pleased with the result! Check it out, you guys!

My 'Maid Marian' ring with a matching set of earrings.

I'm going to be totally honest and just let you know that this is my first time making this sort of jewelry and I am not sure how well it holds up. They seem pretty strong and they should be fine, but I just thought I'd throw that out there. So you can't say I didn't warn you! :)

All you need to do to be in the drawing for this set is to do a linked-up post, anything Disney related, and let me know in the comment section. The drawing will be next weekend...Saturday or Sunday...let's make it Saturday. That gives you enough time to come up with something, surely! And one of you lucky people will win it! *Tra-la-la!*

And now, Not in Nottingham as performed by Mumford and Sons! Yeah...they actually did a cover of it. :)


God Bless and Good night!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Disney Tag


Guess what, you guys! I'm posting a vlog! *Trembles in terror*

This vlog thing was so hard! Everything went wrong for us. It it seemed that fate was against us filming. I tried recording it like FOUR times and it just didn't work out. The lighting was very wrong in the first attempt. The first set of batteries died. The second set of batteries died. The backup camera didn't work...

Treskie is finishing her vlog questions part 2 over at her blog. She had me help her out with it. That's why the batteries all died. But it's a pretty good blog post. So be sure to trot over there and check it! :)

Now it's time for the vlog.

Right here.

Right now.


So....Let me know what you think. I still don't know if I actually like the blasted thing or not. It was fun to film. We laughed so much! It was almost pathetic really. I hope we don't freak you out...and we're not too annoying. *Cringe*

As a bonus, to any of you that link up and do a Disney themed blog post, I am doing a little giveaway. The post can be anything Disney cartoon related. A movie, costumes, characters...whatever you want. It doesn't have to be long and impressive. Just a little something fun. :)

I'll show the giveaway items in my next post.

That's all!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So it Begins!

My Disney tag/ blog party/ good excuse to post Disney stuff! Complete with cool logo that I made myself. *Smile*  I'm quite please with how well I did the font. 


I should probably make this a bit clearer. I'm not really doing a blog party. But I sort of am--small scale. I'm doing a Disney Tag, *giggles* and then I'm going to do a 'favorite Disney movie' blog post.

I am so excited you guys!

I'm starting off with the tag and then I'm going to do the Disney post later on in the week. Saturday, tentatively.

If you'd like, you can link up to my blog and do a post about your favorite Disney movie/character/story...whatever floats your goat, you know? :D

I basically just want to have a fairly good excuse to do an elaborately long post about Robin Hood.


 The secret's out.

I hope other people, (namely you guys) get excited. Cause for some reason, this is making me feel absurdly happy.

This is going to be so FUN!

First part. The actual tag.  I'm just posting the questions and tagging everybody 'round here and I'll answer the questions myself either tomorrow or Friday. *Nods*

1.) What is your favorite Disney movie?
2.) Favorite Princess?
3.) Least favorite princess?
4.) Do you like the drawn animation or the computer animated movies better?
5.) Favorite male character?
6.) In your opinion, who was the best villain?
7.) What is your favorite Disney hairstyle? (I just had to ask that one!)
8.) What is your favorite story?
9.) Which one has the best romance?
10.) What is your favorite Disney song? *Mrhrhrhr* (Yeah, narrow it down to one!:)
11.) What is your favorite costume? 
12.) Would you rather go to a ball with a midnight curfew or get lost in the forest and keep house for a bunch of dwarfs?
13.) Who is your favorite non-human character?
14.) Do you want adventure in the great wide somewhere or would you rather just be on an Island of your own?
15.) What Disney movie is the most likely to make you cry?
16.) What character do you most relate to?
17.) What scene used to scare you the most?
18.) Did you like Aurora's dress better in blue or pink?
19.) Have you seen The Great Mouse Detective?
20.) What Disney movie, in your opinion, is the prettiest? Story aside, characters aside, what movie is just the most fun to look at?

And I'm gonna end it with twenty! *Whew* Those just sort of came bubbling forth! *Eyes questions proudly*

I'm tagging everyone. You stop by my blog and decide the tag looks fun, do it!

But, just to be sure that I get a few people doing it for sure, I'm going to come right out and name some names.

No pressure. :)


Now honestly. If you don't want to do this or you just don't have time, no worries. I wont mind. It's just fun for me. If you love the idea and your name's not up there, PLEASE! Do it anyway! That's what it's here for.
Have I mentioned how much fun it's going to be? *Grin*

Now I'm going to go off to bed. 

God Bless!