Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy finds

I love it when I find cool stuff at a second hand store! It makes my day. It's way more fun than finding something cool at a normal store, because I can usually afford stuff at a second hand store so much more than a normal store.

I found a beautiful hardbound copy of "The Outlaws of Ravenhurst" by Sister Imelda Wallace. It's one of my very favorite books ever. I mean, it's called "the Outlaws of Ravenhurst"! What's not to love? If you can find it anywhere, give it a read. It's brilliant.
Quick summary:
It takes place in Scotland (always a bonus) in the 1600's. It's about a very brave little boy named Charles Gorden, Earl of Ravehurst. He was taken away from his home as a baby for safety, but now, at ten years old, has been brought back to Ravenhurst by his nasty, scheming Uncle Rodger. It's at a time when being a Catholic is enough to get you killed. Charles is a Catholic--his Uncle isn't. * Tension*
It's just a very well-written story about a boy that is brave enough to stand up for his Faith no matter what. He's not a perfect kid, but he's plucky, and too clever by half. Not so unbelievably good that he's fake, but so good you want to be a better person yourself. A proper hero.
Plus, the illustrations are lovely.
Well, when I say lovely...

I actually mean, exciting.
Kilts. Now you're talking!
A very happy find, indeed. It's such a good book. *Sigh* I think I shall have to go re-read it...*Smile.*

I found some Classic Pooh rubber stamps.

I just need to get an ink pad for them. I am absurdly excited about them... I'll probably stamp everything I possibly can. I have a thing for Classic Pooh.

I got these artificial flowers. They were free and I can make hair pretties with them, so that's fun.
It was a fun day.

I also found a really great skirt, but I didn't bother with a picture. You'll just have to take my work for it.

Heads up for you Letter Game readers. The next letter is up on Treskie's blog. Just F.Y.I.

Now I think I'll go get some tea, wrap up in a blanket and watch some Doctor Who. Yes I said it. Doctor Who. It was bound to happen at some point. I'm a bit of a whovian.  Well, with a whole family that's into it, I can hardly resist, now can I?
Besides, I've got a cold. I need a Doctor. *Smirk.*

And just because I'm in a very Phantom of the Opera mood, here's a clip for ya. This Raoul is my favorite. :D

God Bless,


  1. Thrift Shops! (We call them op-shops) They are the best!! Half my clothes are second hand. More than half, probably. ;)

    I have to say, I like the version from the Phantom of the Opera movie better. But having an orchestra on top of them has to be an absolute win.

  2. What lovely things Amy! I love the flowers! <3

  3. I'm very jealous of the Outlaws of Ravenhurst. It's.... awesome.

    *I* found those classic Pooh stamps! Give credit where credit's due. :D

    :) BEST RAOUL EVAH! *thump thump*

  4. o I love the phantom of the opera!! this video was great!!!

  5. Hi, Mime. :) Yeah, at least half of my cloths are from second hand stores too.
    I know! I love the orchestra on top like that. It's so cool! Though I did nudge my sister and say: "That's an interesting place to put a piano..." *Grin*

    Thanks, Emily. <3

    I was so excited to find that book, Treskie! It makes me very happy.
    Thank you for finding those stamps. *Sigh*
    Raoul...*Thump, thump* agreed.

    Hi, Hannah. Phantom of the Opera is mah favorite musical ever. :D I'm glad you liked that video. It's so cute, isn't it! :D

  6. That book looks like a lot of fun, I love the pictures you posted from it. (And it takes place in Scotland, always a bonus!)

    I've seen some Macgyver, I liked the ones I've seen. I will have to see if I can find more of them somewhere.

  7. Hello, Jack.
    It's a really great book. *Nods*

    Macgyver's fun. In a nerdy sort of way. Oh! What about Hogan's Heroes? Have you seen that show? It's like a top TOP favorite of mine. :D It's my go-to show when I need comforting.

  8. Congrats my dear girk on your emmensley lucky finds HOW EXCITING!!!
    Love love LOVE the Phantom of the Opera! I so want to see it for REAL! Gina

  9. I think That Roual is amazing :-) Outlaws of Ravenhurst is lovely, I ADORE it - Catholics are awesome. Winnie the Pooh is so cute especailly the end which always makes me cry "Promise me you'll never forget me, even when I'm 100" "How old will I be?" "99" "I promise." *tear

    God Bless!

  10. It would be So Fantastic to see Phantom FOR REAL! I'll go with you, Gina. :D

    I know, Bella. I always feel silly crying over Pooh's ending...but I always cry. *Blows noes gently*