Thursday, February 21, 2013

Plumbing, cookies and movies.

It's amazing the things we take for granted. Seriously...

Like good plumbing. There is nothing quite so lovely as a properly draining bathtub.
I live with one of my sisters in a very cozy little cabin and for the most part I have no complaints with this set-up. It's fantastic.

But it is a very old cabin and the plumbing in the bathroom is pretty rotten. I hate to say that, but it is so.

There seems to be a continual contest between the toilet and the shower to see which can clog more. They never do it at the same time, either, which makes it very frustrating when the plumber comes because he'll fix one thing and then a few days/weeks later the other has to prove it too can be a bother. And then the plumber has to come 'round again.

Now, I can handle a slowly draining shower much easier than a clogged toilet for reasons I'm sure you'll all be able to figure out. :) However, I don't really enjoy the way the water just sort of pools and laps around my ankles. Still, I've lived through worse things. No biggy.

But for the past week/week and a half, the shower has been un-bee-lievably slow. It took the blasted thing three days to drain. Not cool.

So the plumber came, fine fellow that he is, and fiddled around in the bathroom for about 10-15 minutes and proclaimed the 'all-clear.'

So then I showered. *Aaaah!* Bliss.

A draining shower is a truly remarkable thing.

Also, food. Yes, I said that. Food.

 I love food all the time. I have a great appreciation for good food and I absolutely love baking and cooking.

But I usually only realize this during Lent.

Lent is a time of penance before Easter and as such Catholics try to give up things they like, maybe make some extra sacrifices or say a few extra prays.

That usually means no sweet baking cookies. (Though Sunday is a day of rest, a day 'off' so to speak and cookies are definitely in on Sundays. Just so you don't think I'm super-human or anything. LOL.)

Anyway, I was making a batch of cookies for a friend of the family as a sort of 'just because' thing and I was merrily whistling and measuring the sugar, butter and peanut butter into a bowl. I creamed them together into a grainy, fluffy mass. Then I pulled out the oatmeal and measured in a nice amount of that in as well. And I paused, looking at the way the golden sugar and the oats complemented each other and I said, "You know, oatmeal is a beautiful thing." *Nods* I actually said that. I thought about what I said for a second and snickered. "You know it's lent," I added, "when you say things like, 'oatmeal is a beautiful thing.'"

My sister, siting out in the living room agreed and put in her two cents. "You also know it's lent when you can smell the ingredients being put into a bowl and think, 'my! That smells fantastic!'"
It is definitely Lent.

I am forced to admit that I may have another 'favorite' actor. :D I want to point out first, that I went for years without ever having any actors that I was all that partial to.

That has changed. I have a handful of 'favorite' actors now.

I'm just trying to show you that I don't like lots of boys. I'm not boy-crazy. *Snicker.*

Anyway, last Sunday a few of my sisters and I settled down and watched 'The Eagle.'

That. Movie. Is. Awesome.

I am a tiny bit infatuated with it. Don't believe me? Check out my Movie Board on pintrest. ;)

I really liked Marcus. He was a cool Roman soldier and all that. There really wasn't anything un-likeable about the fellow.

But the second this fellow came out I was on his side. :) Jamie Bell. You, Sir, did a great job as Esca.

Jamie Bell. New favorite actor.

This movie has a really good friendship story, and I'm very pleased to say, there is absolutely no romance. There isn't one female character. Don't get me wrong, I like a bit of romance. What girl doesn't? I just like my action movies to concentrate on the mater at hand. *Wink*

There's loads of riding. *Happiness!*

"The invasion of the hot Italians." 

Since I'm a bit rubbish at doing movie reviews other than saying how awesome I thought they were, I'm going to make this easy and just post the trailer. It sums things up quite nicely.

There is some swearing, (though I don't remember there being much) and it's a bit violent, but tactfully done violent. Kind of like the Lord of the Rinds battle scenes. And there is one kind of strange bit with the Picts doing a dance thing around a fire. Not bad, just weird. :)

Sorry for the rather alarming length of this post. It kind of got away from me a bit!

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God Bless.


  1. Hahahahhah this post his so funneh! lol.

    Lent is a pain. In the gut. (get it? Hunger pains? hehehe)

    THE EAGLE!!! RA RA RA RA!! Esca! Marcus! My boys! My Roman boys!



  2. Jamie Bell is good in least he has been in every movie I've seen him in. And I have a friend who watched a VERY dull movie he was in and said all the scenes he was in were good. It almost made up for the rest of the movie. And he's, he gets extra points for that. (I mean he IS Tintin! and He's a Tintin geek. And his hair does the Tintin thing.)
    Okay, moving on.

    Giving up cookies is a gallant effort. Cookies are hard to give up.

    And plumbing. No one understands what an amazing thing it is till they don't have it. Being able to go and get a glass of water is never apprechated till one's pipes freeze and they can't do so.
    Plumbing needs to be thanked more.

    Season six of Pysch, aye, cliff hanger. Prepare yourself for it, because it is a rotten one. Though, by the time you end season six season seven might be out. It is coming out in six days. So you might be good. Me, I am kind of, going around going, "TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS!"

    Hm, I liked season six well enough. Maybe not as much as the others but I think it was just because I was parinoded the writers were going to make Jules and Shawn break up. (American TV, don't they do that a lot?) So I think I could have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been so worried. I plan to watch it again now that I know what happens. (And if they do make Shawn and Jules break up I shan't be happy, and this from a very un-romantic person.)

  3. Thanks to Treskie, we're watching The Eagle tonight. For educational purposes. It's weird how well it fits with my schoolwork at the moment--Romans doing their thing, you know. ;)

    Oh. Lent. Pooor you. Don't people eat a lot of fish at lent? I hate fish. It sounds attrocious. No biscuits and fish. Condolences.

  4. Oh, Haha. Very funny, Peskie. *Rolls Eyes.* :)

    I must watch more movies with Jamie Bell, Jack. I saw 'Man on a Ledge," which, other than a scene where a girl changes clothing *eeek!* is really good. And I did like Jamie Bell in that a lot. And Tintin is just awesome.

    I'm going to have to settle down and finish season six of Psych.
    I know! Shawn and Jules are are perfect for each other! Super cute.

    Hi, Mime.
    I hope you enjoyed the Eagle as much as I did. So much awesomeness!
    Ah, lent isn't all that bad, really. Fish is associated with lent, but it's not a requirement. Hehe. And I love fish, so that wouldn't be a problem.
    Lent is just sort of getting back into shape spiritually. It helps to remember why we're on this earth and what Easter actually is. I do miss my cookies though. :)


  5. Ah, yes. A draining bath tub. Will wonders never cease :-)

    And Lent. So far Lent is good, but I feel like a POW - I am thinking of food rather more than usual, and have a hankering for scones... and proper black British tea with milk...

  6. Hi, Marhi.

    Food is a wonderful thing. Seriously. :D