Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thrice tagged...well, four times tagged, really.

Alright. I've been tagged. And tagged. And tagged. :-) I am popular. Thank you to;
for tagging me and passing along a blog award. I appreciate it. I also was tagged by:
Ellen at, Confessions of Character
but I believe that it's a different tag.
Anyway, I somehow fell really behind with all this tagging and what not, so I am just going to answer a few of each of my 'tag' questions and call it settled. :-)

Starting with Katrina's questions.
If you could be book character, who would you be? I would love to be Lark, from Sally Watson's fantastic book , "Lark." She's brave and adventurous and...more how I'd like to be, I guess.
Superpower? I would like to be an amazing martial artist. I think that counts as a superpower, right? I don't mean normal martial arts skill here, people. I mean, SUPER martial arts skill.
One place in the world you wish you could go. Scotland springs to mind but since I'd like to see other places as well, I think I'll go with Italy. Or Germany. Or Australia. Do I have to choose just one?
One person in the world you wish you could meet? I'm presuming by 'in the world' that they have to be still alive? :-) Because, if I could meet one person, I think it would be awesome to meet, "Jimmy James." He was a soldier during WWII and became a P.O.W. He was absolutely amazing. You should read his book, "Moonless Night."
But If we're talking about someone that's alive...well. Josh Groban, please. :-)

Okay, now for a few of Treski's questions.
Favorite Movie. I pick this one because it's impossible to answer. There is no 'favorite' movie. How can I choose between Lord of the Rings and The Scarlet Pimpernel. Or The Cinderella Man. Or the Great Escape. Or Narnia? See? It honestly can't be done.
Coffee or Tea. Oh, I'll take both. Usually coffee in the morning, tea at night.
Can you play an instrument. If so, which one? Oh, yes I can! I play flute. :-) And recently piccolo, though it's fingered basically the same as the flute so don't get too impressed. I wish I could play the piano and guitar.
Which accent do you like the most? Wow. Good question. I am hard pressed to answer that. I really love the Scottish, Australian and English accents. But of those three what's my favorite? Don't know. I'll take any of those.
List your five favorite TV shows. Okay. Five favorites. "Hogan's Heroes!" Yeah, you knew that was coming. "Psych." "Monk." "Merlin." I guess the last one would be "Tales from Avenlea."

And now, Ellen's
If you could live in a fictional world, where would it be. Middle Earth. I would probably want to settle in the shire, but Rohan is pretty amazing too. If I couldn't have Middle Earth, I would actually like to be in Mossflower, from the Redwall books. And in which case, I'd probably be a squirrel or a mouse. No, make that a hare. :-)
Audio books or paperback? Paperback, all the way! Unless it's a 'learn a foreign launguage' thing. Then there really isn't any supplement for audio.
If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be? May I just ask who came up with this question in the first place? Ouch. Okay. I'd probably choose..."The Sherwood Ring." I love that book. But never make me choose!

Okay, The Muse's tag is only telling me to divulge 10 things about myself that you may not know. I'm going to shorten that to 5 things about me. There really isn't much to know. :-)
1.) I listen to music all day long...most of the time. If I had to choose between movies or music for the rest of my life, I'd totally go music. I can live without movies.
2.)I have been working on the same novel since 9th or 10th grade. (I am getting it done, though. Promise!)
3.)I have never been on a date. And it doesn't bother me. :-)
4.)I love skittles. The very sugary candy? Yes. They are so yummy. And I get such a fun sugar-high on them. Even one (1) skittle will give me a sugar-high.
5.)I love to travel, but I always get so stinkin' nervous before I go anywhere. I get 'traveler's remorse,' you could say. But once I'm actually going, I love it. LOVE it. :-)

Okay. Since all the people that I would tag have already been tagged, I am not going to name any names. Shame on me, I know. But, anyone that wishes to carry this along can. Simply answer the same questions I answered and link to my site. Please, feel free to join in the game! It is fun.

Thank you again, to all my taggers!
God Bless,

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lovely Present.

I got a Christmas present in the mail today. It was from my best friend. (She always runs a bit late getting her gifts out. I actually like gives me something to look forward to. :-)
It was so much fun to open
I got a box of German chocolate. Everything on the box is written in German! It's so cool. I love trying to figure out what it says. :-) And it's wonderful chocolate to boot! Rich and smooth and creamy...I should start a 'chocolate review' section on my blog. I've been sampling quite a lot of awesome chocolate lately. :-)
Aren't you jealous? Don't they look delicious? Each of those little packages have six squares of chocolate. And I love the box, too. It looks like an old cigar box. For some reason, it reminds me of Hogan's Heroes. Or it could just be the mood I'm in.

I am really excited about this little book. "The Miniature Book Of Coffee"...what's not to love? It's a book of recipes. The really awesome part is, none of the recipes call for really unusual/expensive ingredients. It's stuff you'd normally have in your house. I'm planning on working my way through the recipes, one at a time, and share it with you. Recipe and all! Of course, with Lent looming up, it might be a while before I start but it's something to look forward to, right?

That's all for now. Wasn't that fun?

And because I am currently a little obsessed with learning how to play my piccolo, I'm going to share this video. This fellow is really good. And I so want to play that well!

God Bless!

Monday, February 13, 2012

For the first time ever~

I stayed up till four in the morning playing cards with my cousins. (That's not super exciting but...)

I retrieved stolen merchandise. Very cool right? LOL. No. I played tennis with my brother and a little boy was about to head off with a package of our tennis balls and I said, "'Sorry. Those are our.' and he gave them back. Very nicely. But it's more fun to say I retrieved stolen merchandise.

I watched my first every superbowl game. It was actually my first ever football game. Kinda sad, isn't it. :-) My good, thoughtful brother explained the game very well before we went to the party so that I'd at least get some of what was going on. It was a lot of fun. The pizza was delicious. And we ate chocolate. Those pictures in my last post? Yup. They were all wonderful. Wonderful.

That's all for now. It's been a pretty mellow week for me. I haven't done anything crazy. (Okay, staying up till four in the morning and then getting up at seven might be a little bit crazy.)

And since I haven't posted as song in a long! I don't really like a lot of Adele's music, but for some reason I really like this one. I think it's a combanation of how good the song is along with how well she sings it (her stage presence here is great) and how well it was filmed. It's great. I like it better everytime I hear it. It's fun to sing along with as well.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Here are a few pictures. I have my room all decorated and this is the little table where most of my clutter ended up. It makes me feel happy. :-) It's comforting to have familiar things around.

And just because I'm cruel, this is the chocolate I've been eating. Yum!
(And just for the record, I have only had a little bit of chocolate. We are bringing these bars to my cousin's house on Sunday. I am not pigging out on chocolate. Promise. :-)
                                                      But this bar was my favorite so far.

And I am really looking forward to trying this one!

And I went second hand shopping with my brother to help him find the girls some new cloths and he bought my this lovely little giraffe. He's so cute and he keeps my panda bear company.

And now, For the First Time Ever~

I drove myself to the library. All alone. And I didn't get lost until the way home. And even then I found myself without any help. Go me!

I bought a purple pare of shoes. They deserve a picture. :-)

I made Lime Chicken Soft Tacos. They were very good...but I over cooked the chicken. Darn it.

And I ate bacon wrapped jalapenos...delicious. They deserve a picture too.

Well, that's all for now. Except, I found this video hilarious. I am (well, was) homeschooled and these are really things people ask.

God Bless, everyone.