Friday, April 25, 2014

Life Lately

HALLELUJAH! My computer is baaaaaack! My own, my love, my own, my...preeeeeecious! *Snortle*

I definitely appreciate this wonderful bit of technology more now than I did when I took it in to be fixed. I never realized how much I value google until it wasn't easily accessible anymore...

Good news is that after this forced break from my blog, I'm very motivated to post again. 

Very motivated.

Also not really sure how to start this thing back up.

How is it possible to have so much blogginess floating around in my brain and still have writer's block? S'not really fair, is it. 

Oh well. 

Here I go on a massive-ish dump of my life. The fun parts of it, anyway. Please pardon the jumble of thoughts that's about to happen.

Who here has seen The Winter Soldier? My family went in mass the day it came out. It was AWESOME! Captain America is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread as far as heroes go. 
In honor of the occasion, I wore my Avenger's shirt and my shield earrings. 

We were afraid of not getting good seats and showed up a good hour and a half early...they had to open the door for us. I think we came off as a tiny bit desperate/obsessive. 

We got perfect seats smack-dab in the middle of the theater. *Smirk*

It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a movie so much. I did a lot of, Oooh-ing and Aaaah-ing...and a tiny bit of shadow boxing and cringing. 

Best costume ever.

And Bucky? *Nods knowingly* 

I wont do any spoilers here. But Bucky was kind of my favorite in the first Captain America (maybe even a little more my 'type' than Steve...? Maybe.) so in this one I just kept feeling sad and thinking, "Bucky, NOOOOOO".  And wishing somebody would just give the poor guy a hug. Never mind the metal arm.

And wishing this guy would die.

I was so relieved that this scene was just funny and not actually real romance between them. Honestly, that wouldn't have worked for me at all. 

This scene was amazing!

Basically, if you haven't seen it yet, you should. It was so good. I'd say it was a pretty close tie with the first one. I loved it.

Oh, be sure to stay till the very end. Like, the VERY end. Otherwise you'll miss something. 

I'm taking the second audio class. It's going well. A bit scarier than the first class. There's a lot more hands on stuff which means I can't be as incognito. I have to be like, "I can set up those microphones! Stand aside, Peasants!"

Hahaha! I wish...

The teacher says, "Alright, who's going to set up the mics?"

And as one the entire class looks thoughtfully at the ceiling, examines the tiles on the floor, and/ or avoids eye contact at all costs.

At which point the teacher resorts to naming names.

Still. It's good fun and I am liking it a lot. 

Easter was fantastic. 
I had to work Saturday, so I wasn't able to help as much with all the baking and cleaning, but I still squeezed in some fun stuff. I made delicious coconut macaroons! And did the flowers for church....

The real fun started bright and early on Easter morning. I got up at a quarter to six to watch the sunrise! 

My Dad and Mom, Mahri, Treskie and I tromped down to the meadow armed only with coffee. And coats. It was 26 degrees outside. Definitely coats. 

Turns out, when you live in the mountains the sun has to clear the tops of the mountains before you see it. Which means the sun may very well rise at six eighteen on the nose, but you wont actually be able to see it until seven-ish. And you sort of miss the actual rise

Which further means you find yourself in the meadow, freezing cold, a lot longer than you originally though you'd be and wish you had thought to wear warmer socks. And perhaps some gloves.

See our bleary little faces, numb with cold?

And the moment we waited a good half an hour for!
Behold the sun!

I snapped the picture and we all hobbled home on our frozen little feet. It's the little things in life you cherish. Trust me.

For all that it was cold, I actually really enjoyed the whole experience. Except for my hand freezing around my coffee cup...

Should I decided to do it again, I think I'll try to find a high place so I can see the actual sunrise. 

Still, it was rather lovely.

Home again and breakfast!

After breakfast and the Easter basket hunt, there was the general hustle and bustle of beautifying ourselves for Church. :) I did a lot of hairstyles that day. I wish I had gotten some pictures. I always start of well with the camera and then forget completely about it halfway through the day. Oh well.

Off we went to Church, looking our finest, let me assure you. *Grin*

We did a sung Mass, which thankfully sounded pretty good. The priest's sermon was beautiful. I am usually pretty emotion on Easter and this year was no exception. It's just so beautiful! *Sniffles* 

And then we went home and had the egg hunt, dinner and a super relaxing evening with dessert and coffee. It was absolutely wonderful. 

Oh, and I just had the chance to watch Frozen for the first time. That was fun. Disney is usually fun. I wasn't blown away by it, though. Please don't throw those tomatoes at me! I just felt like the plot could have used some tightening up...
I think I'll like it better the second time. 
The costumes were really adorable, though,  and I now feel the urge to do some sewing.
And I also feel the urge to watch Tangled again. I think I need a Flynn Rider fix. :)

And that's pretty much my life to date. The good parts version. Nobody wants to hear about the daily bore of work, right? 
It's not like I'm a spy or a rocket scientist with amazing stories to tell. And even if I were I wouldn't be able to tell you...
You'd have to be Level Seven for that kind of intel, which you're not.

I don't mean to brag or anything but...

Cheerio! It's so lovely to be back. 

Till next time then!

God Bless

Saturday, April 19, 2014

I'm back!....sort of.

So. Where to begin. *Rubs chin thoughtfully.* I never ever meant to be away for so long. And this time it honestly wasn't my fault.
I took my little laptop in to get the DVD drive fixed. The nice man that works there told me, "Oh, this is an easy fix. No problem. Let me get right on that and you should have it back by the end of the week."
That was four weeks ago.

There have been some complications.

So I started off thinking, "I can go a week without a post. I do that all the time!"

Then I was like, "Two weeks is kind of a long time, but I'm sure I'll be getting my 'puter back in a day or two." 

Which smeared right into, "Three weeks is so long, I have no idea where to start back  up."

And at this point I just miss my laptop and my blog...and the whole internet thing.

I really didn't want Easter to slip by without me at least popping on and saying hello and Happy Easter to you all! *Waves cheerily*

Now here I am, on my sister's laptop, typing like a mad thing to get this post done before I fall asleep on the keyboard. I'm a mix, right now, of exhaustion and total giddiness that tomorrow is Easter!

And because I'm in a happy mood, and because I have a little bit of time on my hands, I shall proceed to do a list of things that make me happy.

~The Happy List ~

1.) This Cheese. 

I'm not gonna lie, I bought it just for the label. 

2.) The beautiful sunset yesterday. I had to run to the store for a few things and on the way home I stopped at the lake. It was a bit overcast yesterday, which is perfect for Good Friday, and the sun was cutting through the grey in the most glorious golden rays...

3.) The flower arrangements for the alter at Church. How can flowers not make a person happy?

4.) But most of all I'm just so happy that in a few hours the sun will rise and with it Easter Sunday.

 I am so hopping to be back online in earnest next week. I miss my blog Yes, you sitting there reading this slapped together post. *Cyber hug* 

I have a few tags waiting patiently for me. You ladies that tagged me, I haven't forgotten and I'm actually looking forward to doing them soon.

So goodnight, you all! I wish you a very Happy Easter and hope you all have a truly wonderful day tomorrow!

God Bless!