Friday, November 30, 2012


*Dramatic drum-roll please.* I finished! *Wild cheering and dancing.* 


I am so happy to announce that I did it! I made it all the way to 50,000 words and now I will once again enter the blogging world with a bit more dedication. :D I'm happy I made it and I'm so glad it's done. I don't even want to think about the amount of editing my story needs...but I do have a lot of good stuff to work with.
This song is very strange, but it sort of fits my mood right about now. And it's really fun to sing along with. In her voice...

God Bless...

Friday, November 23, 2012

I ramble.

Hello. How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I had a lovely day.

I made sweet potato pie.

There was a bout of fencing in the backyard with my sisters. And a tiny bit of boxing. We believe in arousing an appetite, you see.
NOTE TO SELF: It's been far to long since I've done any fencing and I'm ruddy awful at it! Time to start practicing again. *Nods* Getting killed is unpleasant.

There was dinner. It was so delightful I shall not put you through a remembrance. I wouldn't want you to drool on your laptop.

There was coffee and chocolate pudding pie while watching Second Hand Lions. We were going to watch Holiday Inn. It's sort of a tradition in my family and I was really looking forward to it, but our VHS tape is old and the movie wouldn't play. *Sniff*

There was talking and lots of coffee all evening.

Then, after sneaking in a word count back at my little apartment/cabin, my sister and I stayed up WAY too late and watched Holiday Inn on youtube. *smirk*

Thanksgiving was successful.

                  I cannot wait for this movie! It is going to be ever so fantastic.
I've been watching every clip I can get my hands on... obsessively. Martin Freeman might be the best hobbit ever. *Squeeee!*

Okay, maybe not best ever. I paused for a second and took a look at the Hobbits from Lord of the rings.
What's not to love?

Martin Freeman does makes a perfect hobbit, though.


I am SO EXCITED! It looks so good. :D I'm trying to decided of I want to re-read the book before the movie comes out. I read it a few months ago, but I'm all in the mood for it now. I shall have to come up with a Hobbit inspired outfit too. I like to do weird stuff like that. I will wear shoes.

Did all you people have a wonderful Thanksgiving? Did you do anything special? Do you have some cool traditions?

Is anyone else as absurdly excited about the Hobbit as I am?

God Bless!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's the little things...

Sunday was a really grey, cold, rainy day. We had a giant puddle outside our house...and I do so love to play in puddles!
 On a whim, I took my camera  out and took a few shots. It's amazing how beautiful little things can be. The water was so still and reflected everything so well! I couldn't have asked for better conditions.
I'm rather delighted with the pictures I got.

And I had fun playing with Picmonky's editing tools.

I couldn't pick my favorite.

I've been listening to a lot of songs by Seirra Bogges lately. She has such a beautiful voice...and lovely stage presence--I always notice if someone has good stage presence or not. :D It's a thing with me. 

God Bless,

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Writing and Pictures

I love the evenings where you can curl up with a cup of coffee and just write. Everything's done, you've cleaned, you did the dishes, you got into your comfy pajamas and all that's left is coffee and writing.

Oh yeah, and Pinterest.

                      I love this necklace...I'd do a lot to own such a cool little thing.

How pretty is that? 



Oh yeah...I should be writing. *Grin*

I'm doing pretty well on my Nano story. I like a lot of the stuff I've written, *Sigh of relive* and I pretty much know where I'm going with the plot. *Cheers and pats self on the back.* 

A problem I'm running into, though, is...I have a character that keeps changing. I've dubbed him my 'skitzo' character. 

He's my most interesting character in the story, I think, and he has such potential. And I keep tweaking and yanking at his back-history which makes his current story ever changing. Sometimes he's a really sweet fellow. Sometimes he's not so sweet. Sometimes he makes sense to me. Sometimes he doesn't.

I know how I want him to turn out, and I think I'm getting a handle on his personality. What? I'm only 22,000 words into my novel. There's still plenty of time to get him right.

That's been my biggest snag so far. I have to slap my hands when they try to go back and change things. I remind myself firmly, "write now, edit later

But it's hard.

Hey, any of you ever watched 'Second Hand Lions'? If you haven't you really should. It's a fantastic move. One of my very favorites. The story is unique and the characters are brilliant.
It's been a while since I've watched it.
But I think I'll have to watch it again soon.
Maybe once I get my word count up. 

That's all for now. 
God Bless!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

One more random post

A little while ago Bella tagged me and I sort of forgot about it in the Nano madness. So, apologies, Bella. I shall do it now.

1.) Do you like musicals?
Yes. I so love musicals. It's just so fun to sing a story, ya know?

2.) What is your favorite musical?
The Phantom of the Opera. I know...everyone loves that one. But it is the best.
Just to mix things up, I also love Newsies and think it's a really under-rated musical.
Plus, Christian Bale was really cool in that one. *Grin*....Yeah. The movie version. The Broadway one looked soo ruined!

3.)If you could step into a book for a single day, which would it be?
This might seem strange but I think it would be 'Mariel of Redwall'.
I've been a huge fan of the Redwall series ever since I was ten. (That's more than half my life! *Eeep!*) I was infatuated with that series. Mariel of Redwall was, and still is, my favorite. You might be thinking, "Yeah, but those books were about animals!" Yes. Freakin' awesome animals. would be a hare. A fighting hare. Because they were cool.
   No laughing. I'd make a jolly good hare, wot, wot! Absoballylutely splendid!

4.) Do you know what a silver tongue is?
Er...Moe in 'Inkheart?" So, someone who reads things to life?

5.) How does the quote, "There is Evil there..." end?
"That does not sleep." ...It doesn't even blink!

6.) Do you like having your picture taken? Not really. I'm not photogenic. I know, it's hard to believe, right? But I'm not. I did a photo shoot not too long ago, mainly because I'd never ever done one, and out of something like 135 pictures, 10 or so are good. I'm not kidding. I mean, look at this one! Worst. Photo. EVER.
After posting that little dandy, I feel the need to show one where I look good. To make up for it.
Oh PicMonkey, you make photos so fun!

7.)Do you like warm or cold weather better?
I'm very versatile. I am happy in the summer and I love swimming and hiking, (And as of last summer, rock climbing!) but there's the cozy aspect of winter that I love. I am happy I live in a world where the seasons change.

8.) What is your favorite color.
I love the color YELLOW! I think it's a very me color.

9.)Do you know how a war can be past down for generations but only last 7 days.
No. But I have a feeling it has something to do with Timey-wimey.

10.) Who are three of your favorite authors?
Dianna Wynn Jones, Brian Jacques, and oh let's see...Alistair Maclean? He writes some pretty awesome adventure stories. The Guns of Navarone, anyone?

11.) Do you know what a Jean Jumper is?
Yes. But I prefer jean skirts, thanks.

There, that's that. And now I shall go back to my 'literary abandon' and try to figure out how to steal Washington's snuff box. Yes, you read that right. Washington's snuff box.

God bless!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Random Things

Strange things happen to me when I do research for a story. I must first mention that I really love research and I often sort of hide in it. Kinda like, "I'm not ready to start writing...there is so much about internet hacking that I don't know!" Or, "I don't care how many people in history apparently used lemon juice as invisible ink, that stuff doesn't work! Please, Mr. Google, give me more options so that I can make that part more believable."

Anyway, not only do I love research, I can get totally sidetracked with it. Literally, I will start by looking up boxing terms so my 'fight scene' will read better and end up watching boxing tutorials on youtube...which moves you right into crazy martial arts stunts....*sigh*

I wont say what I was researching, but I discovered "Adult Obstacle Courses." And I WANT one.
So Much.

It's like going to the park...but for older people. Believe it or not, there are all sorts of different tips and tutorials on how to make a custom obstacle course in your back yard. I sooo hope on day I have like, five acres of land and I can dedicate an acre or so to this.
How cool would that be?

I want it to be something like this.


Only, I would like mine to be a touch more private and a little bit less intimidating. And as long as I'm dreaming, I'd really love for it to have a small rock climbing wall. *Nods* Thank you very much. :) That will be all.

God Bless!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Nano and Altoids.

I have done it. I am doing NaNoWriMo-National Novel Writing Month. The month where crazy people like myself take on the challenge of writing 50,000 words in 30 days...armed only with coffee and chocolate. I tell you this so that if my posting slows down a little you will understand why. I am hoping to keep up with my blog, I might be a bit distracted. And I think I'm gonna take a break from the Saturday Style posts until December.

My sister found this cool website called The Art of Manliness and I think it's awesome! I've spent waaaay too much time reading and browsing through this site-under the pretext of research for my book, obviously. ( My book is not about manliness. There's just some useful information there!)
The thing that caught my attention the longest was this post on Altoids Boxes. 22 ways to reuse an Altoids tin. Need I say more? I am strongly fighting the urge to go buy 22 tins of altoids to try out all the ideas. But I do have one tin already and I just need to decided which project to do first...Ooooo! Choices. *Browses through the list.*
Urban Survival Kit, *Oh that's a must!*
First Aid Kit, *That is useful*
 Portable BBQ Stove...*NO WAY! That's feakin' awesome!*
Isn't it kinda sad that these sort of things excite me more than...well...almost anything?

I'm off to finish my word count for the day! Talk to youse all later.
God Bless