Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's the little things...

Sunday was a really grey, cold, rainy day. We had a giant puddle outside our house...and I do so love to play in puddles!
 On a whim, I took my camera  out and took a few shots. It's amazing how beautiful little things can be. The water was so still and reflected everything so well! I couldn't have asked for better conditions.
I'm rather delighted with the pictures I got.

And I had fun playing with Picmonky's editing tools.

I couldn't pick my favorite.

I've been listening to a lot of songs by Seirra Bogges lately. She has such a beautiful voice...and lovely stage presence--I always notice if someone has good stage presence or not. :D It's a thing with me. 

God Bless,


  1. Cold rainy days are really good for my imagination. :)

    Sierra Boggess is really, really good. I must learn to sing like that....

  2. Wonderful pictures! (I am with you, I love playing in puddles. It is second best to crunching leaves, which is my favouite fall passtime.)

    I am glad to here your story is coming well and I hope you are able to get some written over Thanksgiving!

    Aw, Italians. Thanksgiving must be a lot of fun for all of you. I have friends who are Italians and they love this holiday.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope it is grand!

  3. I love your pictures! The reflections and the autumn leaves were just.. dazzling! It was beautiful. I enjoy grey, windy days as long as they are "doing" something and not just sulking. I was splashing about in puddles and doing *happy spins* down the street. *Shh. Don't tell the adults*

    I'm excited for thanksgiving... one less Holiday to block the way to Christmas *grin* But really, Thanksgiving is pretty fun.

    How is NaNo coming? *evil laugh*
    God Bless

  4. Yeah, Treskie, I have no idea what's so stirring about grey skies, but it does make me feel all creative.
    I know! Sierra Bogges is so good. *sigh*

    I love to crunch leaves, too, Jack, but we have mostly pine trees where I live and it can be hard to find places with enough leaves to crunch. :D

    Awwwe, thank you Bella. I'm rather proud of those pictures.
    I wont tell anyone that you not only play in puddles, but in the street as well. *Shusssssh*
    Nano is...coming. No evil laugh. I will slay you!


  5. Lovely pictures! And yay for Picmonkey! Alas the hours I've wasted on it...! XD

  6. Hi, Emily. I know! It's so easy to spend HOURS fiddling with pictures.I never realized how much I like photo editing before. *grin*