Friday, November 23, 2012

I ramble.

Hello. How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I had a lovely day.

I made sweet potato pie.

There was a bout of fencing in the backyard with my sisters. And a tiny bit of boxing. We believe in arousing an appetite, you see.
NOTE TO SELF: It's been far to long since I've done any fencing and I'm ruddy awful at it! Time to start practicing again. *Nods* Getting killed is unpleasant.

There was dinner. It was so delightful I shall not put you through a remembrance. I wouldn't want you to drool on your laptop.

There was coffee and chocolate pudding pie while watching Second Hand Lions. We were going to watch Holiday Inn. It's sort of a tradition in my family and I was really looking forward to it, but our VHS tape is old and the movie wouldn't play. *Sniff*

There was talking and lots of coffee all evening.

Then, after sneaking in a word count back at my little apartment/cabin, my sister and I stayed up WAY too late and watched Holiday Inn on youtube. *smirk*

Thanksgiving was successful.

                  I cannot wait for this movie! It is going to be ever so fantastic.
I've been watching every clip I can get my hands on... obsessively. Martin Freeman might be the best hobbit ever. *Squeeee!*

Okay, maybe not best ever. I paused for a second and took a look at the Hobbits from Lord of the rings.
What's not to love?

Martin Freeman does makes a perfect hobbit, though.


I am SO EXCITED! It looks so good. :D I'm trying to decided of I want to re-read the book before the movie comes out. I read it a few months ago, but I'm all in the mood for it now. I shall have to come up with a Hobbit inspired outfit too. I like to do weird stuff like that. I will wear shoes.

Did all you people have a wonderful Thanksgiving? Did you do anything special? Do you have some cool traditions?

Is anyone else as absurdly excited about the Hobbit as I am?

God Bless!


  1. Yes, I am absurdly excited about The Hobbit!!!!!! =D I am re-reading the book and enjoying it very much so far.

    I had a marvelous Thanksgiving. I love spending time with family and I like eating, so it's really perfect;)

  2. *Incineration!?* Poor Bilbo, all that unexpected company, with all their startling demands!

    It was fun getting back into fencing again, was it not? Except that I have a desperate need for a pair of short swords now.

  3. You watched Holiday Inn? "and you didn't invite me..." oh well. It was a nice day anyway.

    "That will be in reference to Smaug the Terrible."
    "Are you alright laddie?"
    "No..*faints*" Poor Bilboo :( I am absurdly excited for this movies. It look SO fantastic. Martin Freeman is SUCH a good Hobbit. Less than a month to Go!!

    Are you coming over for Doctor Who Day?
    God Bless

  4. Hey, Natasha!
    Thanksgiving...FOOD AND FAMILY! Yep. :D That's the way to do it.

    Marhi, you are not allowed two short swords till *my* fencing gets up to scratch again.

    Bella...yeah. We did watch Holiday Inn without you. *Shrugs* I just couldn't see inviting you at 11:30pm...
    And I don't think I will be coming over for Doctor Who day. I need to write!


  5. WOW!! Thanks Giving sounds WONDERFUL and the Hobbit LOOKS grrrrrrrrrreat! Gina

  6. Way-hey! Hi, Gina! :D
    Yeah, Thanksgiving was really nice.
    I know! The Hobbit looks SOOOO awesome.

  7. "Have you ever fought before?" *Laughs*
    I am SOOO very excited to see this!!

    You're Thanksgiving sounds very nice! I am glad you had an enjoyable time.

    After hearing Hugh Jackman's native accent I too wish he would use it all the time. It is such a pity he has a cool accent and hardly gets to use it.
    When I first learned he was going to be talking Bunny I wanted to laugh, but he's not the sort of man one would laugh at for playing a Bunny. When I told my brother he agreed. Hugh Jackman can play a Bunny and have no one question his manliness.

    No, I rather lost the game, after having to do some silly things - though I got off rather easy. My friend had to be a boomerang and two of my other friends had to dance together.

    Aw, that is sad you've never had pumpkin pie! I shall have to run over and share some with you.

  8. Hey, Jack.
    Thanks for the comment. That last bit of nanoing took ALL my free time and I've been terrible about responding to comments.

    Anyway. Cheers!