Thursday, November 15, 2012

Writing and Pictures

I love the evenings where you can curl up with a cup of coffee and just write. Everything's done, you've cleaned, you did the dishes, you got into your comfy pajamas and all that's left is coffee and writing.

Oh yeah, and Pinterest.

                      I love this necklace...I'd do a lot to own such a cool little thing.

How pretty is that? 



Oh yeah...I should be writing. *Grin*

I'm doing pretty well on my Nano story. I like a lot of the stuff I've written, *Sigh of relive* and I pretty much know where I'm going with the plot. *Cheers and pats self on the back.* 

A problem I'm running into, though, is...I have a character that keeps changing. I've dubbed him my 'skitzo' character. 

He's my most interesting character in the story, I think, and he has such potential. And I keep tweaking and yanking at his back-history which makes his current story ever changing. Sometimes he's a really sweet fellow. Sometimes he's not so sweet. Sometimes he makes sense to me. Sometimes he doesn't.

I know how I want him to turn out, and I think I'm getting a handle on his personality. What? I'm only 22,000 words into my novel. There's still plenty of time to get him right.

That's been my biggest snag so far. I have to slap my hands when they try to go back and change things. I remind myself firmly, "write now, edit later

But it's hard.

Hey, any of you ever watched 'Second Hand Lions'? If you haven't you really should. It's a fantastic move. One of my very favorites. The story is unique and the characters are brilliant.
It's been a while since I've watched it.
But I think I'll have to watch it again soon.
Maybe once I get my word count up. 

That's all for now. 
God Bless!


  1. I am absolutely delighted by that necklace with the hidden blade. I want one. I am putting it on my Christmas list :-)


    *Clears throat* sorry. Anyway... yeah all those pictures were good. Especially the "What they should teach you in school" I totally agree ;)

    Second Hand Lions! Yes we must watch that again soon. the uncles are fantastic and the story is super funny. Oh yes, and Eliot is in it "....Your life, is mine." His only lines :(

    God Bless

  3. Good job on your word count, and congratulations for keeping your editor at bay. I had a fight with mine near the middle of the book. I stuffed her under my bed with the monsters.

    I am glad you liked the trailer. And the fencing 8-D I am going to have to tell the fellows that.

    I agree about the illustrations. Clair is amazing!

  4. I new you would be, Marhi. I don't think it's actually for sale though. Sad,isn't it?

    Yeah, Bella. I think every kid should be able to escape from zip-ties...and the trunk of a car. :)
    I'm thinking about watching Second Hand Lions this weekend. I know, young Hub seems like such a huge character and he only *says* one line!

    Well, thank you Jack. I'm hoping I'll actually finish on time. And then I think this book will go into hibernation for a while before I even think about tackling the editing!

  5. That first picture is epic. :O Must have. *pins it*

    I've gotten to the I WANT TO EDIT NOOOOOOOOOOOW! stage. There's a character I just really don't have time for, and she needs to go. There is also a plot hole. And I fear my character if flat. Like this ______. That flat. *nods*

    I want to watch Second Hand Lions with you. Hub. Is. Awesome. "Your life is mine." Hot. Yep. I said it. I said hot. And now I'm going to stop commenting because it's late and I get the feeling that I will be embarrassed by this comment tomorrow. :) *snort*

  6. Damn those characters who refuse to do what you tell them! I am all too familiar...~looks at the floor and shakes head in a sad and resigned way~

  7. It's okay, Treskie. Weird comments are the best! Young Hub is hot.

    Emily...too true! *Nods*