Saturday, November 10, 2012

One more random post

A little while ago Bella tagged me and I sort of forgot about it in the Nano madness. So, apologies, Bella. I shall do it now.

1.) Do you like musicals?
Yes. I so love musicals. It's just so fun to sing a story, ya know?

2.) What is your favorite musical?
The Phantom of the Opera. I know...everyone loves that one. But it is the best.
Just to mix things up, I also love Newsies and think it's a really under-rated musical.
Plus, Christian Bale was really cool in that one. *Grin*....Yeah. The movie version. The Broadway one looked soo ruined!

3.)If you could step into a book for a single day, which would it be?
This might seem strange but I think it would be 'Mariel of Redwall'.
I've been a huge fan of the Redwall series ever since I was ten. (That's more than half my life! *Eeep!*) I was infatuated with that series. Mariel of Redwall was, and still is, my favorite. You might be thinking, "Yeah, but those books were about animals!" Yes. Freakin' awesome animals. would be a hare. A fighting hare. Because they were cool.
   No laughing. I'd make a jolly good hare, wot, wot! Absoballylutely splendid!

4.) Do you know what a silver tongue is?
Er...Moe in 'Inkheart?" So, someone who reads things to life?

5.) How does the quote, "There is Evil there..." end?
"That does not sleep." ...It doesn't even blink!

6.) Do you like having your picture taken? Not really. I'm not photogenic. I know, it's hard to believe, right? But I'm not. I did a photo shoot not too long ago, mainly because I'd never ever done one, and out of something like 135 pictures, 10 or so are good. I'm not kidding. I mean, look at this one! Worst. Photo. EVER.
After posting that little dandy, I feel the need to show one where I look good. To make up for it.
Oh PicMonkey, you make photos so fun!

7.)Do you like warm or cold weather better?
I'm very versatile. I am happy in the summer and I love swimming and hiking, (And as of last summer, rock climbing!) but there's the cozy aspect of winter that I love. I am happy I live in a world where the seasons change.

8.) What is your favorite color.
I love the color YELLOW! I think it's a very me color.

9.)Do you know how a war can be past down for generations but only last 7 days.
No. But I have a feeling it has something to do with Timey-wimey.

10.) Who are three of your favorite authors?
Dianna Wynn Jones, Brian Jacques, and oh let's see...Alistair Maclean? He writes some pretty awesome adventure stories. The Guns of Navarone, anyone?

11.) Do you know what a Jean Jumper is?
Yes. But I prefer jean skirts, thanks.

There, that's that. And now I shall go back to my 'literary abandon' and try to figure out how to steal Washington's snuff box. Yes, you read that right. Washington's snuff box.

God bless!


  1. Oh... hahahahahaha.... wheeze.... hehehehehee! *chuckle* *chuckle*. Thanks for a good laugh. That picture was most.. er.. arresting. The rest of the post was fun too.



  3. I never thought my tag could be so entertaining....

    The Phantom of The Opera is Brilliant.

    Aren't you suppose to do 11 facts also? ... not that you have to, I just thought I'd throw it out there.

    Your picture was HILLARIOUS!!! the skirt brimming up was classic. *Giggle* I enjoy having my pic taking (When its good)

    God Bless

  4. Merille of Redwall is cool. I would be her too I think, among so many other characters.
    I like the Newises movie too.

    I wanted to quit on the cover work but I didn't think all of you would let me. So I kept at it. So, it is because of all of you it is done. Which means when my brain melts, you all will have to take care of me. *Grin*

    Watson is brilliant. I relate more to Sherlock, but I adore Watson. He is amazing, and he still believed Sherlock even after he "confessed."

    Moriarty and the jewels cracks me up too! That was great!

    I should go to bed now. This is a half-asleep comment and is lacking in a lot. But soon it will just be zzzs if I don't go.


  5. Mahri, I'm glad that picture caused you such enjoyment. :)

    Treskie...I'm not really sure there is a response to your comment. So I'll just nod in your directing. *Nod*

    Hey, Bella. I actually missed the part with the eleven facts. I'm sorry about that. I did do my best with answering your questions though.I'm glad you found them entertaining!

    Hi, Jack.:)
    For some reason I have a real soft spot of Watson. *Blush* He's just so...nice!
    I have a soft spot for Sherlock too, but it's a different kind.

    Oh! You've read the Redwall books too! How jolly. I'm always sad for people that didn't read them.

    Cheers, you wonderful people.