Monday, December 24, 2012


I had to come on a do a quick post to wish all my wonderful followers a Very Merry Christmas!
We've had a very impressive snow storm hit this last week...well, last three days, really. And I think we got three feet in that time.
It wasn't no-stop snow. It was more an hour here and there, and when it came down it meant business.
I took a step outside to shovel the walkway and I came in ladden with snow. :D I might have been outside a grand total of five minutes and...well, here. Take a look.

I have mixed emotions about snow. I love it. I love the way it looks and I really do love the storms that just let loose and blast everything they have down on us. But I wish there was a way I could have all that and not have to shovel. I am not a fan of shoveling. It's hard, tedious work. I guess you have to deal with the good and the bad in these things. It is beautiful.

Anyway, I didn't really mean to come on and tell you about the weather. *Giggle* I'll just leave it at we have the perfect weather for Christmas. *Smile.*

My sisters and I went out last night and caroled. We haven't done it in...years. But it was so fun! We're going to go out again, even if it's just for a little, and sing our hearts out. That's the good thing about big families: you have a home-made choir, quite literally. :)
Then, later on when the littlest members of the family have been tucked into bed, we're going to have mulled wine and read Christmas stories out loud to each other.
Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas? And Christmas Eve might just be the very best part of it all...

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed day tomorrow and I'll talk to you all again soon!

God Bless!

Oh, one more thing. This song is totally PERFECT for Christmas Eve. Please give it a listen, it's really lovely.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This and that...But mostly that.

Christmas is only six days away! Scream with me, people. In a good, happy way. ;)

Okay, I went and saw the Hobbit. *Squeee!* It's awesome. I can't say I was worried that Peter Jackson wouldn't do a good job. But it was sort of relief how good it was! There were a few changes that I was like, *hmmm* about and one or two (maybe three) things I wouldn't have done and I sort of wish Peter Jackson hadn't, either. But otherwise, brilliant. The cast was perfect.

Martin Freeman was Bilbo. He did such a perfect job his roll. I don't think they could have found another person so perfect.
There were a couple parts that stood out in their perfectness, and the whole beginning in Bilbo's hobbit hole was everything I could have hoped for. 
Loved it. 

When wrapping presents or doing crafts, there's nothing quite so nice as listening to some of the Old Time Radio Christmas shows. The era of Radio shows was so neat and some of their stories get more across than the movies of today. One that I really enjoyed was 'The Christmas Carol.'
Scrooge is voiced by this guy:

For those of you who might not know, he's Mr. Potter on "It's a Wonderful Life."

If you'd care to listen to it while you wrap or do crafts click here.The Christmas Carol

I recently saw, "A Princess for Christmas" and thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked it so much that I watched it twice in a week. *Grin*. The ending gets a bit cheesy but otherwise, it was very well done. I like happy, fuzzy stories at Christmastime. 

And something to jump up and down about, Josh Groban has released a single from his upcoming album, All that Echoes. *Jump. jump, jump!* Did you hear that, Peeps? His NEW album which will be released in February!
The single is called, Brave.

And since I'm already on the topic of Josh Groban, you really should watch this. Awesome. <3

Well that's that. God Bless!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I have had a hard time getting into a Christmas mood this year for some reason. I have no idea why.
I love Christmas.
It just has felt like Christmas is really far away.

Has anyone else noticed that there has been a decided lack of overall Christmas-ness this year? Or is that just me?

I mean, other than Christmas things showing up in the stores directly after Halloween, *Snark*  there just hasn't been much in the line of the 'spirit of the season.' 
I went Christmas shopping and no one wished me a Merry Christmas! 

I was like:

Furthermore, there wasn't even a 'happy holidays' or anything. I sort of hate the generic 'happy holidays' line. It's lame. And it feels way too politically correct. *Sneer.*

Pretty much, yeah. ;)

Even still, why is there absolutely no merriness? Or happiness? 

You watch old movies or listen to the old radio shows and people literally shout 'Merry Christmas!' to everyone they come in contact with! And there were always carolers and lights...*sigh.*

This song captures the feeling you should have at Christmas, in my humble opinion. At least, Christmas is pretty much like this at my house! 

I went to the library and checked out pretty much every Christmas book they had. I probably have twenty books, from picture books to decorating books, to the 'Christmas Carol.'

I have never actually read Dicken's 'Christmas Carol' but I want to. 

Christmas books are fantastic to put you back into the right mood. Especially the picture books.

One of my favorites is called 'The Gift of the Magi'-- the one illustrated by P.J. Lynch if possible.

This is such a sweet, lovely story. I cry every time I read it. In a good way, of course! Sad Christmas stories are not my fav. I like to get a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy when I read Christmas stories. This one is perfect for the warm funzzies. :D I mean, take a look at that cover! *Fuzzy!*

Also, 'The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey' is awesome too. Also illustrated by P.J. Lynch. I love that man's illustrations. They are beautiful!

I've read, "The Long Christmas" every year since I was ten or eleven. It's a collection of traditional short stores and some of them are fantastic. You really can't beat Tradition when it comes to Christmas stuff.

Christmas music is absolutely a MUST. Crank it up, please. :) And not that stuff that plays in the stores, either. Real Christmas music. (Do not make my listen to Santa Baby one more time or I might scream. Loudly. In public.)

I think I've posted this song before, but it's one of my absolute favorites. And it's Josh Groban, so...

I think one of the reasons it hasn't felt very Christmas-y to me is we haven't had any snow. I live in a place where the whole 'white Christmas' thing happens pretty much every year. We usually have snow from November to May, minimum. But, besides one little snow storm almost a month ago, it's been clear here. But we got some yesterday! *Hip-hip-hurrah!* And everything seems a little bit better now.

I feel the need to run around and shout, "Merry Christmas!" to the world. I can see myself, a crazed look in my eyes, wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and smiling like a mad person...oh wait...That sounds like...

Perfect. :)


God Bless you all.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's the season...

I have decided, I'd really love to have a room with secret door. Let's make it my future library...sounds like a plan. I mean, after I get my obstacle course up and going, obviously. Or maybe before. Hmmmm. 
                         Can you say, completely and totally awesome? 


I can't believe how fast time is going by. It's already the 5th? Hang on, when did that happen? 20 days until Christmas? Shu-reeek! I've got to get crackin' if I'm going to get all my little Christmas plans together in time!

This is how I feel when the advent wreath comes out.

Christmas traditions are probably my favorite. And one that I've never done before and that I really love, is the tradition of putting a big candle in your window. It's to symbolize guidance to Our Lady and St. Joseph to your home! It's shows they are welcome as they look for shelter. I need to get a great big candle. :D

And to top everything off, tomorrow is St. Nicholas' feast day. St. Nicholas is one of my favorite saints. You can read about the feast day here.

God Bless,