Monday, January 28, 2013

Much ado about Nothing

I really have nothing to say.

You know how sometimes you sit down to write a post...and you just stare at a blank screen for a while before giving up. One of those days where it's like; "I thought I could do a post." *Shrug* "I guess I'll browse pintrest for a while instead."

I'm resisting pintrest. *Pats self on back.*

I'm not in a computer mood right now, actually. I'm in a baking or crafty mood. (I just finished making a batch of muffins and a small pan of brownies.)

I'm also in a slightly violent mood. :D

I enjoy active sports and dabbled ever so slightly in martial arts and fencing for awhile. Unfortunately for the fencing, the teacher moved to Hawaii and that was the end of that.
One of our family friends did a bit of boxing when he was younger, and to my unholy delight, taught me a few combinations. *Pop, pop, BANG!* Which might have been a mistake on his part because I discovered that I really love to hit things. *Nods*

We have a couple of these boxing pads at home, and my sisters and I are enjoying practicing a bit now and again. It does wonders to your mood, people. It makes you feel HAPPY. And it puts a rose to your cheek and adds glitter to your eye! *Grins demonically.* It's ever so fun.

Anyway, for a long time I wanted to draw a picture a girl boxing. But for some reason that pose is very difficult for me. Here's a doodle I did...oh, probably five years ago. *Shu-reeek!* That's quite a while ago, eh? I might have even done it on the side of my algabra...or perhaps it was some research paper notes. Anyway, it's old and battered. It's a trifle terrible, but I have a fondness for it.

This one is a bit more recent. I didn't draw it all by myself. *Blush.* My talented older sister took pity on my frustrated self and did a basic outline, which I then completed. This was about two years ago, I believe. She looks like a cowgirl. Cowgirls are cool.

I want to try again, all by myself and see if I can come up with something nice. :D

Now that I've frightened you all, I shall go.

God Bless!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letter Two

Alright, so letter one went over better than I thought it would. :p So now here's Treskie's response.
I'm working on my next letter and hope to have that one ready to go in about a week. With good luck.


From: Miss Joan McTavish
To: Miss Peggy Douglas
October the twenty fourth, 1924

Dear Peggy

Well... bother the University, anyway.

I had only just heard of your unfortunate situation when your letter arrived via the Eagle Airmail, and I must say: you seem to have the most miserable bad luck. While I know that it's not entirely your fault-- you can't help it when your Powers decide to do the exact opposite of what you wanted them to do-- You might have done a few things to provoke the situation. I mean... TNT? You had TNT in the lab, and you are a Pyro. You should have expected an explosion. You were lucky that the class across the hall from you was training in Aquatics, or you would have been in more trouble.
And as for the purple-water-incident... I was there, remember? An entire fortnight of purple water spewing from the faucets is enough to put anyone out of sorts. It was just unfortunate that it stained skin a sort of mauve. (While I felt sorry for most of those people who were showering at the time, I still insist that Charlotte Ramsby had it coming. I'd never met someone so obsessed about her complexion!)
As far as I know, the Board of Magics is right. Some people are born with the Talent, but need a wand to make use of their Powers. You, however, have never needed one before, so I don't believe that is your problem. I really wouldn't recommend breaking into a heavily guarded government building. Not that good of an idea, dear. I'll do a bit of research at the library and see if I can figure out anything about your condition. It is baffling.

My placement went better than I had expected. I took the exam I've been planning on.... the one which would qualify me for any branch of the government requiring the skill sets I've acquired over my lifetime.... and I passed! I received the A mark, which means I'll be following in my parents' footsteps in security and espionage, but I've decided to wait a few years for the espionage as I have been offered the job of being part of the Prince George's security detail. Father's best friend is Chief of Security, so that's good. (I suppose being raised by spies did have it's ups. I've been trained in self-defense and stealth since I could walk, so Uni really only helped me with controlling and strengthening my Powers. Everything else, I'd learned by the time I was twelve.)
Did you know that graduating from certain classes at Uni gives you a title? I've earned the badge of Master Assassin. I find that to be a bit ridiculous. Assassins haven't been used since the Great War, when that vile usurper, Sir John Monreau, attempted to take over the throne. And that was ages ago. I told the school board that I really did not need to have a title but they merely informed me that it was an honor that could not be refused. Rubbish. What they really meant was that I have no choice but to add the two letters M.A. to the end of my name the same way doctors add Ph.D. to theirs. Father says he's proud to have his daughter earn the Master Assassin title, because it means I have the best training England can offer. I still don't like it.
Don't misunderstand me, Peggy. I am flattered to know that I possess the same skill sets as the famous Assassins. But really. I don't want people to think of me as one. Would you? I do not want to go around signing my name as Joan MacTavish, M.A. It's too absurd.
Anyway, I'm staying with Mum and Father for a few days. The interview for my job was yesterday, and I've been officially hired on the Palace Guard. (though, why they call it Palace Guard, I don't know. Most of the time the Royal Family stay at their mansion, and leave the care of the country to Parliament. Sillies) I don't start until Monday, so I have the weekend to myself. Which is lovely, aside from the boredom. Mum said it's good because I ought to rest up. But after going to University for six years, and being used to the Attack and Self-defense class which we had four times a week, resting up does get rather tedious. (Those were my favorite classes you know. I loved the adrenaline rush.)

Your new flat sounds brilliant though. I do love a good library! (However, fifteen flights up without a lift is a bit excessive, even for me.) And you really ought to know me better than to think I would be disappointed in you. You nutter. Sometimes I wish my good fortune would leak over to you. You deserve it after this mess. I hope it rains and rains so that you can dress up in as many coats and scarves as you wish.

I'm off then. Father wants me to prove to him that the Pythagorus Technique really does work on men as well as women. I just hope I'm not so rough that I pull his shoulder out of joint like last time.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

The letter game

My sister and I have been toying with the idea of doing a letter game for quite a while. Treskie suggested doing it between our blogs and I thought that was such a cool idea that I was like, "Totally! Let's do this thing!"
And then we nodded and put if off for a few months. *Grin.*

The longer we waited, the more nervous I got about it. I mean, if we start a letter game and post them, we'll have to finish it! *Gasp.* Finish something I start? Can it be done?

The evil little voice in my head insists that this is going to end in disaster.

Hey-ho! We're going to do it anyway.

So how this is going to work is, (and bear with me, here. It might be confusing,) I will send my letter to Treskie and she'll post it on her blog as if she received it, (which she did.) and then she'll send me her response letter and I'll post hers on my blog. Capisce?
Back and forth we'll go, hopefully creating a brilliant story.

We'll add a 'letter game' page to our blogs and sort of archive our letters in one spot so it will be easier to follow as it goes on.

The general idea is to tie the stories together as we go along, so by the time the letter game ends, it's one story.

It begins. Go over to Treskie's blog for the first letter!

*Fingers Crossed* Here's hoping that this will be awesome!

God Bless.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In a mood..

Every now and then I get into a romantic, bbc peroid mood. It doesn't happen so very often, but when it does, I sort of watch them like crazy. :D I love the costumes and the hairstyles and the lovely conversations.
(One day I shall do my hair just like this.)

I would love to have the opportunity to dress up in such cloths and sweep around the landscape on a very windy day...

Actually, every time I watch one, I'm rather thankful that I wasn't born in that time frame. I am not a social person--I get self conscious and awkward in public. I believe I'd be uncomfortable if I was expected to be all out-going and mingle with rich people in hopes of making a good match. *Shudder*

Or I might be poor. And that would sort of stink.

But anyway.

There are a few BBC actors that I really, really love. Now I'm going to get a little fan-girly. This is unusual for me, I swear! *Blush*

I'm just in that mood.

Richard Armitage.
He is such a good actor! The first time I 'saw' him was in Captain America which I don't think really counts. But everyone made a big deal about the fact that it was Richard Armitage and I was like, "He's not that great. I don't get it."
Then I watched North and South and I understood. *Grin.* He was cool. Very Cool.
(Love. That. Hat.)

I also love Brendan Coyle. There is something about this fellow...he must never play a bad guy. I wont believe it. He's too nice looking. Here meaning that he just looks nice. I actually don't know if I liked his character more than Mr. Thorton's or not. It's a pretty even tie.

He just looks like the sort of fellow you would trust instantly. I think it's the happy lines around his eyes that does it. I like him.

Matthew Macfadyen. I loved him in Pride and Prejudice and he was the reason I watched the 6 hour long Little Dorrit. He is cool.

(Yes, People, Mr. Darcy is a time traveler. How else did he get his hands on the cell phone?)

I just watched the 2007 Persuasion--I enjoyed it. It was fun, but I felt it was sort of wasted. I mean, the characters were great, the story is very good, but they didn't develop it as well as they could have. The ending wasn't as satisfying as it should have been.
But I now know of Rupert Penry-Jones. Yes, his name, unfortunately is Rupert. 

I would watch Persuasion again just for this fellow. *Nods* My little sister has informed me that he was deadly dull. I disagree. He was just another one of those silent, serious bbc guys. :D

He plays in a movie called, "the 39 Steps" and I want to see it. So, so much!

I have no idea if it's any good. I'd have to check the rating and all that. But it certainly looks good. 

And check it out! It has the pig-man from Little Dorrit in it!

Right. I can't believe I just rambled on like this. It's obviously very late. *Grin.* I promise it wont happen again. 

Well...I really can't promise that it wont happen again. But I will make sure to space it!

Oh, before I go, this is probably my favorite Mumford and Sons song. Just to finish this post of with a touch more interest. 

God Bless!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

One of those random posts.

I am reading a book called, "The Prisoner of Cell 25" and I am rather disappointed with it. The idea is brilliant, but I don't care for the characters very much and it's dragging right in the middle.
I might not finish it. I think the most important thing about any story is whether the characters are good or not. If I love the characters, even if the story is lame, I will still finish it. But if I don't like the characters, no mater how awesome the plot is, I get bored.

I made tons of cookies last weekend and my sisters and I had fun decorating them. I love sugar cookies but I don't make them very often because most recipes need the dough to chill for at least an hour and I'm the sort of person that hates to wait for my cookie dough to chill. :D But I bit the bullet and did it.
They were very yummy.

I used this recipe for the cookies.
And this one for the frosting.

I am really adicted to the TV show, "White Collar" right now.

Peter Burke is the best.

(I feel the need to mention that this show is usually very clean, but every now and then they through in some innuendo and not-so-good-stuff so just be cautions if you decide to watch them.)

I found this video pretty cool.

I've loved the idea of hairstick-daggers for quite a long time but I don't think people actually make them. I wonder why that is?
This isn't a hairstick but it is a dagger. How cool is that? I don't usually wear barrettes, but I'd make an exception for this. You can buy it HERE. It's lovely.

Isn't this song just beautiful?

God Bless!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hoot-hoot to 2013!

I will admit, I am so ready for the new year. 2012 wasn't all that fantastic for me and I shall be glad to see the back of it. I might have pinned too many hopes on it, or maybe I just thought the number 2012 would be my lucky number, but it let me down rather and I'm welcoming 2013 with open arms. Sort of like, "Alright, 2013, let's see what you've got to offer." :D
This is my general feelings toward 2012.

Even still, I always feel a little bit sad about the end of the year. It's like when you finish a book, and the story is just...done. That's how I feel when I look back. There are always things I sort of wish I had done or things I wish I hadn't. But either way, the year is done and that's that.

I like to look at the start of the new year. It's nice to look forward at a whole year that hasn't been touched yet and know that everything is still possible for it. You still have time to accomplish everything you hope to.

With that thought in mind, I've decided to create a 'bucket' list for this year. I have lots of little things that I want to try and do and some big things that I should do.
I do love lists.
I've been mulling over some things in my head to put on this list and I have a feeling it's going to be a mish-mash of useful and not so useful things. For instance, I've always wanted to order a starbucks under a different name...and maybe with a different accent. I just have never had the guts to do it. I chicken out at the register. So that will be one the list. :p
I'm thinking about taking an acting class. I've wanted to for a long time, but again, I never have to guts to do it. But maybe this year...
I want to learn how to pick a lock.
My flute has been neglected and I want to see if I can practice it every day for a year. And I need to get more serious with my singing.

I've never done a bucket list before and I'm looking forward to giving myself a bit a challenge.
I am the sort of person that loves to do things but hardly ever follow through. Here's hoping that I'll be better this year!

Mostly, I just want to learn to trust God more and try harder to do what He wants me to do, and not what I want to do. God has given me this new year and blessed my life with so many things, so it's up to me to use them well.

Happy New Year!

God Bless!