Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In a mood..

Every now and then I get into a romantic, bbc peroid mood. It doesn't happen so very often, but when it does, I sort of watch them like crazy. :D I love the costumes and the hairstyles and the lovely conversations.
(One day I shall do my hair just like this.)

I would love to have the opportunity to dress up in such cloths and sweep around the landscape on a very windy day...

Actually, every time I watch one, I'm rather thankful that I wasn't born in that time frame. I am not a social person--I get self conscious and awkward in public. I believe I'd be uncomfortable if I was expected to be all out-going and mingle with rich people in hopes of making a good match. *Shudder*

Or I might be poor. And that would sort of stink.

But anyway.

There are a few BBC actors that I really, really love. Now I'm going to get a little fan-girly. This is unusual for me, I swear! *Blush*

I'm just in that mood.

Richard Armitage.
He is such a good actor! The first time I 'saw' him was in Captain America which I don't think really counts. But everyone made a big deal about the fact that it was Richard Armitage and I was like, "He's not that great. I don't get it."
Then I watched North and South and I understood. *Grin.* He was cool. Very Cool.
(Love. That. Hat.)

I also love Brendan Coyle. There is something about this fellow...he must never play a bad guy. I wont believe it. He's too nice looking. Here meaning that he just looks nice. I actually don't know if I liked his character more than Mr. Thorton's or not. It's a pretty even tie.

He just looks like the sort of fellow you would trust instantly. I think it's the happy lines around his eyes that does it. I like him.

Matthew Macfadyen. I loved him in Pride and Prejudice and he was the reason I watched the 6 hour long Little Dorrit. He is cool.

(Yes, People, Mr. Darcy is a time traveler. How else did he get his hands on the cell phone?)

I just watched the 2007 Persuasion--I enjoyed it. It was fun, but I felt it was sort of wasted. I mean, the characters were great, the story is very good, but they didn't develop it as well as they could have. The ending wasn't as satisfying as it should have been.
But I now know of Rupert Penry-Jones. Yes, his name, unfortunately is Rupert. 

I would watch Persuasion again just for this fellow. *Nods* My little sister has informed me that he was deadly dull. I disagree. He was just another one of those silent, serious bbc guys. :D

He plays in a movie called, "the 39 Steps" and I want to see it. So, so much!

I have no idea if it's any good. I'd have to check the rating and all that. But it certainly looks good. 

And check it out! It has the pig-man from Little Dorrit in it!

Right. I can't believe I just rambled on like this. It's obviously very late. *Grin.* I promise it wont happen again. 

Well...I really can't promise that it wont happen again. But I will make sure to space it!

Oh, before I go, this is probably my favorite Mumford and Sons song. Just to finish this post of with a touch more interest. 

God Bless!


  1. lol.... I actually think you'd look better in that Hairstyle than Kiera Knightly did.

    We have those cliffs up by Eagle Falls. What say you? Let's go. lol

    Richard Armitage is BRILLIANT and I love him.

    I also love that Happy lined fellow

    Matthew Macfadyen is a good actor. Very nice in li'l dorrit

    I still say he was deadly dull. I mean.... he might not b in 39 Steps..... but we was DEADLY dull in Persuasion. :D

  2. I love BBC so much :) It has the best shows and the best actors. I'd actually love to see North and South again. I dunno what it is, but lately I've been wanting to see BBC Drama. And Watch lots of Merlin. Amy, come to the Dark side. We have Merlin. If you come... *Evil smile* Everything will change.

    God Bless

    PS - Have you finished "White Collar yet?

  3. I haven't even seen Little Dorrit, and thanks to you and Treskie, I will always think of that man as the Pig Man.

    I think Captain America was the first time I saw Richard Armitage too, but he looked so unlike himself in it, that at first, I didn't believe it was the same man who played Thornton.

    I tend to be highly dubious of film adaptions of The 39 Steps. Like Kidnapped, people can't seem to leave the plot alone and just give it to us straight. I do have to admit, however, that Rupert Penry-Jones does look the part of Richard Hannay. (Poor man, he sounds like a P. G. Wodehouse character.)

  4. Aww, thank you, Treskie. :D

    I'd love to go stand on the edge of a cliff! Maybe after some of the snow melts, though.

    And no. Not. Deadly. Dull.

    I know, Bella. BBC has so many awesome show! I will watch Merlin at some point. I just am in the middle of a couple shows right now and want to finish up with them before I get busy with a new one.

    Marhi, I think you'd like Little Dorrit. It's fun to watch. And that fellow does a very good job as the 'pig-man' ;)


  5. The 39 Steps looks exciting! I might have to look and see if it is any good. (It has an old plane in it! That has something going for it...)

    I think the Doctor must have stopped by to see Darcy and Arthur. That would explain the cell phone and Arthur's computer and head phones. (And how he knows of You're the Voice song.)

    Thornton. Nothing more I can add. North and South would put anyone in a romantic mood.

    I'm going to go ahead and add my two cents. :D

    Thank you for the comment! I was glad to hear you like my blog - I really enjoy yours and it is always nice to know one of your favourite bloggers likes yours back. (Also, you quoted Tintin, which is always cool)
    Aye, there is a lot lacking in small talk. It drives me crazy. I'd rather talk about books or movies or interesting things.

    Aye, I get to do some interesting people watching at work, and I always feel like Sherlock. When I've got things from them I want to ask them how close I am - but I don't think they'd like it.

    Very good point on kid's books. I hadn't realized that till you said it, but it is true. The same way with adult. Kids books are filled with impossible adventures which only kids can believe. A few young adult books do the same, but by then it is starting to get more real. Then by the time you get to adult books most of the adventures are real life. Not fun. I'd rather keep visiting Narnia and dragons and Alien planets and flying about in airships with North and Jack Frost. (I knew there was something dull sounding about growing up.)

    Oh, you've no idea how much I wish to meet you all! You and your sisters always seem to have the jolliest adventures and I always wish I could tag along for some of them. We shall all have to meet someday and go on some crazy adventure, and then out for tea. *Grin*

  6. Aak! I love Frederick Wentworth! He's my favoritest Austen hero. <3 And Rupert is my favorite actor to play him. (much better than the one from the 90's)

    Dull?????? *cries* That makes me very sad. *sniffle* How could anyone (eh-hem...Treskie) call him dull??? Okay..I'll move on...maybe.... *grin*

    I first saw the very cool Richard Armitage in the (dreadful!) BBC Robin Hood series. He and Will Scarlet were the only reasons I watched them as much as I did. He was an *excellent* Guy of Guisborne...then I saw him in N&S, CA...and then The Hobbit. *huge grin* he actually made me LIKE Thorin! *gasp*

    Okay....I'm done now. :) Lovely post. Sorry for the extremely random comment - I don't think I've commented before... :-/ I read your blog, though! :D

    ~Anna Grace

  7. I would like to see the 39 Steps. I loved the book, and the movie looks pretty good!

    I also want to watch M15, to get to Series (I believe it's) Seven, so I can watch RICHARD ARMITAGE IN ACTION!!! *fangirling*

  8. Thanks, Jack. That was such a fun comment. :D

    Anna Grace...Hello!
    I know, I really loved Fredrick Wentworth. He was lovely. *Eyeballs Treskie disapprovingly.* Some people have no taste. lol.

    Cat, we must find the 39 steps and watch it! Soon! *Grin*
    MI6? Count me it...*Grabs popcorn*