Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letter Two

Alright, so letter one went over better than I thought it would. :p So now here's Treskie's response.
I'm working on my next letter and hope to have that one ready to go in about a week. With good luck.


From: Miss Joan McTavish
To: Miss Peggy Douglas
October the twenty fourth, 1924

Dear Peggy

Well... bother the University, anyway.

I had only just heard of your unfortunate situation when your letter arrived via the Eagle Airmail, and I must say: you seem to have the most miserable bad luck. While I know that it's not entirely your fault-- you can't help it when your Powers decide to do the exact opposite of what you wanted them to do-- You might have done a few things to provoke the situation. I mean... TNT? You had TNT in the lab, and you are a Pyro. You should have expected an explosion. You were lucky that the class across the hall from you was training in Aquatics, or you would have been in more trouble.
And as for the purple-water-incident... I was there, remember? An entire fortnight of purple water spewing from the faucets is enough to put anyone out of sorts. It was just unfortunate that it stained skin a sort of mauve. (While I felt sorry for most of those people who were showering at the time, I still insist that Charlotte Ramsby had it coming. I'd never met someone so obsessed about her complexion!)
As far as I know, the Board of Magics is right. Some people are born with the Talent, but need a wand to make use of their Powers. You, however, have never needed one before, so I don't believe that is your problem. I really wouldn't recommend breaking into a heavily guarded government building. Not that good of an idea, dear. I'll do a bit of research at the library and see if I can figure out anything about your condition. It is baffling.

My placement went better than I had expected. I took the exam I've been planning on.... the one which would qualify me for any branch of the government requiring the skill sets I've acquired over my lifetime.... and I passed! I received the A mark, which means I'll be following in my parents' footsteps in security and espionage, but I've decided to wait a few years for the espionage as I have been offered the job of being part of the Prince George's security detail. Father's best friend is Chief of Security, so that's good. (I suppose being raised by spies did have it's ups. I've been trained in self-defense and stealth since I could walk, so Uni really only helped me with controlling and strengthening my Powers. Everything else, I'd learned by the time I was twelve.)
Did you know that graduating from certain classes at Uni gives you a title? I've earned the badge of Master Assassin. I find that to be a bit ridiculous. Assassins haven't been used since the Great War, when that vile usurper, Sir John Monreau, attempted to take over the throne. And that was ages ago. I told the school board that I really did not need to have a title but they merely informed me that it was an honor that could not be refused. Rubbish. What they really meant was that I have no choice but to add the two letters M.A. to the end of my name the same way doctors add Ph.D. to theirs. Father says he's proud to have his daughter earn the Master Assassin title, because it means I have the best training England can offer. I still don't like it.
Don't misunderstand me, Peggy. I am flattered to know that I possess the same skill sets as the famous Assassins. But really. I don't want people to think of me as one. Would you? I do not want to go around signing my name as Joan MacTavish, M.A. It's too absurd.
Anyway, I'm staying with Mum and Father for a few days. The interview for my job was yesterday, and I've been officially hired on the Palace Guard. (though, why they call it Palace Guard, I don't know. Most of the time the Royal Family stay at their mansion, and leave the care of the country to Parliament. Sillies) I don't start until Monday, so I have the weekend to myself. Which is lovely, aside from the boredom. Mum said it's good because I ought to rest up. But after going to University for six years, and being used to the Attack and Self-defense class which we had four times a week, resting up does get rather tedious. (Those were my favorite classes you know. I loved the adrenaline rush.)

Your new flat sounds brilliant though. I do love a good library! (However, fifteen flights up without a lift is a bit excessive, even for me.) And you really ought to know me better than to think I would be disappointed in you. You nutter. Sometimes I wish my good fortune would leak over to you. You deserve it after this mess. I hope it rains and rains so that you can dress up in as many coats and scarves as you wish.

I'm off then. Father wants me to prove to him that the Pythagorus Technique really does work on men as well as women. I just hope I'm not so rough that I pull his shoulder out of joint like last time.



  1. I'd like to know, second-hand of course, how it FEELS to have one's shoulder pulled out of it's socket. It's a passing wish.

    Nice second letter! I likes it. Looking forward to the next one. :)

  2. I liked it!!! Well done and very well written. I like both of the characters a lot.

    Isn't it annoying when characters fall in love behind your back? Mine like to do that. I insist it isn't going to be romantic and they go and fall in love.

    I think I like the kind of romance you do. Where it happens, like in Seraphina and Howl's Moving Castle. it is sweeter and more fun that way.

  3. Oh my goodness, how wonderful! I adore this, and I'm not even sure I know what it is yet.

    Firstly, I love writing letters, so this is right up my alley, and secondly, this letter is jam-packed with all sorts of fun information about -- pretty much everything. So much fabulous detail.

    Love it!

  4. I'm absolutely loving it! Keenly awaiting more. My one issue is this: are these characters figments of your imaginations, or ones from pre-existing stories or books? Please keep at it!

  5. Hi Treskie. This is fun. And still a bit terrifying.

    Aww, thanks, Cat.

    It is very annoying to have characters that decide to do their own thing, Jack. I do wonder if it will be easier for me to write romance AFTER I actually have some romance in my life. lol. As it is, I'm just sort of guessing.
    I'm glad you're liking the stories. :D

    Hi Clair. Thanks for commenting and hello!
    Letters are fun. I prefer them like this...all made-up stuff. ;)

    Hello, Rose. Thank-ee!
    These characters are figments of our imaginations. :D
    We got the idea from a book called, "Sorcery and Cecilia."