Monday, January 28, 2013

Much ado about Nothing

I really have nothing to say.

You know how sometimes you sit down to write a post...and you just stare at a blank screen for a while before giving up. One of those days where it's like; "I thought I could do a post." *Shrug* "I guess I'll browse pintrest for a while instead."

I'm resisting pintrest. *Pats self on back.*

I'm not in a computer mood right now, actually. I'm in a baking or crafty mood. (I just finished making a batch of muffins and a small pan of brownies.)

I'm also in a slightly violent mood. :D

I enjoy active sports and dabbled ever so slightly in martial arts and fencing for awhile. Unfortunately for the fencing, the teacher moved to Hawaii and that was the end of that.
One of our family friends did a bit of boxing when he was younger, and to my unholy delight, taught me a few combinations. *Pop, pop, BANG!* Which might have been a mistake on his part because I discovered that I really love to hit things. *Nods*

We have a couple of these boxing pads at home, and my sisters and I are enjoying practicing a bit now and again. It does wonders to your mood, people. It makes you feel HAPPY. And it puts a rose to your cheek and adds glitter to your eye! *Grins demonically.* It's ever so fun.

Anyway, for a long time I wanted to draw a picture a girl boxing. But for some reason that pose is very difficult for me. Here's a doodle I did...oh, probably five years ago. *Shu-reeek!* That's quite a while ago, eh? I might have even done it on the side of my algabra...or perhaps it was some research paper notes. Anyway, it's old and battered. It's a trifle terrible, but I have a fondness for it.

This one is a bit more recent. I didn't draw it all by myself. *Blush.* My talented older sister took pity on my frustrated self and did a basic outline, which I then completed. This was about two years ago, I believe. She looks like a cowgirl. Cowgirls are cool.

I want to try again, all by myself and see if I can come up with something nice. :D

Now that I've frightened you all, I shall go.

God Bless!


  1. You're so funny, Panda! Isn't it awful having uninspired days? I wonder why that happens?

  2. hahahahaaaa.......haahahhaaaaa......HAAAAAAAA! Loved the post Pandi! Actually now I too feel in the mood to go punch something and try it out! :-D.....After a few muffins, of course! When shall I cime over? grin! Love ya! Gina

  3. PopBANG popBANG!

    LOL your pinterest comment maketh me giggle.

    I love those punching mitts. They's KEWL.

  4. I love it when you ramble. Your posts always help me laugh

  5. Boxing would be a fun sport. When one got irritated they could go pound the stuffings out of a punching bag, like Rodgers. know, they could pretend. Because this is Rodgers. Not many can punch like him.

    I don't really like really long series too. I like it if there is more then one book if the characters are good, but not for one to go on and on. I get baord after awhile.

    One should expect a lot from heroes. They are heroes after all. Heroes don't get to be heroes by being just...there. They have to stand out. Have to be dashing and wonderful and heroic and do the right thing when it is hard and excel to something grand and be worthy of our swoons and happy sighs and stalkings. (Doctor...)
    So yes, heroes should be great. *Nods firmly.*

  6. Well, thank you, everyone! I seem to have made a lot of you laugh...I'm glad. I didn't really mean to be funny this time but I'm glad I was! :D

    Hello, Gina! It's been a while since you commented. *Waves* I'll put the kettle on, come right over! What CD would you like to listen to while we sip our tea? :)

    Oh, good point, Jack. I never thought about pretending to be Rodger. It would be cool to punch like him...though I bet it's a bother to have to keep replacing the bag. Not to mention how many times you'd have to sweep the floor.
    Yeah, I'm definitely tired of the sub-par heroes in books and movies. *Sigh* Did you watch the Green lantern? Well don't. It was very lame and he was NOT a hero at all in my opinion.
    The Doctor on the other hand...*Smile.*

    Thank you all for the comments! *Hugs!*


  7. Sadly, I did see The Green Lantern. I kept going, "He's supposed to be the hero?!" 8-P

    My dad knows all kinds of old TV shows. I am glad he has been hunting them down because I have a ton of fun watching them. I don't like many modern day ones, and Columbo is one of the best I've seen.

    It is a shame he isn't better known. The show was really good.

    Aye, someone told me not very long ago that he is the grandpa in the Princess Bride. I squealed. I love it when actors I like are in movies I like.