Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Music!

Music is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. I just Love music. I listen to lots of different kinds of music, but my favorite is probably classical crossover type music. Like Josh Groban and Hayley Westenra. At least once a year I get a bit desperate for some new music. I want to hear new stuff. I want to add to my repertoire. Youtube becomes a very good friend. :-) (Guilty pleasure: I can just sit and watch people sing for hours if I'm not careful!) And sometimes I strike gold.  Here are a few new albums that I have just recently discovered. One of my sisters broke down and bought them and I've been on a music high!
First, there's 'Camilla Kerslake.' I've posted one of her songs on here before. She has an amazing voice. It's so pure and clear. Her version of "SHE MOVED THROUGH THE FAIR" is really lovely. She does a song called "Balulalow" which is quickly becoming a favorite. The tune is really pretty and there are a bunch of unexpected high notes which I really go for! I actually don't think there's one song on this album that I don't like. It's all really beautiful. She sings songs that really suit her voice.
Then there's 'Sara Kempe-Let me Fly.' This album has a very traditional feel. There are vaguely celticy a good way. Sometimes
the whole 'celtic' thing gets a little cheesey sounding. Here it is just pretty. She sings 'Time after Time,' 'Feilds of Gold,'  'Chasing Cars,'...they are all really lovely. Her voice is a little on the lower side which I really like and there is a lightness about her singing that I love. :-) HERE'S a sneek peek at her album.

And last but not least, there's "Faryl- Wonderland." I have Faryl Smith's first album and it's very nice. And I think her second album is even better. One song in particular is awesome. It's called "SOMEWHERE FAR AWAY" In my opinion it's the best song on the whole album. I can't decide which of these albums is my favorite. I don't know if I could ever pick one. :-)
On top of these new albums, Hayley Westenra will be releasing her new album, "Paradiso" in September. It's so exciting! :-)  I love to have music to look forward to.
Take care, everybody.
God Bless