Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's the season...

I have decided, I'd really love to have a room with secret door. Let's make it my future library...sounds like a plan. I mean, after I get my obstacle course up and going, obviously. Or maybe before. Hmmmm. 
                         Can you say, completely and totally awesome? 


I can't believe how fast time is going by. It's already the 5th? Hang on, when did that happen? 20 days until Christmas? Shu-reeek! I've got to get crackin' if I'm going to get all my little Christmas plans together in time!

This is how I feel when the advent wreath comes out.

Christmas traditions are probably my favorite. And one that I've never done before and that I really love, is the tradition of putting a big candle in your window. It's to symbolize guidance to Our Lady and St. Joseph to your home! It's shows they are welcome as they look for shelter. I need to get a great big candle. :D

And to top everything off, tomorrow is St. Nicholas' feast day. St. Nicholas is one of my favorite saints. You can read about the feast day here.

God Bless,


  1. Exciting!

    I am like you, I watch the BBC period dramas rather then read them. Then I can see Thornton...

    I hope to decorate soon. I would like to go slow, but this year I doubt I shall have time so it will be late and I plan to leave them up late.

  2. I want one! "It's bigger on the inside!" Ehem... sort of. Either way I want them. A hidden room behind books? HELLO, Awesomness has landed.

    Christmas traditions--and basically everything about Christmas is spectacular. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    God Bless