Friday, November 2, 2012

Nano and Altoids.

I have done it. I am doing NaNoWriMo-National Novel Writing Month. The month where crazy people like myself take on the challenge of writing 50,000 words in 30 days...armed only with coffee and chocolate. I tell you this so that if my posting slows down a little you will understand why. I am hoping to keep up with my blog, I might be a bit distracted. And I think I'm gonna take a break from the Saturday Style posts until December.

My sister found this cool website called The Art of Manliness and I think it's awesome! I've spent waaaay too much time reading and browsing through this site-under the pretext of research for my book, obviously. ( My book is not about manliness. There's just some useful information there!)
The thing that caught my attention the longest was this post on Altoids Boxes. 22 ways to reuse an Altoids tin. Need I say more? I am strongly fighting the urge to go buy 22 tins of altoids to try out all the ideas. But I do have one tin already and I just need to decided which project to do first...Ooooo! Choices. *Browses through the list.*
Urban Survival Kit, *Oh that's a must!*
First Aid Kit, *That is useful*
 Portable BBQ Stove...*NO WAY! That's feakin' awesome!*
Isn't it kinda sad that these sort of things excite me more than...well...almost anything?

I'm off to finish my word count for the day! Talk to youse all later.
God Bless


  1. OOoh, a first aid kit! That sounds like the FIRST must-do with your altoid tin!

    Cheers on your "This-is-not-a-hacking-story" story! :)

  2. Welcome to Hermits United! What is your word count?

  3. COOL!!!!!!! I want a TARDIS altoid :)

    God Bless

  4. Hi Katrina!
    I know, the first aid kit is cool. But I think I'm gonna go with the Urban survival kit. :)

    Hey, Jack! Hurray for Hermits United!My word count just hit 7000. I'm happy with that. :)

    Hi, Bella. *Waves* You should invent your own little altoid TARDIS. That would be cool.

  5. I am that way when it comes to book as well. I want to skip the beginning usually and just read the middle. The middle has all the fun things in it!

    Thank you! I am very glad you like the book cover! (Aye, bomber jackets, yes. I agree with you on them.)

    (Paper and I are friends too. I own a Nook, but there is just something about paper I shall always love. The smell, the fell, the thickness. So lovely and such a nice way to read)