Thursday, February 28, 2013

Farewell to February.

It's the last day of February, People! Well, golly-dang, this month was pretty much gone in a blink! And I'm like, "Wait a second! I'm still working on my New Years bucket list!" *Blush.* Yeah...

This is a rather perfect description of February. (If you've never seen the Pirates of Penzance, you should really get a copy and watch it. It is hilarious.)
No copyright infringement intended. Link to original video here.

Actually, February has been a rather pleasant month. It's even been sunny.


This is really just a quick post to promise you all that the next installment of the letter game will, AND I PROMISE, be posted tomorrow. *Nods firmly.*

So stay tuned. (Cause I know you're all secretly dying to read the next letter, right? Good.)

Goodbye, February. You were swell. And I really do mean that. You impressed me with how un-February-ish you were. So thank you.

Hello, March. You have many nice things to offer. Mainly, Easter. Looking good, my friend. Please, oh please, do something exciting for me, eh? I'd appreciate it. Exciting, not inconvenient, capice?

Oh, don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't already. Time is almost up! *Wink*

And now, because one cannot simply do a goodbye to February post without posting this song, I give you....*Drum roll*....Josh Groban's February Song! Like, duh. :D

I love this song so much. The lyrics are just fantastic...*Sigh.*

Cheerio, my good people!

God Bless,


  1. Hehehe... Twenty-eight days as a rule ARE plenty. :D

    And of course. Josh. Perfect song!

  2. Glad February is over. it was like heck for me. :( I hope March is a much happier and fun month for all of us.

  3. I love that song. So beautiful. I am a huge Josh Groban fan, as your sis Treskie knows. ;)

  4. Hehe, glad you enjoyed that, Treskie.

    Oh, I'm sorry that February was lousy for you, Hilda. That stinks. Hope that March makes up for it. :)

    Hello, Grace.
    That's one of my favorite Josh songs. I have so many 'favorites' though! He's awesome.


  5. *Beastly* month, heh heh. I love that song. It was beastly too. No snow, and much vacillating betwixt bitter cold and spring-time, which was a sair disappointment to me.

  6. aw thanks Amy. I hope so too.:)