Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Style

I just re-wrote the beginning of this post three times. I can't seem to get it off to a good start. It's a bit frustrating.

It could because I'm trying to write this while I'm watching Gus walks into a of my favorite Psych episodes. 

But anyway.

The sewing project that I am actually very fond of~

We had an umbrella that was a beautiful shade of green. But it broke.

Being an inspired and brilliant person, I thought, "Hey! This fabric would make a great skirt!" be honest, Treskie was the one that said, "Hey! Amy, this would make a great skirt!" I'm always one to give credit where credit is due.

The umbrella was very large. Large enough to make two skirts. Here's the sections that I had already seam ripped into the proper proportions.

My greatest friends during this project.

So here's just some of the pictures of the process.

That extra material is what I used for the waistband and pockets.

The hem was tricky. But I did it! *Grin*

"Look at how much fun I'm having!" 

Sewing isn't really one of my favorite things. I do a project here and there, but mostly I get burned out quickly when I sit at the machine. *Grin* But sometimes its just worth it.

My little Mummy is a great sport whenever I get the urge, and she's ever so helpful. She is a really good seamstress and helps me figure out the hard parts. Sure,she laughs at my mistakes, and she threatens to poke me with the pins as she helps fit the pockets and such, but she really is the best. :)  
And for the record, she's never really stuck me with a pin.

I love the skirt. It's basically a hiking skirt-it's light, it's durable and it's perfect. I want to make another skirt with the other half of the umbrella. Tweak a few things...use a better zipper than the one I put on mine...and maybe give it to Treskie. I don't know. It was her idea after all.

Also, making this skirt brought on the idea of 'tent' skirts. How cool would that be? Imagine being able to turn your skirt into a tent! I love the idea, you guys! I'm just not sure how to make something like that. It would just be a cool survival feature. In case of the zombie apocalypse, you know. The houses are blown up, there's mass destruction, danger, danger, danger! But you are prepared. Because your skirt is your shelter. Epic.

Now I sound like Shawn. I've definitely been watching too much Psych.

I will leave you with this weirdness. And also this song. 

I just discovered Peter Hollens on youtube and you all should totally check out his music. It's beautiful! And I'm not usually a fan of 'Shenandoah.'


God Bless


  1. I never would have thought to turn a broken umbrella into a skirt. That's genius. I also totally agree with the tent-skirt idea. Must be invented. Total must-have for the apocalypse. (Also, my Mum HAS stuck me with a pin before. Though on accident.) :)

  2. That is such a brilliant idea! There have been a lot of umbrellas I have seen with colors or prints that would make great skirts. And now I'm listening to your video and am liking Shenandoah (which I usually don't). Never heard of that singer before, but he's good!

  3. Hi, Mime! I know, I should draw up some prototypes or something. :) It would be so cool.

    Aww, I'm glad you like that song too, Elizabeth. I usually find that song so boring. But he *does* have a really beautiful voice. I've been stalking his youtube channel. S'true! *Grin*

  4. My sister and I made a skirt out of a flat sheet once, but you have over done yourself! Great, amazing, cool, wonderful idea!

  5. Very nice!!! You're quite good with the sewing machine. I should kidnap you and get your help with trailer and cover costumes for my books.

    Oh yes!!! I am excited for Doctor Who now as well. I was crushed that MS was leaving and then panicked because they all said there was a good chance 12 would be a girl. So, when I saw he was a he I was so happy I didn't care what he was like. But the more interviews I read and the more I see him the more I'm convinced he's going to be an amazing Doctor. I can breathe again.

  6. Thanks so much! I've actually made a skirt out of a sheet once myself. I like using unusual fabric. :) Thanks for commenting.

    Hey Jack.
    I'm not as good with The Machine at these pictures make me look. *Smirk*
    Though, it would be fun to help make costumes. Costumes are brilliant. :)


  7. I love that - it's gorgeous! I do not use our Machine nearly enough - but I would love to make a skirt or similar! Amy, you have inspired me! :D

  8. Thanks, Emily. :) I'm still trying to decide if I like the big pockets on it or not. I'm going back and forth between leaving them and ripping them off. lol. I'm always like that with cloths I've made.