Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blog ALL the things!


I feel like I should apologize.

I feel like I should have some really good reasons why I haven't been blogging.

I feel like I'm falling down on the blogging job.

 But then I tell myself. "Hey! This is my blog. I'm suppose to have freedom with it...er, right?"

So I wont apologize.

*Cough, cough, 'sorry,' cough*

So, I'm doing a slam-dunk post, where I sneak in all the little things I didn't post about during July...and a little bit of June. Prepare yourselves. 

Starting with June.

Back at the beginning of June, my sisters and I headed out to the 'range.' I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but we know this fellow that's an ex-Marine (Ooo-rah!) among other things, and he taught us the whole 'gun' safety' course/thing and then took us out for some practical application. With 45mm glocks.

Loading a gun is fun.

Firing a gun is fun. *Pow, pow!*

Let's not even talk about how rubbish my stance is in this picture. :)
First time, remember?

"Did I hit it?"

We had a really good time and I need to work out some way to get out and practice shooting again. Glocks are pretty awesome. And big. And incredibly powerful.

And so much fun to fire! *Grins demonically*

Now, if only I could shoot what I'm aiming at! My aiming isn't great. But my teacher told me I have really good grouping! *Yay!*

So if I aim for your heart, I'd probably miss it. But I might get you in the thigh four or five times in close proximity. 

*Sigh* It was pretty epic. 

My garden is still there. Mostly. 

The cucumber and lettuce never made it. And my tomato plans are still tiny.

But the Peas and Squash are doing well! *Pats self on back*

"Oh, Peas. I love you so much!"

Will I try gardening again next year? Maybe. But probably not from seed. The seasons just aren't long enough or warm and moist enough for plants to take off. I think my garden would have been much happier if I had just bought baby plants in the first place.
But it's been fun and I sort of love my little plants. Have I mentioned that I read to them? And sing to them? ....Creepy much?

I managed to do a very successful sewing project. But I think I might save that whole story for Saturday. :) Here's a sneak peak at it.
Isn't it awesome? *Snerk*

I am learning a little bit more about doing floral arrangements at my job. It's been fun. I really love that part of the job.

Then there is the picnic of awesomeness. It was the Sunday before last and the weather was stifling. So I suggested going to one of the smaller lakes in the area and having a picnic. I'm very good at getting people to do what I want.
I know how to use a Glock, remember? *Snicker*

This one lake is perfect for that because it's off the beaten trail so you don't have loads of people out tanning. That's always nice. I'm not a big fan of the human BBQ pits. (You will never un-hear that.)

It was cool, and refreshing, and pretty much perfect out there. 
We did a lot of swimming.

"Er...No, Treskie. You were suppose to Jump."

And we played on this floating log for ages. 

We had a lovely picnic dinner and just relaxed for hours. 

"Come on, girl! You can make it!"

And then we went home.
Aren't car shots the best? They're so flattering.*Grin*

And Last but not Least--

My Uncle, who happens to be a priest, is up visiting right now, which means that we get to enjoy morning Mass everyday in our home. All you other Catholics out there, be jealous! lol. 

It's really awesome, you guys!

Do any of you have things you just do every summer? 
My family goes swimming a lot. We like to go out in the evenings, around 5 or 6 and swim for about an hour. It's a really nice way to end the day, there aren't many people left on the beach, and the water is the best at that time. It's one of the best things about summer for us.

I hope you all are having a great summer too. It's already almost August, so know's the time to cram in all the things you want to do this summer! Hurry, hurry, hurry! 

Okay. My eyes are seriously beginning to glaze over. And I'm drooling a little.  I should probably go.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. 

God Bless!


  1. My bro once tried to convince me that "a glock is a high powered clock". ;)

    Those swimming photos are so reminiscent of my family and Kellie's family swimming at the lake. We loved finding a floating log and would amuse ourselves for hours with it! So much fun. :)

    Loved this post so much!

  2. Your summer has been more active than mine. (I've been hiding in books all summer, pretending that it wasn't a bad summer.) Eh, that sounds depressing. *Snicker* Actually, it has been a nice summer, relaxing and everything. Not the best summer ever, but nice 8-D

    Ack, you make me wish I lived by a lake. (So does one of my darling pets 8-D She loves water.)

    I'm glad you've been having such fun, that is what summers should be 8-D Lack of posts and lots of fun!!

  3. Ah, the Glocks. I want to fire a Glock again. Soon. Soon.
    My posture is rubbish, though. *Note to self* Lean forward from the waist, and tuck your head a bit more.

    And that video. All those embarrassing legs. Why you show this? *blush*

  4. Yay, summer! That lake looks so nice ... I want to go swimming now ... 0.O

  5. My it looks like you have had a wonderful summer!! Shooting, swimming, picnicking... and daily Mass in YOUR HOUSE???? Ok yes I'm jealous. :P

  6. that was fun! loved your cool gun pictures :) Don't worry about singing to plants, I bet everyone does it!

  7. GLOCKSSSSSSSSSSS. Me wants one, me does.

    Hehehe. That picture of us in the car is awful. So is the video. I can't believe I talked you into posting it. lol.


    Lucky us. Mass at our house. lol. :D

  8. Awww, You guys are awesome. :)

    Hi, Natasha!
    Isn't it funny how you can amuse yourself for hours with something so pointless? I love it! Rolling off the log is actually the best fun of the whole thing, I think. :D

    Reading is a lovely way to spend the summer, Jack. I haven't had much time to read and it makes me a little sad.
    But yes. Summer should be fun...though, I can't say lack of posts is a great thing. lol. But there are more important things than posting sometimes, I agree.
    *Pssst, come visit and you can swim in a lake!*

    I know, Kit! I really want to go shooting again! We must look into buy a gun sometime, ok? :D
    Because that video was fun. That's why.

    Hi, Emily.
    That like *was* nice. Be jealous. lol.

    Hey, Elizabeth! *wavewavewave!*
    I know. It's really a wonderful blessing. It's awesome having a priest for an Uncle. :)
    Yeah, it's been a pretty lovely summer.

    Thanks, Bella. ......Er, do you know anyone else that sings to their plants? Cause we should totally form a club or something. lol.

    Hi, Treskie. That picture isn't aweful. It's just...awkward. Hehehe. So was that video.
    Yes. PEAS! I didn't want you to miss that.

    Cheers! And I loved all the awesome comments. Thank you guys!

  9. And very good they are, freshly picked peas... I enjoyed that pod of peas we shared :-)