Tuesday, July 23, 2013

That moment when you realize you have no idea what to post about...

I'm sorry. I haven't really had time to work on any of the posts that I really want to do, so you're all going to be stuck with this random update thing that I'm settling on instead.

Okay, I lied.

It's not even an update. It's just going to be random.

But you're still stuck here.

Don't believe me?

I bet you just realize you can't leave my site. You must keep reading. *Mrhrhrhrhrhr*

Anyway, it's not so much that I can't think of something to post about, because I have quite a few posts that are waiting patiently to be written. It's more that I am busy and don't have as much time as I need to write them.

But I miss my little blog and had  to pop on to say hello to all of you! *Waves*

And that's basically it.

On top of normal business, I have some other hobby/ambitions that I've been working on lately, but so far I keep hitting a wall. A brick wall. With razor wire on top.  It's very frustrating.

(We all have days where we feel like this.)

Well, that's that. 

Thank you for sticking around to the end of the post. *Grin*

Cheers! And God Bless~


  1. ....uh-huh. RIGHT. ~nods~ yes, Amy. That is right. Mmmhmm! ~continues to nod~

  2. Every time I see Moriarty I think, "Boy, he's sure cute. He's like this little boy who is trying to do something evil but it isn't working and everyone is just going, 'Aw, aren't you sweet? Whatever you say, darling.'" And then he yells or scowls or gives that look of, "I'm so going to tear the heart out of your chest and make you fall to the ground in an agony of suffering and misery and you're never going to get over it." and then I want to hide under my covers. How come British are so good at that?
    "I'm a nice gentleman, won't you like to go out for tea with me? Here, let me scare you out of your boots and laugh while your cowering under the table. You're welcome."

    Being able to read a book without noticing mistakes might be a kind of nice ability. I know some readers who find every. little. thing. out of place and all they do is complain and miss the overall story. It is sad, they miss such wonderful stories this way. I find typos, but if the story is good I don't care. I read a book with little to no commas once and it was one of the best books I ever read.

    Hurray, another picture lover! (I like books with pictures. I get insanely happy when I find a book and it has pictures. That is why I love kid's books.)
    Thanks for your advice on the artist thing, it helped 8-D

  3. Hello! Sorry, it took me a flippin' long time to answer these comments. Shame on me.

    Awww...did I creep you out, Emily? lol. Or are you just convinced that I've finally lost it? Don't worry. Going back and looking at this post, I worry about me to. :D

    Hey, Jack!
    It's so true! I feel the same way about Moriarty and SOOO wish that actor would play a good-guy on something. He's cute. And he actually has really nice eyes.
    He's funny.
    And Smart.
    And A Killer.
    But for some reason, I still kinda like him. lol.
    Until he makes Sherlock jump. Then I hatez him.
    Hey, did you see that he might be back in season 3? What's up with that? (I'm secretly hoping he is back. That would be cool.)