Monday, July 8, 2013

My forth of July~

Hey there! How is everyone doing? I had a wonderful five day weekend (yes, that is possible) and am finally getting around to some blogging.

I really enjoy the 4th of July. I like the BBQing and the games and the whole patriotic thing. The American Revolution is one of my favorite parts of American history and I've done research on it here and there ever since 10th grade when I decided to write a book about a spy in that time-frame. That book is still not done (And I sometimes wonder if it ever shall be!) but I have a definate fondness for the 1700's. *Ehem*....Anyway.

I felt more WWII in my choice of clothing though. I think it was the Captain America earrings that did it. I planned my whole outfit out around them. *Grin* They are my favorite earrings for the now. What can I say? They are cool.

We spent the majority of the day reading in the shade. That's how we party. I'm not sure what that says about us. We read in companionable silence. ;)
We talked and lounged. Quite honestly, it was rather too hot to do any real moving. So lounging it was. 

Once things cooled down we played some random games. There was a bit of badminton.
But then we destroyed the only birdie we had and we moved on to other things. 

Like football.
(Which I am rubbish at.:)

And other games that we didn't take pictures of. 

Drank water from the hose. 
(It's delicious!)

Oh, don't mind me. I'm just air guitaring--well I guess it's more air banjo, really.
Doing my best impersonation of this:

It's only 28 seconds long. Watch it. Seriously.

Then there are the watermelon pictures. So...They are hilarious. *Nods* Let's just hope my family doesn't kill me for showing y'all. But they are too funny not to show!

Things really got fun that night when the sun started going down and we started a fire, drank coffee, made s'mores, told stories and at the end of the night, sang the national anthem. 

Oh look! Stars!

If you wanna see more of the pictures, Treskie  did a really good post. So go check it out!
That's all I've got. It was just a really fun day.


God Bless


  1. Sounds like you had a great day! ~feels out of place~ ~shuffles feet~ ~has a genius idea; decides to pretend to be American~ ~pretends to be American~ Howdy! I sure love 4th of July! It's my favourite-- I mean, FAVORITE - day of the year! Now then, I'm off to, uh, eat some apple pie...*ahem* ~gives up pretense~ ah, never mind. I'm not a great actress! ~shuffles off~

    Hey, wait a minute! ~shuffles back~ I nominated you for the Eleven Things Tag! (Or rather, the Liebster Award, as I believe is its true identity.) Enjoy! :D

  2. LOL. Stupid Dusty... *strum, strum, strum* "AaaahAAArrrrrraaAAAAAaUuuuuummmmmmmm!!!!"

    It was a lovely day, wasn't it? We must finish that story now.

  3. Aww, Emily, don't feel out of place! ....But it was a fun day. ;P
    Thanks for the award. I'll come claim it as soon as I can!

    I love Dusty Bottoms, Kat. Well, not Love, I guess. He is hysterical though. ;)

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. In reply to your comment. I did leave the ice out to melt. I considered pushing it all back in its holder, since my boss was looking, and being a good girl. I considered saving its life. But then I thought of how the boss looking was the one who liked me and has a good sense of humor. Then I saw the drain below where it fell. And then I remembered how it cruelly attacked me while I was trying to work. So I shoved it all down the drain, part of me wishing to laugh evilly.

    You all make me wish I had lots and lots of sisters. Brothers are fun, but I could do with...about ten or so sisters. *Grin*

    It looks like you all had a lot of fun!!! And I love your outfit, Rodgers would be proud.

  5. Ah-ha! You showed that ice! Good for you. Isn't it great to have a boss with a sense of humor? Makes life so much better. You should have done the evil laugh. *Grins demonically*

    Aww, thank you. Having loads of sisters is nice. :P


  6. Cute hairdo and the Captain America earrings rock! thank you for sharing, it looks so much fun! :)