Monday, July 14, 2014

Song of the Week~

What's up, People! Hey look it's been...almost less than a week since my last post.

Okay, fine. It's been a week. But that's not too bad, right? *Points gun meaningfully* Right?

I feel the need to ramble a bit. Deal.

I wish I owned a camera. I should just buy one. But that's probably not going to happen all that soon. Because I have nerve issues with spending money. Even my own. *Shurgs*

It keeps looking like it's going to rain. And I get all excited and sit there waiting hopefully. Then the sun wins out and the clouds slide off to do their thing elsewhere.
I'm a sun-lover. But some rain to wash away all the pollen would be great.

I finally got around to planting flowers in my yard. I feel very accomplished.

I am hoping to do some yard work after my other work tomorrow. Go me.

After this post I'm going to go eat some sherbet-ish ice cream-ish stuff that I made. And maybe watch psych. Cause I bought season EIGHT!
Amazon knows me so well. It sent me an email telling me that psych was 70% percent off. 70%!!! And it's mine now.

Alright. I listened to this song for years and spent all that time thinking it was called, Last first kiss. But it's not. It's called Inevitable. I'm still not sure why.
The first time I heard it was when my friend showed me a BBC Robin Hood music video to it. I sort of fell in love with it. Even though I've never watched the BBC Robin Hood. (Should I? It looks great but I think it might break me heart. What do you all think?)
I tried to find the same video, but since that was years ago, it doesn't seem to exist anymore.
So here's a lyric video instead.

Amazing how life turns out the way that it does
We end up hurting the worst, the only ones we really love

I want to break every clock
The hands of time could never move again
We could stay in this moment for the rest of our lives
Is it over now, hey, hey, is it over now?

I want to be your last first kiss that you'll ever have
I want to be your last first kiss

Those lyrics! Love them. :) 

See you later and all that. Remember that sherbet-ish ice cream-ish stuff I made? I'm gonna go eat it now. 

God Bless!

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