Thursday, December 11, 2014

In which I do stuff.


It's been over a week since my last post.

I feel ashamed.

But I have news!

1.) It's coming on Christmas...They're cutting down treeeeees! They're putting up Reindeer and singing songs of Joy and Peeeace!.....I wish I had a river.....
No. Sorry. Got a bit carried away there.
I simply meant, Christmas is coming and I have been shopping (and I really need to start wrapping!) and  work is busy with Christmas-y floral arrangements. And thus far I've decorated three Christmas Trees and I will be soon decorating a fourth. So I haven't had time to blog.

2.) My boss has decided to get me the education to be a real floral designer, so I have now found myself enrolled in an online design class. Which I can complete in as little as six months.
And as awesome and terrifying as that is, I have even less time now than before. So.....

3.) In my free time, instead of blogging or wrapping presents, I've been watching Flashpoint. And you guys should watch that show! So so good. I've got five episodes left. Which makes me very sad. Five seasons of awesome, and I'm almost done! *Weeps*

I will probably do a real review of that show sometime soon. Soon-ish. January-ish?

4.) I am reading Raven Boys and I love them. I'm only on book two, but I'm having trouble putting it down. Which is a bad thing because of aforementioned business. *Le sigh*


I have a couple of tags, so I shall do one of them today.

I was nominated by Hilda to do Five Fictional Places I'd like to visit.

1.) Middle Earth. 
All of it. Why doesn't Gandalf show up at my place and hustle me off on an adventure? ......Scratch that. I have a fair idea why. And I don't like it.
I would love to consider myself a good fit for Rohan. But I think we all know I'd be a hobbit. Family, Food and comfort.

2.) Redwall. 
I'm not exaggerating one tiny bit when I say I was obsessed with all of the Redwall books. I lived in Mossflower Woods for a good three years of my life.
It was my first and probably most consuming  fandom.

Reason number one--Eugenides. He is wonderful and amazing and I'd like to meet him. He is my favorite fictional character right now. *Grin* I luf him.
Reason number two. The land sounds beautiful, full of hills and olive trees and ocean and cliffs.
Reason number three. It reminds me of ancient Greece.

4.) Ingary--Which is where Howl is from. You know,  Howl's Moving Castle.

I feel like a terrible person! This is hard for me!....The first three came like, BAM!  Four took a little though and five is....really hard.

5.) AH! Asgard! I'd totally visit Asgard. Sign me up for that!

Right. I'm off.

I have some pictures to post and that sort of thing, so I PROMISE I shall return soon. Tomorrow, most likely.

Take care, you all!

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  1. I want to watch Flashpoint. really, really badly

    I tagged you!!