Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Song of the week

I've been overdosing on music again. My poor sisters...

I'm like, "Listen to this twelve minute opera aria. Ssshhhh, you'll love it!"

"Hey, what do you think of these three country songs?"

"I can't get enough of this Josh Groban song"

"Let's listen to every musical we own."

"Hey, Remember that 70's song Dad used to listen to? .....I love that song."

I'm serious, That was me last night. And it's not enough to listen to the music. I sing along to pretty much every part I can manage. Including instrumental solos.
You guys, I can whistle like a canary. Obviously that's a skill I must put to good use.


No. This story isn't going anywhere. I just thought I'd share.

The real question is, with all the music I've been listening to, which one should I post?

I'll refrain from posting twelve minute opera arias. I realize they're an acquired taste.

How 'bout Crying? 

Even though my introduction to this song was a story my friend told me about a guy that sang it at a karaoke bar. He had a lisp. He couldn't saying his R's. He sang, "Cwying." And he thought he was the next Elvis and he really sang it with confidence. "CWY-I-I-I-ING! (Epic hip thrust) Over YOUUUU!".....

And somehow, I still like this song.

I need to finish my fourth cup of coffee now and get ready for work. 

Yes, I did say fourth cup of coffee. It's one of those mornings. I am now highly caffeinated and ready for anything. *vibrates knowing*

Hey, check out this guy. 

He has moves. And I have moves. 
Where does one go to learn stuff like that?
The Military?
How do you practice that move?

God Bless!

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  1. Don't you love that gif? it is so epic! He is mister awesome!

    ehehehe, you can never have enough music right? *cough*wrong*couph* No but really, it was fun when you came over and listened to Josh and country and yes, even the opera. you should do it more often. I miss you.