Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Song of the week

Hello everybody!

Happy Wed-nes-day! (In my best Winnie the Pooh voice.)

So, lately my sister and I have been watching a show called Flashpoint.

I'm only a few episodes in, (Seven, to be exact) but so far it's been squeaky clean and really impressively good. I love it.
The cast is awesome, the actors nail their rolls, and the tiny girl cop is cool. I don't object to her at all. Which is so nice. She's just cute and brave and good at her job. And tiny.

You want to see a trailer? 
Yeah... you really do. 
Trust me.

It's really nice because the show takes the time to highlight all the members of the team and there really isn't one main character. 

I can't vouch for the whole five season series yet, (Give me a few days. lol) but so far it's been awesome.

Anyway, the point of this post is, at the end of every episode, when the situation is under control and everything is summing up, they play a song. And so far I've like every one I've heard. 

Especially this one.

And I will watch you disappear
From my fortress over here
And I will never understand
Every heart's a foreign land

And I'm so afraid to, so afraid to
Love you

And I will turn my eyes away
From the harsh light of your day
And I have slept through pouring rain
It was all that kept me sane

And I'm so afraid to, so afraid to
Love you

And I have drawn lines in the sand
To remind us where we stand
And I build castles while you thirst
They'll fall down but you'll fall first

And I'm so afraid to, so afraid to
Love you
Love you
Love you

That's all for now, my fellow ......people... Heroes? Humans?

God Bless!

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