Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Goodbye October

The last week of October...

This year has been such a whirlwind of stuff for me! It's been amazing, crazy, and so alarmingly fast.

It's weird to look back and see how different things are today than they were in January.
It's weird to look back and see things that will never happen again. To see things that have changed forever and things that are still the same.

Ten months of good things and bad things.

Ten months of God trying to teach me new things. Sometimes I learn and sometimes I struggle, a little lost and confused. But through everything, God is there, trying to lead me closer, trying to help me learn to trust Him. Trying to help me to love Him more--love Him as much as I want to love him. And more.

Life is such a crazy thing.

I know I sometimes forget to look at the good things in my life. All the blessings and all the love and all the beauty that God has given to me.

Sometimes all I can see are the hard times and the struggles.

Sometimes I am so afraid to just try new things and to live.

But God knows that. And he helps me through it all. And he loves me, even though I am such a silly, weak person.

God is Good. And I am so grateful.

Anyway. Hello all of you!

 I don't know what prompted this post. I didn't intend to write it. It just happened. Sometimes writing is like that. You have one thing in mind, but your fingers type out a different story. Even though that story may be cheesy and a little bit pointless, I guess it still wants to be told.


I know that's a sore point with a lot of people, but I'm just going to say dressing up and playing games is fun. Having my sister make her five star, absolutely addictive caramel corn is fun. Watching really old, really silly cartoons is fun.
Pumpkins? FUN!!

My friend/cousin is coming up to spend the weekend and that is fun too.

I might dress up as something WWII inspired. (I.E. who doesn't want to be Peggy Carter? Or perhaps someone from Hogan's Heroes?)
Then again, I might get lazy and just eat caramel corn instead.

All in all, this looks to be a really good next couple of days.

And then I'll have to say hello to November!

And I really need to start doing a little bit of Christmas shopping. Hunting for the perfect presents takes time, you know. And I find it wholly enjoyable.

Until next time,take care everyone!

God Bless!


  1. bring tears to my eyes! Thanks for the gift! Gina

  2. "God is good". "All the time." "And all the time?" "God is good."

    HALLOWEEN!!! I like Halloween. It might not be my favorite holiday but it is fun and I can't Wait to be Bucky. BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sometimes it is easier to see all the bad then all the good. I need to work on that. Right? 8-)

    nice to hear from you!!! GOODBYE OCTOBER!