Thursday, November 13, 2014

7 things of little or no interest.

I don't know what it is about this time of the year, but it really brings out a weird side of me. Sort of like when spring comes around and I fluctuate between wanting to clean everything and wanting to stay outside and ignore the mess inside.

This time of year brings out my SURVIVE mode.

Like picking locks, breaking out of zip ties and making mini survival kits.

Like wilderness stuff involving shovels and compasses and making fires without matches.

Like wishing I could go rock climbing again, or perhaps learn how to fire a gun.

I have no idea where this part of me comes from. I've always been interested in all this kind of stuff,
Twelve year old me read an entire book on "Edible food plants of the Sierra." Cover to cover.
I was the girl that went for "The Dangerous Book for Boys" and scoffed at the "Daring Book for Girls"....and still sort of do.
Watched one too many episodes of Hogan's Heroes and wished I could dig a tunnel from my house heading somewhere.

Walkie-talkies and compasses and idea of a really good time.

It's just me.

This part of me tends to bubble beneath the surface of my otherwise normal girliness, only to come surging out whenever I see survival books or really cool youtube videos.

For whatever reason, the grey, wet days of November really bring that side of me out. I'm a tiny bit stir-crazy today.

But enough about me. How are all of you?

Okay. Back to me.

7 things~

1.) I want to read an epic book full of action and mystery and amazing characters. I can't find one. It's driving me crazy.
Story. of. my. life.

2.) I'm trying to get back into drawing and art again. And it's still just as frustration as ever before. I remember why I gave up.

3.) I'm fairly sure I drank too much coffee today. I'm typing faster than I can think. Not a good thing.

4.) I just found out about a Minion movie...I can't begin to express how exciting I find this!

5.) I'm still watching Flashpoint and I'm still loving it. It's one of the cleanest action shows I've ever seen. There have been two episodes with kissing scenes that were blah, but other than that, it's almost squeakie clean.

6.) Watching Flashpoint has aroused my interest in psychology. Which, like my weird SURVIVE thing, pops up every now and again. I think, "being a psychologist would be really interesting."....and then I think about crazy people and I just think "......Nope......"
But Flashpoint makes psychology cool.

7.) I'm enjoying this website a lot. I don't know if any of you are into SURVIVING, but if you are, go check it out. Cool, cool, cool.

I have no idea how to end this post. So...




  1. Alright, heyyy I'm from over on Treskie's blog, you might have seen me there. XD

    But I had to comment because a) you used a Scarlet Pimpernel gif. That made my day. XD b) I HAVE A BOOK SERIES FOR YOU TO READ THAT IS FULL OF ACTION AND MYSTERY AND AMAZING CHARACTERS! The Ashtown Burials Series by N.D. Wilson. The first book is called The Dragon's Tooth. And they are amazing. c) Flashpoint is so cool. Seriously. So. Cool. I love it muchly. And yes, the psychology is cool too.

    1. Hi there, Hannah Joy! Thanks for coming over and reading my stuff!
      And thanks for the book recommendations. I *need* some ideas so that's awesome. :)
      Yes. I am a bit obsessed with Flashpoint these days. The team is freakin' awesome. I love them all. I can't pick a favorite....

  2. I do the same thing...all year long. You should see inside my messenger bag. I have it packed with knives, lighter fluid, gun powder...everything I could think of that I might need to survive anything.. It's fun. 8-D

    I wish I had an exciting book suggestion for you. I usually have a ton of book suggestions, but I'm drawing a blank right now.

    MISS YOU!!

    1. JAAAACK!!!! Hey girl, Hey!
      I've been the worst ever about commenting on blogs, so thanks for stopping by anyway! :)
      Oooh....if I ever get stranded somewhere, remind me to do it with you. I don't have gun powder. But I do have a plethora of zip ties! Go me!


  3. I tagged you! ❤️

  4. Awe, thanks! I will do that tag soon. Promise! :)