Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Wow, it's already Wednesday! Which means tomorrow is Thursday...which is close to Friday. Then Saturday and Sunday. You see? I know the days of the week!

It just seems like time is going by really fast in a tangle of Mondays and Thursdays and Sundays. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It means I'm busy and it means Lent is sort of whooshing by. *Smile.*

Easter is going to be here in a flash, people. And I'm looking forward to it.

We had a few weeks of lovely, bright weather, (I'm not going to lie, I loved it!) but winter has decided it isn't quite done with us yet and we got snow today. The sky is grey, it's cold, and there is snow. Tea and muffins, anyone? Seriously, that's what I really want right now.

What do you do when you're board? Well, currently I have this thing with recipes. I love recipes and food-y blogs.

Like, doesn't this look f-aaaab-ulous?

And I've never been one for Pot Pies, (More, I don't eat them very often rather than don't like them,) but I'm pretty sure Pot Pie is going to be on my menu very soon.

And I like mushrooms, so...

I'm always up to trying out new dishes and this one looks pretty yummy to me.

And then there's dessert...

I could go on and on for hours. There are so many fun things to cook and eat! It awesome. Are you salivating yet? Your welcome.

All the images came from my Pin board--which in turn link back to the original source. No copy-right infringement intended. :D

This site is quite, quite lovely...The Italian Dish

There is nothing like Italian food. You should go check it out.

And my new favorite place to hang out, Sally's Baking Addiction

It's as wonderful as it sounds. I freakin' LOVE her blog. She creates some of the most amazing things. And her pictures are first class. So, really, go take a look. You'll find yourself in your own kitchen, equipped with apron and spatula, whipping up something decedent for dessert. Just see if you don't.

How many of you love to cook/bake? Please tell me I'm not the only one who's idea of a good time is to spend my Saturday making this and that in my little kitchen while I listen (and sing to) good music. How sad would that be?

God Bless!


  1. Ooh drool!! You caught my eyes at desserts :P And I love mushrooms too! OOh they taste good and ooh great for Fridays on pizza during Lent.

    I noticed that too, the days are going by fast. I actually like that a lot to get over Lent ;) so we can eat meat on fridays again, lol. I love Easter too because I don't like sad things like during Lent (so sad what Jesus went through just for us) and that is why I love Easter because it's a happy day. :D

    I know how to cook a few things and bake following the instructions from the back of a box, but I'm not a kitchen person. But you love it and that is terrific, there's nothing NOTHING wrong withthat. Ithink it is cool. wish I was like that. :)

  2. Mmmmm.... foood.....I love cooking... and baking.... and food-creating of any kind. Gin I had my druthers, I'd work less and cook far, far more.

  3. Sally's Baking Addition is a terrible, terrible place. As Tiny Tim says in the Disney's Christmas Carol, "Look at all the wonderful things to eat!"

    And I love it. A Lot.

  4. my dear Amy, you are hilarious. GOOD FOR You *high five* The days of the week must be known :)

    you and your food. Are you TRYING to crack me?

  5. Hey, Hilda.
    Yeah, mushrooms are very yummy...they make me feel very hobbit-ish. :)
    I am really looking forward to Easter, too. Lent is sad. But it's sort of the good kind of sad. The kind that makes us want to be better.

    I know, Marhi. Work interferes with life so much! I love LOVE being in the kitchen.

    I'm glad you like Sally's baking addiction, Cat. She's like a little baking angel! :D

    Bella...I was merely pointing out the fleetingness of the week.
    And will showing you pictures of food crack you? Mrhrhrhrhr...then stay tuned!

  6. Hi Amy! i never thought of mushrooms as Hobbit food. That's a good one! YUMMY! :) And so true about Lent.

  7. I am up for muffians! I love muffans! And your weather did what ours here did. "Spring is here! Don't you LOOOVE spring! Tee shirts!!! Oh wait, SNOW!!! HAHAHAHAHA!"

    I am looking forward to Easter. My church always has a dinner and...I love Easter candy. Best out of any holiday.

    Thank you for your comment. It really helped 8-D And I have come to think of you as a friend as well. It is hard to think of people as friends one hasn't met and while I adore all my blog readers, you and your sisters are some of the few I really consider friends.
    So, thank you for being so wonderful 8-D

  8. Easter Candy! Yes, Jack, that stuff is awesome. :D

    That's totally our spring weather--sunny, sunny, "Spring is really here now!" snow, snow, cold. :) *Shrug* Oh well. I just hope Easter is warm and sunny. I don't much care for snow on Eater. Because, to quote Bunny, "Easter is a time of new life!" and snow does not convey that. :D


  9. Mmmmm....I love food...
    Thanks for the direction to Sally's blog - it looks great! :D

    Oh, and by the way, Amy, a very long while ago I nominated you for the Hey! That's So Sweet! blog award! I may have told you this already - sorry if I have :L

  10. Oh, thanks Emily.
    I think you did let me know but I totally forgot. Sorry about that! I'll be sure to check it out. I've been needing a new tag. ;)