Monday, March 25, 2013

Doodles, craftiness and...stuff.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. Here we are, the last six days till Easter! *Squeee!* 

I love this last week. It's my favorite part of Lent. And not just because it's the last week, either. ;)

Anyway, I used one of the Palms we got at Church yesterday...
...and weaved it into a Rose Bud!
It's pretty, no?
If you'd like to see some tutorials for Palm weaving, you can check it out HERE.

I've been doodling a lot lately. 

So you all get to take a peek at some of my pictures. Lucky you! :) I have found that I enjoy drawing with pen more than pencil. That's new and strange for me because I'm the person that's a tiny bit paranoid of making mistakes that won't erase.
Pens, instead of stressing me out to get everything perfect, actually keep my looser and makes me 'work in' any mistakes I make. 

Pencil makes me a little uptight about my work. I erase over and over again instead of letting myself give the drawing time to develop.

Pen allows me to doodle.

There, now you know way more about my art psyche than you ever really cared to know. *Grin*

I smooshed some of the pictures together into a collage to make the viewing a little less tedious and hopefully a bit more pleasing to the eye. 

 I really love drawing birds. I find it soothing and somewhat easy. Well...easier than drawing people. 

But drawing people is more my idea of  drawing. Don't ask why. It's just more of my art psyche. *Nods*
(I am very fond of the girl with the kitty. :)

And then there's the all out doodle page.

I am currently a tiny bit obsessed with 'A Man for all Seasons.'
It is a fantastic movie.

Paul Scofield does a really amazing job of portraying St. Thomas More. 

When Henry the Eighth of England decided to divorce his first wife and break away from the Catholic Church, Thomas More was one of the few men that upheld the infallibility of the Pope and the sacredness of the Sacrament of Marriage. 
He was unjustly accused of treason and died a martyr for the Faith.  

"I die the King's good servant, but God's first."

    This is not the best trailer, but I thought I'd go ahead and show you anyway.                  

I love this movie so much I've watched it three times in the last three days. :P You know when you watch something and you want to share it with someone? So you watch it again so someone else understands where you're coming from. And then you're hanging out with someone else and can't talk to them about it so you show them as well.

That's exactly what happened. :)

I'm now officially in my 'Easter preparation' mood.
I make plans and lists and do crafts now. 

Well, I think about doing crafts. Some years I actually manage some. Other years, I look at crafts, have a good laugh, and moved on. 

This year I actually think I might get some crafts done. At least one.

Involving flowers.

And eggs.

And little, fuzzy chicks.

*Fingers crossed.*

Do you want to see some lovely egg decorating? 

Well duh. Obviously! Easter eggs are the BEST!

I don't have much patience with fancy egg decorating. I don't know why. It should be right up my alley, but I get bored after an egg or two. Usually because my attempts at fancy eggs end in tragedy. 

Ukrainian eggs? Beautiful, yes.

Also Hard.

However, I think I could manage these more scrapbook-style eggs. I just need to find the right sort of pictures to use. I think. 

These use temporary tattoos! What a flippin' brilliant idea! I really want to try it. So pretty.

If I ever need/want to dye my eggs without the normal dyes you an get at the story, this is pretty handy.

And now some eye-candy. 

And since today is the Feast of the Annunciation, here's a really lovely version of Ave Maria.


God Bless!


  1. Yum. Those are the kind of eggs you never want to eat. Therefore, you do that odd technique where you poke a hole into the top and bottom of your egg (usually with a pin, and with great difficulty) and then blow through the top hole and blow the entire egg OUT through the hole in the bottom! (Usually you feel like you're blowing your brains out too, but that's all part of the fun.)

    That is a really lovely version of Ave Maria. Those harmonies...

    I love your birds. They look quite professional. Like something you'd see in a What-Kind-Of-Bird-Is-That book. *nods*

    St. Thomas More! Currently my favourite saint. Must. Find. Book. Of his Life!

    God bless!

  2. AH! Your drawings are great! Wow... wow, wow, wow.

  3. Your bird doodles are freaking awesome, dear. :D


    Hehehe. "Other years, I look at crafts, have a good laugh, and moved on. " <--- that line. lol.

  4. Hey, Kat.
    Er...all part of the fun? You *Like* the feeling of blowing your brains out? *Shrugs* Ooooo-kay. :D
    But yes, too beautiful to crack. Ever.

    Aww, thanks. I really like drawing birds! And yes, I'm rather proud of the way they turned out. :D

    St Thomas More is one of my favorite saints now, too. *Sigh* He was so awesome!

    Thank you so much, Rose! :D

    Thanks, Treskie.
    Hehehe...I'm glad you liked that line.

  5. Oh my, fantastic egg decorations and your artwork too!! God gave you a wonderful gift.

    I'm glad you love this last week of Lent. I am kinda worried because it is a sad memory. i know Jesus died in the cross to save us and that's how much love He has for us but it makes me so sad. But I love Easter because it is a happy day, the resurrection of Jesus. :D

  6. Your rosebud turned out spectacularly. I am impressed. And the bird sketches are quite impressive. I think you have found your medium in pen.

    I would *love* to do some of those tattoo eggs this year. That is a brilliant idea. As it is, I was merely going to doodle all over my eggs with markers.

  7. Aww, I love this post! I completely get what you mean about the pen thing - with pencil I find myself continuously rubbing out because I don't think it's good enough and I know I can change it, but with pen you have to suck it up and keep going, and then quite often you finish and you think "wow, so it was good enough after all!" Those drawings are absolutely beautiful by the way - I don't know whether I like the girl with her cat or the birds more, they're both so lovely! Oh, and loving the Mumford reference ;)