Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Again

Well...this week just sort of took off and left me in the dust!

I was called into work on Monday and asked to cover for the tech that was on vacation, as the girl that was going to cover got sick. Er...that sounds all confusing. Let me try again. I work at an eye doctor's office. The technician is the person that calls your name while you're in the waiting room, gets you into a room and does a few of the 'set-up' tests for the doctor. And yours truly got to cover that job this last week. It's a super busy job and I've only helped out with it once before so there was a little bit of stress involved for me. :)

But hey-ho. It made for a really fast week.

It also sort of stole my free-time. I swear I was going to write the next letter for the Letter Game but that never panned out. But soon...soon! (But don't hold your breath.:) 

I was able to finish The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia since the last time I wrote. I think The Queen of Attolia might have been my favorite, but there were some absolutely brilliant parts in The King of Attolia too. In fact, the ending of The King of Attolia was probably the best part in any of the books.  I'm thinking about doing some book reviews one them. They were SO GOOD! I think they had some of the best character development that I have ever read, actually.

Today I'm just kicking back and enjoying the beautiful weather, doing a little reading, writing and singing...and painting my nails red since I never got around to that last weekend. *Grin*

Oh,oh, oh! I also broke down and bought myself some Captain America shield earrings!

They make me very happy.

And totally put me in a Captain America mood! 

I must watch this movie again. 

And this one.

Now I'm going to go put some chicken in the oven, make some bruschetta and finish sweeping my floor. 

Thank God for weekends! 



  1. Ah... poor Steve, all by himself in that strange, alien, modern world. I love that scene with all the punching bags.

    I must say those Captain America earrings are very fine. They are subtle enough that you can wear them whenever you want, but still totally fan-gear :-) I now totally want to get the Strategic Scientific Research lapel pins from the Captain America movie...

    Nice nails!

  2. I am hungry again. For Bruschetta. I must eat some now. Toni-i-i-i-ight!

    But I can't.

    Good night!

    And I loves your earrings. Muchly. With great jealousies. :)

  3. Hi, Marhi!
    I know...I love Steve. I wish they could fix it so that Peggy didn't have to be super old now. I mean, what lousy luck! He finally get's a girl and then misses his very first date by 70 years!

    Hey, Kit.
    Bruschetta...Toni-i-i-t!?? I know, sounds yummy, doesn't it? *Sigh*.

    My earrings! *Smirk* Aren't they so cool?


  4. You cook?! that is amazing! I can't cook, LOL! The earrings of Capt America look so great on you. And is that your journal? I LOVE YOUR WRITING! How did you learn to write so good? I want to learn! **jumps up and down with excitement My writing looks awful.

    enjoy your peaceful weekend. :)

  5. Yeah, I cook and bake. :D It's so fun, as long as you know what you're doing and have music on. If you lived closer, I'd volunteer to teach you. I bet you'd enjoy it. ;)
    As for the writing...that's just how we learned in school. I think it's funny that you like it. I think my handwriting is sorta sloppy looking. But thank you very much!
    And yes, I had a very lovely weekend. How 'bout you?


  6. Ooh that would be terrific!! :D LOL, yeah it looks better than mine. I write like a drunken person, LOL!

    my weekend was pretty normal, pretty good, thanks. :)

  7. I;m drolling over your earrings, where did you get them?

    Ug, I feel your pain about getting called into work on your day off. Part of you always wants to tell your boss that your on holiday and to leave you alone. (Besides, it takes so much time away from book reading, don't bosses under stand that?)

    I hope you get all rested though!

  8. P.S.
    I saw your Peggy comment. I have a theory about her - and now one about Coulson which you might have heard.
    I firmly believe that, when Howard Stark wasn't able to find Rodgers he went back to comfort Peggy. After awhile they fell in love and married. THEREFORE< ROdges now has to work with Tony, the son of his best friend and girlfriend. *Smirk*

  9. I awarded you!

  10. Hi Jack!
    I got those earrings on amazon, actually. There were about seven dollars, which was sort of a splurge for me. :D I don't splurge on things very often...and almost never on jewelry! I usually buy CD's. Anyway. I really love them too. :D

    I like your Peggy theory. It makes me feel a bit better. :D

    I did rest up over the weekend, thanks. :)

    Thank you, Rose! I'll try to get to that soon. :)