Thursday, November 17, 2011

Clear as Day...

I'm not  hugely into country music. Don't get me wrong, I like it and I own quite a bit of country stuff, it's just not my first pick of music.
However, I love Scotty McCreery's debut CD, "Clear as Day."
I love how deep and rich Scotty's voice is and the songs on the album suite his voice and style perfectly. It's the kind of country music that I really like.
What impressed me the most about Scotty McCreery is how respectful and mature he is for his age. It's very nice to see a young man actually behave like a young man. And even with his fast rise to fame, he seems very unassuming.
I enjoyed the whole album but there were a few songs in particular that I really liked. "Water Tower Town," is really fun and I like the praise of 'small town' living. "I Love You This Big," is just sweet.  It's the sort of song you could dance to. "Dirty Dishes" is really good. I don't really know why I like it so much but it is one of my favorites.

Overall, I think the album is completely worth buying. I don't remember one song that I didn't like. Even if you don't like country, give this album a chance. I might also add that I think this CD would make a lovely Christmas present if you happen to know someone that is really into this sort of music. :-)It's a very well done album I am looking forward to what Scotty McCreery will do musically in the future.

God Bless, Everyone!

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