Monday, September 23, 2013

Nothin' to say...

I am going through a blogging slump. I keep opening my blog, staring at the screen, sighing and closing my blog. It's frustrating, you guys! It makes me feel like...


And then I'm just like:

But anyway. I got a hat! That's fun news, right? It's very cool, awesome hat. 

It was a lucky find and a second hand store. It's so Indiana Jones!

Well, that's it for now. 


  1. pluto IS messed up :) Love the hat amy! And your gifs are brilliance

  2. Congrats on your hat, Amy! You can offically visit Australia now! (Actually, the only Australian I know who wears a hat like that religiously is my brother. However, it is very Indiana-Jones adventure style, and it's a good colour, too.) :)

  3. I'm glad you liked the gifs, Bella. I thought they fit perfectly myself. :)

    Thanks, Mime. Cool! I think visiting Australia would be awesome. Though, I probably wouldn't bring that hat with me! lol. But thanks. :D

    Hilda! I'm so sorry, I accidentally deleted your comment. That's why I shouldn't try and publish comments using my phone. I'm sorry! But thanks for the comment anyway! *Grin*

  4. It's a verra nice hat indeed. :D

  5. I keep forgetting to use the Pluto line whenever I am in the middle of an awkward conversation. That is about the most perfect thing to say when things get uncomforable in the talking area

    And, to answer to your comment, Josh Groban does have the best music ever. I play it at night after watching Supernatural because no monster would dare bug me with his music playing. It is the wrong sort for sneaking up and doing anything mean.

    Aw, you took your cheese ball. John and I were going to commandeer it, though we didn't have any crackers and eating a cheese ball without crackers is kind of....nasty.

  6. It is a nice hat, Treskie. Thank you for noticing. lol. :)

    Jack, the Pluto line is a 'players' line...don't forget that. *hehe*
    That's so funny! Josh Groban's music is good for keeping bad things away, you're right. I must remember that.

    *Rolls cheese ball back...adds a bowl of crackers* Er...if you'd like some cheese and crackers, I have load of it! Please tell John to help himself. ;)