Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tag. I'm it!

In which I tackle three tags in one epic, hilarious, brilliant post! Also known as, "This post is going to be tremendously long."

Over the last month and a half-ish, I've been nominated by BellaRose and Ivy Miranda for some blog awards. I shall proceed to accept them in that order.
Let it be known that I actually enjoy me some blog awards from time to time. It makes me happy inside.
Sometimes, though, I find tags very challenging. Not right now, thankfully. But sometimes.
Right now I'm totally in the mood to do these tags! I guess it depends on my mood and my coffee intake.
For instance, as I sit here typing away, I'm drinking coffee, eating some banana nut, oatmeal muffin/cookie/bread things that I whipped up and smiling happily at the prospect of tackling the forthcoming questions in a witty and interesting way. Coffee can be such an amazing motivator. After a few cups my fingers are pretty much moving by themselves anyway and my mind is excited about everything.
Like so.

At which point it's a good idea to stop drinking coffee and calm the heck down.

Anyway, I shall start.

Oh yes. I forgot to mention, since I'm feeling like a rebel today, I am going to ignore the rules to these tags! Rules...who needs rules? I'm tired of following the rules! I want to be FREEEEEE!
Also I don't really have any other bloggers to nominate, but that sounds a bit sad and loner-ish. So let's stick with the rebel version, eh?

First off, the Liebster Award.

Bella's Questions.

1.)Would you consider yourself a geek or a nerd?
I'm a little bit of a Geek and a tiny bit of a nerd. I wish I were a bit more of nerd. Nerds are smarter.
As it is, I'm mostly subtly geeky.

2.)Do you know when National Pie Day is?
I do not.
Nor do I care. 

3.)What is the first thing you think when you see salt?
Because I'm a rebel. 

4.)Do you spend most of your time inside or outside?
Unfortunately I'm inside a lot. That's one of the rubbish things about growing up and having a 'life'. I put quotations around 'life' so that you realize that I mean no life when I say 'life'. It's like a code.

5.)Range Rover or Land Rover?
I think I'd be more inclined to buy a Range Rover. One of the older models. They were cooler.

6.)Did you know they are making a sequel to The Incredibles? 
I did! Not that I stalk Pixar or anything. That would be silly.

7.) Do you like Raisin cookies?
Please. Everyone knows that raisin cookies are like little traitorous spy cookies.  They infiltrate under the pretext of being a chocolate chip. And they turn on you. Then you're stuck chewing that little traitor. That evil not chocolate chip.
"Well played, raisins. Well played." 

8.)Do you own more than ten CD's? 
I do. CD's are my favorite thing to buy! 
But mostly I wait around for birthdays and Christmas and make a point of sending subtle emails to my family with my Music and Books That I Don't Own Yet list. 

9.)What does it mean to have cat-like tread? 
It means, "No sound at all, we never speak a word. A flies footfall would be distinctly heard!" Nods knowingly.

10.)Have you read The Hunger Games?
The first one. I read it in one bug-eyed sitting, and then decided I didn't like it. I never bothered with the other two.

11.) Do you ever wear a robe?
Only every now and then. I own a giant, blue man-robe. I'm serious. I got it second hand for 50 cents. It's a good 5 times too large for me, has deep pockets and a long sash and I find it very comfortable. Never mind that I look like a biblical character in it.  

Now for Rose's questions. This is also the Liebster Award.
1.) An anonymous someone drops a note on your front porch saying that they will fund a trip to either England, an African Safari, Prince Edward Island, or Italy. Which do you choose? Why?
You know what, if I got a note like that left on my porch I might call the cops. Seriously.

But if I knew the benefactor and trusted the benefactor, I'd choose either Italy or England.
Probably Italy.
I love Italian food and culture so much! And the the Catholic in me is dying to see Rome...

2.)You're being forced to re-do your room. What color do you paint it?
Oooh, good question. Color...color...color.......
I love me some color!
Hmmmmm. Probably something creamy and nice. A yellowish color.
A bright and happy color.

This color scheme is very me-ish.

3.)Do you have a particular song that you listen to often, but it never seems to get old? If so, what is it?
I don't mean to always harp on how much I love Josh Groban but....
I love Josh Groban.
So here. Enjoy!

4.)Would you rather be lounging in the sun on the beach reading a good book or adventuring in the waves?
Adventuring in the waves! I love to swim. And then I'll read in the sun.

5.)You suddenly end up with two twin kittens. One is a girl; one is a boy. What do you name them?
Fitz and Simmons. *Wiggles eyebrows*

6.)You're organizing a get together with friends. Would you choose a picnic or a movie night?
Gosh! Bring on the hard questions next time, why don't you!
Hmmmm. A picnic. When I'm with friends we tend to do a lot of talking and a movie night would probably deteriorate into a all night talking fest anyway. Picnics involve the great out doors and food. Win, win.

7.)What is your pet peeve?
This one just comes from working with the general public a little too much. I hate it when I am sort-of -accidentally eavesdropping on a conversation and I hear a conversation that goes something like this:
"My son just got married."
"Oh, congratulations!"
*Me: smiles like an idiot.*
"Yes...the just bought a puppy. It's so good for their relationship. They're just not ready for children yet."
*Me: narrows eyes*
"Oooh, that's wonderful! And so responsible of them."
"I know. There's no need to rush these things. A puppy is a perfect first step."
*Que me turning red and strongly desiring to hit someone with a bat.*

Just to be clear, I don't mean to eavesdrop. I just work in location where I hear pretty much everything that happens around me. Very annoying.

8.)Is there a new hobby you've been wanting to try out?
Yes and I've been working towards it a lot lately. But I'm not going to tell you what it is.

9.)If you could pick one instrument that you would (without any effort on your part) instantly master, which would you choose?
The Kazoo.
Feel free to laugh. That was a joke.
Though I do want to own a Kazoo.

Really though, if I could just know how to play an instrument it would be either the piano or the guitar. They are both lovely and I could accompany myself singing.

10.)Would you like to be snowed inside for a week?
Sure, that's fun! Especially if the power is down and I have to cook over the fire and light wonderful little lanterns and use the bathroom by candlelight. I really enjoy that.

11.)Pick the closest book to you that you've read. What is your favorite character in the book?
The Last Crescendo. Paul Gray is one of the best literary characters ever. No joke, I LOVE that guy.
I think that's going to be the source of my next book review. Stay tuned.
Get it? The Last Crescendo--Stay tuned?

And last but definitely not least, Ivy Miranda!

1.) If you were on an abandoned island what would be the two things you would bring?
A toothbrush and knife.

2.) Why do you think you deserve this award?
*Gaaah* I don't know! It's definitely not because of my punctual posting skills, that's for sure!
That's like a job interview question. "Why do you think we should hire you. What would YOU bring to this company?"--------------
Fine! Don't hire me!

3.) Do you like pizza? If so what kind of pizza?
Yessssss. Pizza is a circle of happiness. 
Give me pretty much any kind of pizza, really. I'm not hugely into just vegetable pizzas, but I like meat and veggies mixed.

4.) What is your drink of choice?
Coffee. *Vibrates* 
Yes. Coffee.

5.) What is your favorite animal? 
I'm a dog person. Though I'm beginning to think I'd enjoy having a pet hedgehog.

6.) Do you like British television?
Oh I say, rather! What sort of duffer wouldn't like British telly?

7.) What was the last good Disney movie you saw?
I believe it was Frozen. I like it a lot. :) The music was great, the characters where fun...I did find the plot a little plot-holey.  But I think I said that in my last post. 

Ta-da! All done. 
Now that wasn't so bad was it? 
*Passes you a cyber handkerchief* There you go, my dear. You're drooling. Just a little. 

Well, I'm feeling rather good about this. *Stretches proudly*

Thank you ladies for the tags! I had a lot of fun with them. 

God Bless!


  1. Thanks for accepting the nomination! By the time I receive a nomination for an award the people I follow have already received theirs. I loved your answers : )

    1. Oh no problem, thanks for nominating me. :) I totally get that. I usually am one of the last to get tags and all my blogger friends are just like, "been there, done that." lol.

      Hehe...I was a little punchy and tired when I did them. I'm glad you liked them. At any rate, it's too late to change them now!

  2. I did giggle over this. It was just so random and bizarre. You weirdo. lol.

    1. Oh good! I was aiming for giggles. I know. But weirdos are the best right.....

  3. I really enjoyed this! Your answers were very creative and witty :)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants to hit the general public with a bat! I overhear conversations like that all the time at my work place and it IS very annoying. I laughed hysterically because I can so relate to your facial expressions :D

    Personally, I'd rather have a baby over a puppy any day!

    Thanks for the lovely post!


    1. Hi there! I love seeing new faces around here. It gives me a case of the warm fuzzies. :)

      I'm so glad this post came off as funny. It was getting late and I was feeling really weird...
      It can be a dangerous thing to just say whatever comes to ones mind when you're tired! lol.

      Yeah, I usually start my work-week feeling very charitable and kind about the public. And then I hit the halfway point and it's all downhill from there.
      I start to feel like the taxi cab driver from Sherlock. "Why can't people just 'think"....I shouldn't relate to that guy. But I do know the feeling. :)


  4. LOL, wow you sure are hyper! That was fun to read. :)