Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A whole lot of nothing.

The hardest part of writing a blog post is figuring out how to start it. Now that I've got the first sentence down, the rest of this post should be a breeze!

*Stares at ceiling.*

*Stares at floor*

*Phantom-types on the keyboard*

*Head-desk. Head-desk. Head-desk!*

Alright fine! I am struggling with this one!

Can you believe it's already June 11th? What the heck? My 2014 bucket list is staring me in the eyes accusingly and I'm just shrugging my shoulders like, "I know, right?"

But hey, summer's here and it's lovely. Check out these gorgeous flowers that grow in my yard. Don't they remind you of something from Tangled?

*Warbles, "Flower, gleam and glooow. Let your power...shiiiiine!* 

What's new with me? Oh, you know, this and that. Mostly nothing with a little bit of something here and there.

I found a slow motion setting on my camera.This has given me quite a lot of fun over the last few weeks. Slow motion can make anything look pretty cool.

I love blowing the fluff off of dandelions.  Makes me feel like this:

The best part of summer is being outside. I've been outside less this summer than I'd want to be, but I've managed to squeeze in some nice outside days here and there. ;)


There are a few things I've been keeping my eyes on that I'd very much like to buy for this summer. 

Like this nerf gun. 

I want to throw a big ol' picnic /party in the middle of nowhere. I want to set up an obstacle course and play an epic version of capture the flag. And I want to shoot people with nerf guns. And then I want to eat sandwiches and drink ice tea.  Who's with me?

These hairsticks. Because they are beautiful! 

This shirt.

I have been wanting one since the first Captain America movie came out. I should buy it. I might buy it.....
I will buy it! *Mwahahahahaha!* 

And that pretty much concludes the story of my life up to date. Just one thrilling thing after another! lol.

Anyway. Cherio, my good people.

God Bless


  1. Wow! I love that slow-moving effect. How did you find it on your camera?

    1. It's on my phone's camera somewhere under the options. :) It is cool, isn't it?

  2. The .gif with the dandelion is spectacular! (And yeah. Get the shirt. Get the shirt now.)

  3. Awe, thanks. :)

    Don''t...TEMPT me, Molly! You must understand, I would wear that shirt for good, but through me......
    Ok. I can't think how to end *that* gem.


  4. I was going to say I liked your dandelion gif but since everyone else has already said that.....



    We need to go to the beach again with Sammi and have a picnic. We need to do that before Summer is over. Seriously. We could go SheLalloing. And it would be fun.

    OOOOH! get that shirt and wear it to winter soldier. SERIOUSLY! Do it!

    1. "THAT SLOW MOTION ROCK IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!"


      Fanks, Bella. That cracked me up. :)

      Once this blasted cold wind thing goes away and the weather decides to behave itself again, LETS DO IT!

      That shirt is the bestest, isn't it? Love!


  5. Where did you find the Nerf gun? I've been wanting to buy one, in fact, I now have to before I come out again.
    That tee shirt! Yes!