Sunday, April 17, 2011


Only one week left till Easter Sunday. Lent is almost over. This next week is going to go by so fast for me. I have packing to do for my trip to Scotland, which I leave for the day after Easter, (I am so excited about that! It's going to be amazing!) and I have cleaning and baking I want to get done before Easter. Only one more week of Lent to go. I want it to be a good one! :-)

Now, most of us were able to go to Mass and receive the palms for Palm Sunday. Do you ever wonder what to do with them? When we get the palms (there are ten of us at home and, of course, we all get one.) they usually end up tucked in various places on our prayer table. Here is an alternative to make the palms more interesting. One of my sisters stumbled upon a website that shows how to weave the palms into various things. My favorites are the rose and the crown of thorns. Check them out HERE. The site is called 'italians r us.' it's a fun site to look around on. Along with pictures of wonderful looking Italian foods, there are different articles and stories about Italy. There is also a section on Easter traditions that is fun to read. I am a huge fan of everything Italian. :-) Okay, most things Italian.

God Bless!

Oh, just as an aside. Here is a song from a singer I just recently discovered. Her name is Camilla Kerslake. I think she has a beautiful voice. Unfortunately, I couldn't embed the song here so you have to go to the youtube link. The video is a little strange but it's worth it! :-)


  1. Hi Panda...Hey, I was able to make the 'Crown of Thorns' using the palms! It turned out very well too! Thanks!
    I LOOOOve the girl! I think she also sings with Jacki Evancho too! God Bless!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad, Gina! :-) The crown of thorns one is my favorite. And then the rose.
    I know, isn't her voice beautiful? I am hoping to get one of her cd's at some point in the futer. Probably distant futer! Hehehe.