Monday, June 25, 2012


My sisters and I went and watched Brave today. It was very fun. First, we've all been looking forward to seeing this movie for months and in honor of the occasion, we all wore our hair down so it could be sort of like 'Brave-ish'. All my sisters have long hair and most of us have curly hair. We made something of a spectacle. It was fun.
I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was well done, (all the hair was lovely! Especially Marida's, the red head. :-) and the story was very sweet. There is a rather interesting plot twist and it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. Unlike most pixar movies, this one really leaves itself open to a second one, in my opinion. I felt like there was more story wanting to be told. The characters weren't done. At least, Marida's character definitely has more to say. I am really hoping they produce a sequel.
Brave was a beautifully filmed, creatively written story and I will definitely be watching it again. In fact, I think I'll enjoy it more the second time. There were a few scary parts which resulted in my little sisters climbing up on some of the 'big' sisters laps in the theater for comfort. ;-) What can I say? They get very involved. This song is from the move. It's very pretty.

God Bless!

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