Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On wilderness first aid and Aaron Cross...and biscotti

And once again here I am apologizing for not posting. ;-p And I really am sorry for not posting my 'Saturday Style', though honestly, it wasn't anything special. I'm taking a Wilderness First Aid class, (Mainly because it's the only class I can find where I live that offers certification in CPR and first aide! *Sigh*) and I looked pretty... casual. To put it kindly. Doing 8-5 days all weekend, Friday-Sunday, didn't exactly put me in the mood for posting anyway. I am going to whine a little and say that Wilderness first aid is harder than Urban  first aid. And I'm tired! LOL. Anyway, tomorrow is my final test and I'll be done.


 *Fingers crossed that I do really well.* (I should be studding this very moment...but I'm not.)
Moving on. Here I am for a moment. <3 I had to come on and say 'hello' to all you all. And assure you that I will have a hairstyle post for the coming Saturday. Promise! I never break the italicized promise. Hehehe.

                                         Moving onto the 'Bourne' font.
I am at the moment a tiny bit (okay, not so tiny) into this movie. 

I will say it isn't as good as the original Bourne Trilogy...but it's still pretty freakin' awesome! *Happy Sigh* 
                     "Wait for iiiiiit!"

He likes his gun.

But he doesn't need it.
Because he's awesome. 
(Note to self. Buy black leather jacket.)

~Right now I'm really in the mood for this~
It's raining here and a cappuccino and biscotti sounds wonderful.

I'm really looking forward to a big ol' BBQ we're having at our house on Sunday. We are having guests. Fun  guests. And food. So. Much. Food. It will be epic. Trust me. 

That's all for now. Gute Nacht! (Good night... Duh.:-)
God Bless. Gott segnen.

Here's a Jason Bourne song. I'm in the mood. You know how it is.



  1. HI PANDIE!!! That was a VERY random post! It is raining out here currently, and you're right! Cappicino and biscotti sound loverly! :-D Jason Bourne looks like somebody....scottish! :-) i HOPE YOU DO WELL ON YOUR TEST! When you're through studdying, tell me hoe to do the hymlic, OK?? just in case you know! Gina

  2. Yeah Amy, Bourne Legacy **was** awsome. this is a super fun post :) I quite like. And you're right, Biscotti sounds really good. :D


  3. two words:

    Jeremy Renner.

    'Nuff said.

  4. Hey, Gina. Thank you, I did pass my class. This girl is certified! Whee! :) I don't know if I can *tell* you how to do the Heimlich...but I'll certainly try.
    Thanks, Bella.
    Yep, Treski. Jeremy Renner was awesome in Bourne. *Grin*

  5. Hoot hoot! Aaron Cross, Pandy! A-A-A-A-A-R-O-O-O-O-O-N C-R-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-SSSSS!!!

    How did your test go? Did you pass with flying colours? (What does that MEAN, anyway? That you passed on a rainbow?)

  6. I passed, Cat. With a good grade...but maybe not flying colors.Hehe. I can't wait till I get my certificate in the mail. Wheee!
    Yep. AARON CROSS!! Mrhrhrhr.