Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Style~

Happy Saturday all you all! Here you go: the double bun updo. I  really like this one, (heck, I really like all the styles I do my hair in or I wouldn't do them!) and I find it stays in very nicely all day long. Here are the instructions.   There's a video tutorial as well as just pictures so you should be able to get this with no problems. :)
I am trying to think up so unusual/totally awesome hairstyles to show you in the future. The 'future' here meaning, when my life has slowed back down to a normal craziness. I have had a very busy summer and my creativity has been shoved ruthlessly to the side.  *Cough*

I've been reading this series of book called, "Don Camillo." I am loving
them so much! They're about a little village priest in Italy after WWII as he stands firm against Communism. The communistic mayor, Peppone, more specifically.
 The priest has such delightful conversations with Our Lord...
Like this one part when Don Camillo feels like he's being 'watched' by someone and it's beginning to make him nervous. He tells Christ that he wish he knew whose eyes were watching him.
'"Never mind," Christ advised him, "Eyes never did anyone any harm."
"But it would be nice to know whether those two eyes are going about alone or accompanied by a third, for instance one of 9 caliber," sighed Don Camillo. "That is a detail not without its own importance."
"Nothing can defeat a good conscience, Don Camillo."
"I know, Lord," sighed Don Camillo once more, "but the trouble is that people don't usually fire at a conscience but between the shoulders."'

It sounds silly but reading this little stories has been really good for me. It's helped to remember that Our Lord can and should be talked to...really talked to! I totally recommend these books. :)

Alright, that's all I've got tonight!
God Bless.


  1. hey pandy, you finally posted! Don Camillo sounds funny :) I may try him....

  2. (the comment "I may try him...) is from BELLA :-)

  3. Your hair style is lovely. I wish my hair was longer so I could try it.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. 8-)

  4. You should, Bella. They are really good stories.
    Hello, Jack.:) Thank you for stopping by *my* blog. This hairstyle can actually be done on fairly short hair. I did it on a girl with only shoulder-length and it turned out lovely. F.Y.I.

  5. Thank you kindly for both your prayers and thoughts on the covers 8-D I'm thankful for both.

    Oh! Goody, if that works on shoulder length hair I should be able to try it out soon. Mine is almost there. I do like buns, though I then have trouble wearing my hats...