Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sew there

Every now and then I get the urge to do some sewing-usually in the fall and winter and usually when I have a particular outfit in mind that simply doesn't exist...yet.
I found THIS skirt a while ago and think it's one of the coolest ideas ever. (Please, go to the link. I can't find really good pictures of this wonderful skirt anywhere else and you really need to take a peek. lol. :) 
Seriously, how cool would it be to have a skirt that changes into a split skirt? Pretty freaking awesome! But the price is a little much...
But what's this? A pattern? Well, well, well! I can do that, surely. Or at least I can pretend I can do that and have my mother help. She's wonderful that way. ;) (I can sew...she just does it better. Not to mention how fast she is.)
So I now have yards of black material and I'm waiting not-so-patiently for the pattern to come so I can try my hand at this fascinating thing. 
I might make some changes. Or I might figure that pattern is confusing enough without getting fancy and just leave it alone. Only time will tell. 

Anyway, since I'm on the subject of clothes, I love this vest. I'm not really a leather type of girl (most of the time) but I think this one is pretty nice. It reminds me of medieval armor *Sssshh* I think I could make this work in normal clothing with turtal-neck shirts. It's cool. *Ahem.* Anyway. Just thought I'd share some of my peculiarities with you all. 
When and if I get that amazing skirt sewn (and provided it looks good! Hehe) I'll post some pictures. 
Take care. God Bless!


  1. I love the leather vest!

    And yeah. The skirt that changes into a split skirt would be AWESOME to own.

  2. Me too. :-)
    I hope this shirt comes out as wonderful and I imagine. lol.

  3. I like the vest. :)